Top 8 of the Best Resorts in Bali

you will find our selection of Resorts in bali

Top 8 of the Best Resorts in Bali

The best Resorts in Bali are for those with an inclination for rampage spend and past the standard offerings of an inn. Bali is home to among the best resort in Bali and most extravagant resorts on the planet. In any case, where would it be advisable for you to stay to appreciate the best administrations, convenience highlights and the most abnormal amount of neighborliness an island resort brings to the table? We trust this clever determination of the most mainstream extravagance resorts in Bali furnishes you with the answer.

Search no further for just the finest inns in Bali, here we have recorded the most famous Bali lavish lodgings for an option avoid home – an accumulation of Bali’s complex five-star withdraws and the most upscale Bali resorts around. All things considered, when on vacation in Bali, why not spoil yourself with a large number of rich elements, administrations and offices?


St Regis

The St.Regis Bali has a flawless beachfront reaching out from Geger Shoreline, only south of the Nusa Dua peninsula. Its accumulation of suites, manors, and fantastic eateries, and in addition its dance halls and best in class meeting spaces make it a resort well-suited for both business and leisure. Well-prepared head servants are prepared to help you with practically every one of your needs amid your stay and offer that touch of honest to goodness richness that you get at St.Regis. A sweeping blue tidal pond serves as a centerpiece encompassed by tidal pond estates, every bragging an abundance of Balinese workmanship and enlivened designs. These manors are sentimental and consummately suit honeymooners, who discover an extraordinarily arranged blossom shower upon landing in addition to sweet natural product, dunked in chocolate fondue.



Since its opening in April 2008, Anantara Resort in Seminyak turned into a moment hit. Until now, mixed drinks and dusks have drawn the group who take as much time as is needed in traversing the limited and occupied Jalan Camplung Tanduk (otherwise known as Dhyana Pura Road) to this resort on the coastline. Anantara Spa is likewise determined to its rooftop. On the ground floor, a dazzling beachfront fringes its boundlessness pool, and there’s additionally Wild Orchid, a destination eatery that offers throughout the day Thai eating with in the open air and indoor settings. Situated on 3,500sqm of Seminyak beachfront, the Anantara highlights present day, strong and clean lines and offers holidaying couples and families a retreat in its 59 suites. It is a Luxury resort in Bali.



Emissary Bali presents lavish manor convenience in the cool upland and social heartland of Bali, Ubud. The five-star resort makes great utilization of its common surroundings, roosted on a verdant valley neglecting one of the incredible streams in Bali. Guests are invited to the quiet and quietness of the inn grounds, and appreciate a rest as such near nature and far from the uproars of advanced life. The resort is a hour and a half exchange from the Ngurah Rai Global Air terminal in southern Bali, while the center point of Ubud, where an accumulation of must-see historic points, craftsmanship displays, galleries and columns of fine eateries are found, is just a 15-minute exchange away



Resort bali

Alila Estates Soori is perfect for the individuals who need to make tracks in an opposite direction from the hordes of the islands south, to a lavish retreat that likewise gives a feeling of association with the neighborhood, rustic outback of the region. Getting to the town of Kelating is a voyage into the remote corners of Bali’s west, through an interesting, rice-paddy-commanded countryside. The northern perspectives from the porch pool manors contain beautiful green paddies and the blueprint of the Batukaru mountain range. If you happen to stay at one of the 290sqm estates, you’ll end up awakening to seeing nearby ranchers tending to their fields — an essential display amid harvest time.



Bulgari Resort and Living arrangements, Bali is one of Bali’s noticeable extravagance five-star resorts, situated on Jalan Goa Lempeh close to the town of Pecatu, a detached precipice district on the islands southern Bukit peninsula. The resort is inside a 40-minute exchange from the Ngurah Rai Global Air terminal in Tuban. Nearby highlights incorporate the celebrated point of interest and ocean sanctuary of Uluwatu, which is an inexact half-hour drive west from the resort. The most loved nightfall and fish bistro lined Jimbaran Sound is a 20-kilometer trip north, while the livelier group can be found around Kuta and Legian, and the upscale boutiques and diversion venues of Seminyak is inside a 45-minute excursion assist north.



