Tour in Indonesia: how to budget it?

Budget your Tour in Indonesia


To budget your tour in Indonesia you need to simplify the directions that will cost you budget:

  • Accommodation

For a shared room per night the hotel room can cost around 135,000 IDR and if you are going for a master room for two in private then it will be 335,000 IDR. The prices could be different at outside the city.


  • Food

The next major consumption of your budget will be at you food, if you are going with a cheap street food then it will cost you around 6,700 IDR to 13,500 IDR for a meal and if you are going to hit on a restaurant then it will range from 26,800 IDR to 40,500 IDR as well. Western food there will be more expensive and cost you much more so it is preferred to have the local meal there.


  • Transportation

 The last major consumption of your budget will be on transportation to visit so many places around. If you are going to have an eight-hour bus booked for you traveling then it will cost around 67.000 IDR, the overnight bus will starts at 128,000 IDR and to travel between islands ferries will cost around 6,500 DR and more.


  • Activities

Them major attraction in Indonesia are not expensive you can easily roam around at these places. To get entrance at Bromo – Tengger – Semeru National Park and Bunaken is almost around 87,500 IDR. You can find out more about the entrance fee and other activities cost through the other manuals and guides as well.


  • Saving Tips

The travel guide to Indonesia is a complete package for you that let you make your traveling easy and in the budget as well. Here are some of the saving tips for your tours that will simply help you to get the traveling options with the minimum expenditures and lets you save more explore more easily. Apparently, you will find out such tips a little common that will make your trip a little low profile but will definitely give you an ultimate pleasurable experience of exploration.


  • Bargain to the hardest!

Bargaining is considered as a tool of saving no matter where you are in all over the world if you are good at bargaining that means you can get the best deals in town. Sometimes the person with more bargain demands is considered irritating to the business units but it is simple tactics to get the things in your favor. Especially when you are traveling abroad, it is suggested that to be a hard bargainer who likes to keep the things at a low profile. In the sort of case, you could be possibly overcharged by the local business runners in your reference of being a foreigner. As you are not familiar with the local, business tactics or the pricing, so they might try to take advantage of it. So, it is better to get a survey in the market before taking on the things you are willing to purchase and secondly use to bargain for everything that you arguing to have there whether it is your food, residence, gifts or anything else. In some cases, you cannot just use the bargaining tool then use your research tool and pick up the lowest cost packages so you can save more money.


  • Keep the luxury at low profile!

Copy that if you prime purpose to travel Indonesia is to find out more about the rich culture and amazing nature then this should not matters to you that you are living in luxury or not. Because, if you will look for more luxury you will have to spend more and that could make your tour a little harder on you. Although in Indonesia, you will find out a number of tourists attraction deals and packages easily but you should go with the low profile luxury in order to make sure you could explore more. When you are on an exploration traveling campaign then you have to make sure you will simply hit the best of exploration and in that, regard luxury doesn’t matter really. Your major focus should be on the things you are going to do and witness not the luxury you can enjoy. If you really do not have many problems with your budget then you could have wide-open options to have the luxury of booking and visiting the resorts, dine in at five-star restaurants, and shop at the brand stores. However, keep in mind that this is something you can do anywhere lease all around the world to the real thing is the local and most low profile market here in Indonesia and other states that do have their own attraction and specialties you should explore them as well.

Luxury Yacht at Sea

  • Prefer the Street food!

When you are in Indonesia and even you can afford to have a five-star restaurant food, even then it is recommended you to have the street food most of the time. It will not only let you save a lot of your money but gives you the real taste of Indonesian cuisine and lets you explore more thing in food and culinary as well. On the street restaurants, you will have the opportunity to get the best food and have more food as compared to any of the restaurant in the elite streets. Here you can fetch the real taste of Indonesian cuisine because it will be prepared by the local residents who are familiar only with the local food and recipes and they do not add on your regional touch to it so you could have the real cuisines and can simply enjoy the best food around. Therefore, to save your money and relish you taste buds it is good to have the best cuisine in town.


  • Traveling with group is better!

When it comes to cost saving traveling then it is recommended to you to pick up the group packages, if you have made our mind that you want to hit Indonesia for a specified spot or destination then look up for the group tours to that place. In such manner you are traveling, residence and roaming cost will be divided into the group and you can get advantage on a number of things such as fares, food sharing, room sharing and much more. Or else if you want to have a long going tour in Indonesia then try to get bond with such people as early as possible who have same interests just like you. You can also find out your mates during your tour as well in this regard do not try to avoid people in fact get gel up with the maximum tourists this will let you know about the more places an you can have some better company with you to carry your tour to the next level. In Indonesia, you can easily find out a number of tourists and if you are really looking for a partner then even it is not a difficult thing to catch up with.


  • Pick up the offers and packages for custom traveling!

If you have defined that, you are going for a custom traveling and have some of the shortlisted destinations in Indonesia that you want to visit during your visit there then it is better to pick up offers and packages by the traveling companies. In this regard, you will get a complete covered package that will include all your traveling and say cost and it will be managed by the traveling agency themselves. All you need to do is to take care of your food and shopping, it will let you reduce the cost on your side, and you could save some money as well. Make sure you will pick up the best discount packages and go for the group traveling that will help you to ensure that you could have best partners with you and can enjoy each moment as well. Most of the traveling companies prefer to have group traveling packages and they will allow you to get your group or will attach you with the other people subscribing to their package and will process the procedures ahead. It will be a real saving on your side and fun ahead.

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