Where To Taste Locals Great Indonesian Food in Ubud

There are so many interesting and nice places to try and enjoy some tasty Indonesian and Balinese food in Ubud. You will be surprised by how many there are around you. These references are few of the top lists and most favorites modern restaurants serving. Enjoy!

1.Café Wayan

wayan cafe

It serves a beautiful garden setting and great local Indonesian food. You will never taste any better Indonesian food in any other places but here. Try the most favorite dessert snack menu with the what so called Dadar Gulung (Pandan Pancakes) here and ask for a refund if it fails on you!

2. Warung Ibu Oka



Pretty much the very first words anyone hears about is “what is the best Balinese food?”. Ibu Oka serves the legendary tasty Babi Guling (suckling pig) in one of its three branches in Ubud. The Babi Guling is served with white rice, vegetables mixes and some additional side dishes on one plate. It has such a likely heavenly taste on Earth.

3. Dewa Warung


source: tripadvisor

The warung allows you to try a simple yet very effective menu of choices. Their favourite is Nasi Campur (mixed rice with some vegetables, sauce and meat slices). Do not forget to order their refreshing green juice there to clean up your mouth after suffering from some super spicy taste.

4.Bebek Bengil


This is absolutely a place to go if you want “dirty duck” of Balinese slow cooked spiced duck. The taste is so crispy and yummy served with the fresh sambal matah (ripe Indonesian sauce) and Balinese salad so called Lawar. The restaurant provides a big venue with a super nice rice field view. The style of duck food is similar to suckling pig in Ibu Oka with many uses of spices.

5.Melting Wok Warung


Source: tripadvisor

The menus choice is not strictly Indonesian, whether the warung is still a great serving of curry, noodles and daily special menus. The taste blends well for the foreign tourist as it is not very spicy but still bold in spice.

6. Spice by Chris Salans


source: tripadvisor

When  Western meets local flavours, it creates a fantastic combo. That is exactly what is served by this fine dining restaurant which composes fancy Indonesian and Western flavours duet.

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