Conrad Bali offers five-star extravagance convenience in the water sport-filled eastern coastline of the Tanjung Benoa promontory, just a few minutes north from the well-known extravagance resort enclave of Nusa Dua. The resort is inside just a 15-minute exchange from the Ngurah Rai Worldwide Air terminal in Tuban, travel times cut off by means of the Bali Mandara toll causeway. The resort contains 6.8 hectares of lavish tropical gardens and is one of the extravagance resorts in Bali that offers numerous swimming pools contiguous its exquisite 350m white sand beachfront. The resort offers an extraordinary spot to go through the Bali occasion with family with awesome offices devoted for youngsters.


Four seasons

Four Seasons Resorts in Bali at Jimbaran Cove is one of Bali’s prestigious five-star extravagance resorts, situated on the prevalent nightfall and fish bistro lined Jimbaran Bay. The resort appreciates a staggering area with the greater part of its estates spread out over a headland sitting above the inlet and the Ngurah Rai Worldwide Air terminal runway in the northern horizon. The exchange from Ngurah Rai itself to the resort is a 25-minute transport or taxi ride. Bali’s different well known however livelier shoreline resort zones, Kuta and Legian, are a further half-hour drive from the bay. Roads tough from the resort lead you to the Garuda Wisnu Kencana social park and the chief world-class reef break under the historic point ocean sanctuary of Uluwatu, a large portion of an hour drive southwest.



Upon entry, Grand Hyatt Bali’s anteroom is an inviting sight with its water royal residence idea clear in the encompassing outsized pools and carp-filled ponds. From entryway to room, you will appreciate little pathways that lead you through exquisite tropical greenery enclosures, more water components and open perspectives of the peninsula. The all-around looked after rooms, suites and manors use marble and teak with conventional fabrics and neighborhood artworks. Each highlight a private gallery with sea, tidal pond or patio nursery sees, and the bathrooms have wooden screens that open to the room, letting in characteristic daylight. The Excellent Club rooms offer 49sqm of space with Stupendous Club Lounge benefits and a private pool.

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Alila Estates Soori (Bali, Indonesia)

Inn Survey: Alila Estates Soori (Bali, Indonesia)


The one of a kind and über-chic outline of the lodging’s common regions and open-arrangement rooms will clear you out upon entry. The front line outline was made by the grant winning Singapore engineering firm WOHA, whose worldwide notoriety for inventive configuration ventures in tropical situations has earned various honors. From a design perspective, this is a standout amongst the most dazzling inns that I ever gone to, and it ought to be on your to-do list when you visit Bali.

The stunning setting of the resort is a visual joy: it is situated on precipices 150 m (492 ft) over the Indian Sea offering amazing perspectives.

The 50 m (164 ft) unendingness pool roosted along the precipice edge takes a genuine case to be a standout amongst the most fantastic and delightful inn pools on the planet.

The lodging’s famous Nightfall Cabana – an overhanging bluff side stage with emotional perspectives over the Indian Sea – is a standout amongst the most shot inn highlights on the planet. You will discover it on the front of numerous travel and form magazine.


Around 400 stages through the wilderness (a 10 minute stroll down and a 20 minute stroll up when you are fit as a fiddle) will convey you to a private and remote brilliant sand shoreline. It is one of Bali’s most delightful shorelines, by one means or another reminiscent of Hawaii’s tough Napali Coast. Remember that the greater part of the shoreline vanishes at high tide and is in the shade for a large portion of the day (aside from a couple of hours around twelve – so time your visit likewise). Likewise, there is no shoreline club or administration, so the shoreline is essentially there to be appreciated in all its normal magnificence.

You’ll be relegated a 24-hour individual head servant amid your stay (with a decision of private, careful and liberal administration alternatives).

One of the greatest qualities of the resort is the exceptionality all around prepared by the staff and the administration. They are inescapable however not nosy, and will do whatever they can to make your vacation a win. The general director was there to welcome me and to say farewell: this is one of only a handful few lavish lodging that I went to where the general supervisor was so obviously present and appeared to really think about his visitors. It makes you feel extremely welcome.


The 65 breathtaking pool estates will surpass your most elevated desires as they are about private space, fantastic solace and perspectives towards the Indian Sea. They are all exceptionally open and accompany a sensibly estimated private pool, a great unwinding structure, a radiant delicate bed (with rich Ploh bed materials), indoor and outside downpour shower, bathtub, and a portion of the best lavatory luxuries that you will ever get at a lodging. Walkways and spans associate the unwinding structure and pool to the roomy living territory.

The savvy open-arrangement configuration of the manors permits the tender ocean breeze to stream in unreservedly, while from the bed to the bathtub, each perspective is interested in the outside.

There is complimentary Wi-Fi Web access all through the resort.

The lodging offers complimentary yoga classes (taking into account an everyday plan).

The resort has two eateries on location: Cire offers contemporary Western-style cooking while the all the more smooth Warung offers valid Indonesian charge.


The Alila brand is well known for its wellness offices and spa offices – with advisors prepared in anatomical physiology, knead, reflection – so it ought not to come as an astonishment that its Uluwatu station has a shocking Spa where visitors can enjoy their brain and body.

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3 Indonesian and Balinese festivals you should know about

Are you planning to travel to Indonesia quite soon? Before going anywhere you should always check if there any specific festivities. Indonesia is a well-known place for its beaches and relaxing atmosphere but the population also knows how to party and have fun.

Let me introduce you to the top 3 festivals in Indonesia, Bali region. Depending on when you are planning to travel and what is more appealing to you, I am sure you will find some of these festivals to be of interest.

Some background facts …


Indonesia is the home to over 250 million inhabitants spread over 17,000 islands, Indonesia is one of the most populated countries in South East Asia. In terms of population the capital, Jakarta, has over 10 million inhabitants followed by Surabaya, Bandung, Meda, Semarang and Makassar. Most of these cities are locating in Java. One of the most well-known touristic cities in Indonesia (and Java) is Bali due to its wide range of activities going from beaches to temples.

Galungan Festival


Galungan is the most famous festival for the Hindu population in Bali. During this celebration, Hindus honor Ida Sang Hying Widi, which is in Hindu’s beliefs, the creator of the universe. They also honor their ancestors by making offerings and showing their gratitude. Finally, it symbolizes the victory of the Dharma (representing the good) over Adharma (the evil).

When does Galungan occur? It happens only once during the Balinese calendar which works on a  210-day cycle. The day varies year per year, but the chosen day marks the return of ancestors and other spirits on earth.

People would use firecrackers and incantations to scare away evil spirits. As for the ancestors and good spirits, Indonesians Hindus would go make offerings in local , praying and honoring the good spirits and ancestors. They also make sure to buy new clean clothes, dance and prepare nice dishes.

 Nyepi festival


Nyepi, a Hindu tradition, which is also called the “Day of Silence” is celebrated every Saka New Year (Isakawarsa) based on the Balinese calendar. Just like the previous festival, the Day of Silence varies according to the yea rand Balinese Calendar. It is mainly located in Bali and for Hindus but even non-Hindus and foreigners are welcome to participate in the festivities.

As you may have understood from the name, it is called the day of silence because shops and stores would usually all be closed on that day while on the previous few days Indonesian would be cleaning their home, Gods status, pray and undertake several traditional rituals.  It is also an important moment for fasting and having a rest. To “energetic” activities such as traveling, dancing, firecrackers and even eating are usually not allowed on that day.

The National Day


Finally, we have one of the most important celebrated days at a national level, the Independence day. It is celebrated every year on the August 17th. Indonesia was actually a Dutch colony until the Proclamation of Indonesian Independence signed by the president at that time Sakerno and vice-president Muhammad Hatta. Even though there was some debate about the real date of Indonesian Independence, it is now set to have  occurred on Friday, 17 august 1945.

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Rafting in Bali


Bali has plenty activities to offer, among all the typical sightseeing spots around, the numerous islands to visit, the natural and authentic places to discover and the Indonesian culture to face with all the historical temples!

But this is also the place where you can find most spectacular outdoor adventures you can experience.  From surfing to trek, Bali has a rich biodiversity making a very popular place to visit in for the tourists and representing such a unique scene in the world. One of the most exciting outdoor activities is the white water rafting trip. You will take advantage of views like no others as you take in the amazing view of the shorelines and the areas around you. In addition of that, with the fun of riding the rapids and you will have all the elements gathered for a perfect adventure.

Places for white water rafting


There are two famous rivers in Bali where water rafting is taking place. The Telagawaja River located in Karangasem regency, and the Ayung River which is situated in Ubud. Both are actually offering an excellent white water experience and the most beautiful landscapes and scene for you to enjoy the nature of Indonesia. You will have such breathtaking views to admire!

Enjoy navigating through the numerous rapids and the difficulties of steering clear of the rocks. Paddle under a waterfall and enjoy all the dynamics of the most challenging white rafting experience. You will definitely enjoy the white water experience no matter what your level is, from the beginners to a very advanced level. It is not only a way to make some adrenalin and make some exercise outdoor, but it represents also another way to explore the Balinese natural environment in its rawest form and get to know better its beauty. Some of the tour operators are even offering to the families the possibility to do white water rafting trips and are now providing a package for them, so this became a real activity catered for a large public.

For adrenalin lovers

For the addicts to adrenalin, you won’t be disappointed at all when you will head down the river and discover just how the nature and the local environment is blessed. The series of sights and sounds will tantalize every one of your senses. Also, you better not forget to bring with you your GoPro or video camera. You will surely share this with your friends and family on your way back home.


Bali is so blessed by its natural environment and has a lot to offer to every kind of visitors. But if you love the outdoors, enjoy spending time connecting with the nature, and really want to see and feel what Bali has to offer in its rawest form white water rafting is just one adventure you can enjoy in Bali. Besides, and this is important to know, it is really affordable! Your budget will easily handle all of the outdoor adventures you decide to take part in. It is a real pleasant surprise. Now get ready to rock your senses.

Trip to Git Git Waterfall


Bali is blessed by its nature and the authenticity of its landscapes. That is why million of tourists are coming in Indonesia to admire the beauty of this country and discover the richness of the Indonesian culture and the biodiversity around. Among all its islands, Indonesia has some breathtaking spots which motivate the tourists to put Bali in their list for vacations.

Between all the rice fields and the mountains with wonderful sunshine and the beaches with white sandy like the best romantic movies, you can find other places looking like heaven. You can try to put a picture on it: culminating at a height of roughly 35 meters, surrounded by tropical trees and the roar of the waterfall, that is basically how does the Git Git Waterfall look like. Actually, it is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the North of Bali. You will loose your sense by looking at the waterfall. But the waterfall is not the only thing who will take your breath away, but also the stunning surroundings and the beauty of the local environment around will bring you literally to another world and make this journey unforgettable.


In the rain forest is a protected area but this is also where you will often see the wild monkeys on their way to the waterfall. It is impressive to see them swinging from a tree to an other one. Be sure to incorporate it with some of your other activities in the area. Bali has some of the most stunning natural scenes. The authenticity of this local environment makes this place very unique. Sometimes we find ourselves so busy with all the different activities that Bali has to offer such as the temples, outdoor activities or even shopping, that we completely miss to stop and enjoy what the nature has to offer to us.

Git Git Waterfall is located in the countryside of Gitgit, in the Sukasda sub district, and is located in about 10 km from Singaraja Town. At 300 meters above the level of sea, you will see the spectacular Git Git Waterfall which is rushing down. You can take some rest and you enjoy the panoramic views, and there is a well marked path and can be reached by foot that tourists can follow to the spot point.

Bali has plenty things to offer for its visitors to do and to see, but one of the most spectacular places is definitely the Git Git Waterfall. Don’t miss this beauty during your trip on Bali, and do make sure that you bring along your camera so that you can immortalize this moment, and also show your friends and family at home, just what it is you got to see.


You will leave Git Git Waterfall feeling invigorated and brand new. The smell of the lush rain forest and the roar of the water rumbling down will make you speechless. Bali is such an amazing place, so make sure that you take in as much as you can.

Top 8 Most Popular Things to Visit in Bali

What is unavoidable to see or do once in Bali?

Bali is one of the most famous islands in Indonesia. Known for its wonderful landscapes and its unique arts and culture, Bali is the most popular destination for holidays with friends or family but also for honeymoons and proposals. From breathtaking countryside to splendid coastal waters, you can also admire the exotic local life and majestic ancestral temples.

Indeed there’s a lot to do when you come to Bali. For sightseeing or culture discovering, here are the top 8 of the most popular places to enjoy Bali!


1 – Mount Batur Volcano, Kintamani



Mount Batur is an active volcano located on the Bali Island in the Batur village. The volcano is a sacred mountain according to Hindu beliefs. You can either have a great view of it in the Kintamani village or try to climb this 1717 meters high volcano, which takes approximately 2 hours.


2 – Taman Ayun Temple



Pura Taman Ayun translated as ‘beautiful garden’ is a compound of Balinese temple and garden with water features, located in Mengwi district in the south of Bali. The Taman Ayun temple is bordered by canals that help to keep the tropical aspect. It is famous for its architecture of that time and the symbol it represents for the Hindu community.


3 – Monkey Forest



Also called the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, it is a natural reserve and Hindu temples complex located in Ubud, where you can approach local monkeys called Balinese long-tailed monkeys. It’s a popular site because of the close view you can have of the monkeys. To get there, you have to go to the Padangtegal village. The Monkey forest’s mission is described as protecting the area of Hindu principle Tri Hita Karana “Three ways to reach spiritual and physical well-being”. The three temples you can visit within the forest are the Pura Dalem Agung Padangtegal, the Pura Beji, and the Pura Prajapati.


4 – Tanah Lot Temple



Tanah Lot is literally “Land (in the) Sea”. It is a rock formation located in Tabanan, in the South of Bali Island. The Tanah Lot Temple is both a pilgrimage temple and a popular tourist and cultural icon in Bali. It is famous for its view for photography. It is one of the seven sea temples around the Balinese coast. When going the temple, beware of the sea snakes, they are here to protect it from intruders!


5 – Ayung River


Ayung River has beautiful waterfalls, navigates across exotic landscapes and is above all popular for its white water rafting activity. It is accessible from the Ubud, Sanur, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran and Kuta villages. You can enjoy rafting for 75 kilometers along the longest river of Bali.


6 – Benoa Beach



Enjoy this little piece of paradise with white sand and the emerald water!


7– Bali Hai Cruises



You can have a Sunset Dinner Cruise or a Dolphin Cruise, you won’t be disappointed by the spectacular view it offers.


8 – Lembongan Island



Nusa Lembongan is a small island off the southeast coast of the main island of Bali. It is very popular for its magnificent scenery and its resort activities (including surfing, diving, and snorkeling). It is the perfect place to take a break and relax. Two main beach areas attract tourists: Jungut Batu and Mushroom Bay.


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Where To Taste Locals Great Indonesian Food in Ubud

There are so many interesting and nice places to try and enjoy some tasty Indonesian and Balinese food in Ubud. You will be surprised by how many there are around you. These references are few of the top lists and most favorites modern restaurants serving. Enjoy!

1.Café Wayan

wayan cafe

It serves a beautiful garden setting and great local Indonesian food. You will never taste any better Indonesian food in any other places but here. Try the most favorite dessert snack menu with the what so called Dadar Gulung (Pandan Pancakes) here and ask for a refund if it fails on you!

2. Warung Ibu Oka



Pretty much the very first words anyone hears about is “what is the best Balinese food?”. Ibu Oka serves the legendary tasty Babi Guling (suckling pig) in one of its three branches in Ubud. The Babi Guling is served with white rice, vegetables mixes and some additional side dishes on one plate. It has such a likely heavenly taste on Earth.

3. Dewa Warung


source: tripadvisor

The warung allows you to try a simple yet very effective menu of choices. Their favourite is Nasi Campur (mixed rice with some vegetables, sauce and meat slices). Do not forget to order their refreshing green juice there to clean up your mouth after suffering from some super spicy taste.

4.Bebek Bengil


This is absolutely a place to go if you want “dirty duck” of Balinese slow cooked spiced duck. The taste is so crispy and yummy served with the fresh sambal matah (ripe Indonesian sauce) and Balinese salad so called Lawar. The restaurant provides a big venue with a super nice rice field view. The style of duck food is similar to suckling pig in Ibu Oka with many uses of spices.

5.Melting Wok Warung


Source: tripadvisor

The menus choice is not strictly Indonesian, whether the warung is still a great serving of curry, noodles and daily special menus. The taste blends well for the foreign tourist as it is not very spicy but still bold in spice.

6. Spice by Chris Salans


source: tripadvisor

When  Western meets local flavours, it creates a fantastic combo. That is exactly what is served by this fine dining restaurant which composes fancy Indonesian and Western flavours duet.

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Simple Words to Learn During Your Next Visit in Indonesia

Something that you should prepare before going abroad is to understand some basic words of the language. It is needed especially if you are visiting a non-English speaking country. It will enable you to communicate easily with locals even if you only know a bit of the language. Well, if you plan to visit Bali in Indonesia, then it would be good for you to know what kind of expressions can be useful for you. Having a good contact with locals will be good since you will mostly interact with them. Here are several simple words. It is useful for you to know these few words.


Ada (Is there…? I have… )

Ada describes that there is something present or that you still have something. You can find this word in a hostel or homestay. You could see on the door a board on which is written ada kamar. It means that there is a room inside. It is a simple word you can learn quickly.

Berapa (how much..? how many..?)

When you are visiting Bali, you will interact often with the locals especially when it is about purchasing or bargaining. The word “berapa” means that you ask how much (cost)  or how many (items). If you want to ask about the price of an item,  you can say “ini berapa?”. In addition, if you are going to rent a bike, then you can ask the owner how long you can rent the bike, then you can say “berapa lama?”. Those are the words that will be useful for you.


Tidak (No …. not)

When you come to Bali, there will be so many locals who will offer you a lot of things like renting a car, souvenirs and so on. When you do not want to pick anything that they offer to you, you can just say “tidak”. It means that there is nothing you need. The word “tidak” can also mean that you do not want to do something. It can be a refusal or rejection.

Tolong (Help)

If you experience any bad things and you need to get help from people, you can say “tolong”. It means that you need to get help for something. Most Indonesian people are very friendly so don’t hesitate if you need to ask someone for help. This is something that you should say.

Selamat Pagi/ Siang /Malam (Good morning, good afternoon and good evening)


In Indonesia, you can actually learn how to greet local people. In the morning you can say ‘selamat pagi’ which means good morning. Then, in the afternoon you can say ‘selamat siang’ and in the evening you can say “selamat malam”.

Terima kasih (Thank you)

When you need to say “thank you” in Indonesian, you can just say “terima kasih”. It will help people understand to understand that you are thankful for what they did or said to you.

Those are several words you can learn before visiting Indonesia. You can actually find out how to show the attitude to the local with those simple words.

5 Free Things to Do in Bali

Bali offers thousands of attractions for tourists. This is something that makes you feel so good to spend your holiday. If you are going backpacking, then you need to be aware of your budget. Do not worry since you can still enjoy Bali’s attractions without spending too much money by planning your trip the smart way. There are lots of the things you can enjoy for free while spending your holidays in Bali. Feel the natural atmosphere, culture and adventure during your stay. Here are several free things to do in Bali that you can enjoy:

Walk on the beach


The best thing you can enjoy in Bali for free are the beaches. It is known that Bali has a lot of beaches. You can just take a long walk along the beach.Enjoy the sunset or beautiful sunrise early in the monring. as well This is very relaxing and good for your general well-being. For all of that, you do not need to spend too much money as you can do it for free. Just enjoy the beach!

Hike up the mountain


Those who like to go on adventure can go to hike up the mountain. Hiking Bali’s mountains will enable you to enjoy the nature while doing some sport.  The best thing that you can get by hiking the mountain is that you will have such a great surprise when you arrive at the top. You may just stumble upon hidden temples while hiking the mountain. You will enjoy it so much that you won’t feel like going down. This is an incredible experience which just needs your motivation, good shoes and no money.

Participate in a festival


Bali is known for its numerous festivals and culture customs. There are a lot of events held when you are in Bali. All of the events are made on purpose. It would be good for you to spend some of your holiday getting closer to the Balinese culture by joining some kind of festival. Commonly, the festival allows the foreigners to be a volunteer. It might just be a great experience to have when travelling on a budget and looking for free cultural events.

Go to the sea turtle conservation


Bali government is very concerned by sea turtles conservation. You can get involve in the conservation of this species by going to the sea turtle conservation center and learning how to take care of them. In addition, you can also join in to give off some baby turtles back to nature. You can take them to the sea and allow them to have a good life.

There are lots of things that you can do in Bali. Traveling on a budget is not impossible in Bali. The activities available to you might be different, but you can still enjoy a very nice trip by doing only free things and living unique experiences.

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5 Crazy Things only Bali allows you to do

Besides its beauty, there are many reasons why people are considering Bali as their holiday destination. Look deeper, there are many things that you can do in Bali. If you are someone looking to get more adrenaline or simply who don’t expect to do something ordinary, then I am pretty sure you will enjoy this list of 5 crazy things you can only do in Bali.

Bungy Jumping …


Bungy Jump is one thing that you can do there. This activity is quite challenging as you will see yourself falling with your head going first. But yes, you are not really falling, since you will have safety equipment. If you don’t fear highs, this activity is recommended. That said, if you suffer from vertigo, you need to dismiss this idea.

Walking under the sea …


Walking under the ocean is what you need to do next. It is somehow pretty usual to swim when going to the ocean. But if you want to have interaction with the undersea community : colorful fishes, beautiful corals, and so on, try this, you won’t regret it. You will be escorted there by a professional and there is no need for you to have such a certification. Even if this kind of activity is uncommon, it is still safe.

Take a helicopter …


A Helicopter ride is another thing that is recommended to do in Bali. Sounds crazy? Still if you want to, you can do it. However, you can only enjoy the aerial tour while you are in Kuta. You will find some companies that will provide you with this typical services. Add a helicopter ride into your to-do list, you will get the privilege to enjoy beautiful places in Bali with bird’s eyes. What do you think? You can witness remote beaches, lakes, volcanoes, famous rice fields, and many other beautiful sceneries.

The crazy things that you can do while enjoying Bali are not limited to those mentioned above. If you want to find out more, below you will get another two crazy things to do while traveling in Bali,

Climb Gunung Agung


Climbing Gunung Agung is challenging and considering the difficulties that you may face, this activity is considered as one of the craziest things to do in Bali. Bear in mind, however, acting crazy is not about acting reckless or silly. Obviously, when you decide to climb the mountain, make sure that you are well prepared and bring enough water to hydrate yourself, hire a tour guide, and consult fees beforehand. In addition, you have to drop this very idea if you fly there in wet season. There are two routes to take, and you can choose one of them, Pura Pasar Agung or Pura Besakih.

Submarine diving


Submarine dive is another crazy thing you can do in Bali. Even so, it is not dangerous. Anyone can enjoy it. Moreover, the vessel is equipped with proper technology. It can carry about 36 people. Thence, if you are thinking about bringing your family or going down under the sea with your clique, this is a good idea.

Not to mention, but there are many other crazy things you can do in Bali. That said, before you think about other unusual ways to feel the best of Bali, consider this 5 activities to do in Bali.

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