Komodo Tour Travel Guide

Phinisi Komodo

Komodo Island is famous due to Komodo National Park and a popular diving destination. This island is also famous due to largest living species of lizard. Komodo Island beaches have pink sand and crystal clear options. Tourists, who like swimming, can enjoy swimming with friendly fishing there. Komodo island tour Indonesia offers attractive holiday plans Komodo is an interesting Island of Lesser Sunda and there are almost 4,000 dragons. Komodo Island is a legendary place with rusty-red volcanic hills, forests, and savannah. Whole Island has wonderful nature and surrounding waters of seagrass beds. It is the lonely planet with mangrove shrublands and coral reefs. Book your online tickets and make sure the cheapest airlines offers online. Some offer discounts in special seasons and some offers unique travel packages in off seasons. Find the best holidays plan in Komodo to enjoy all types of events and reserve online bookings. Spectacular Komodo Indonesian island home to over 2000 inhabitants. Komodo National Park covers three islands; Padar, Rinca, and Komodo. The surface area of Komodo Island is 390 square kilometers with 2000 population. The main region of this Island is Islam but there are some others like Christian and Hindu congregations. The pink beach is very famous which attracts millions of tourists to enjoy their holidays in this beautiful place. This is a mixture of white sand and red sand.


Komodo Island and its Dragons

Visit Komodo Dragon Island which has gorgeous look and attributes having awesome views and best to spend holiday’s best time. Tourists who know Komodo visits regularly to see the big dragons there. The world’s largest lizard, the Komodo dragon live view is wonderful. Komodo Island has over 2000 inhabitants. New accommodations arrangements are made by local authorities and the government is also paying attention to improve the condition of Komodo to spend tourist’s best time. Komodo Island and its Dragons have become a brand for this Island and urge people to make their plans to see this unique creature of the world.


The Best Deal Komodo Tours Package

Get useful acknowledgment for a tour package to spend vacations for Komodo Island and beyond. Enjoy here your memorable time with unique culture, the beauty of nature with unforgettable views, world’s largest lizard activities. Some hotels and restaurants introduce special offers and world class arrangements to facilitate their guests so make a trip plan to visit for Komodo and reserve hotels or rooms according to your affordability. One day tour package to Komodo Island or to Rinca Island have attractive plans for business persons or for tourists as well. Book any online package plans and make sure all arrangement’s with full facilities which will be providing you on that tour. Labuan Bajo Honeymoon travel deal is also attractive with 3 days schedule plan. You must make sure; breakfast, candlelight dinner, accommodation based luxury room, private ac transfer, English guide, Camera, Laundry, Tipping, Alcohol, mineral water, full board meals and other types of expenses before joining to any service.


Best Tour Activities in Komodo

Komodo Mbeliling, Komodo Diving Tour, Komodo Wae Rebo Trekking, Komodo Speed Boat Rental Service, Komodo Labuan Bajo Honeymoon, Komodo Diving Liveboard, Akomodo and Sani Nggoang, Komodo Cruise Yacht Charter activities can be performed on Komodo Island. Don’t waste your time and make a comprehensive tour package for several stunning volcanoes, rare birds, and the cave tour activities. We are sure that you will never ever see such type of creatures before. Each and every tour package provides lots of facilities and entertainment activities to enjoy the best times during visits.

Elephan lifting a tourist.

Online Reservations and Booking for Komodo

Book online reservations for Komodo’s popular tours destinations. Komodo tour travel guide package and plans have lots of attractive deals which can facilitate tourists more and more to fully involve their routines with current atmospheres. How to get to Komodo Island is not difficult and impossible. komodo island airport has been upgraded successfully and ready to receive tourists from all over the world. Lizards, Buffalos, Horses, Deer’s, Wild Pigs and hundreds of others vertebrates can be found on this Island. Explore the island of Komodo dragon and Adventure tours in Flores and watch online videos on YouTube before your visit. Komodo dragons are not dangerous but have friendly nature to mix with humans easily. Enjoy Komodo Dive Adventures‎ and take selfies there on different points of interests. If some visited Komodo Island before then it is requested to share your experiences, ideas, observations & feedback with others to plan a scuba diving trip to Komodo Island.


Activities and Excursions in Komodo

Choose the best diving spots online and Excursions to maximum enjoy in Komodo Island. Find there the world famous Komodo Dragon, beautiful Mandarin Fish, Kelimutu Volcano and best swimming experiences with friendly fishes. Choose the best time to visit; March to November. Choose the best live board options from these: WAOW, Manta Mae, MSY Waow, Alila Puranama, MV Samambaia, Mantra, MV Black Manta Diving, MS Ombak Putih, KLM Sea Safari VI, Arenui and check their arrangements and travel deals to spend your holidays with them. Hopefully, you will be excited to find awesome offers and best deals for travel.

Coastal landscape of island Komodo National Park, UNESCO World H

Komodo Dive Adventures‎ and Other Things to Do in Komodo Island and Surroundings

Are you interested in visiting Komodo Island, and then should arrange health and safety measures before your arrivals. If you are coming to Komodo Island then travel insurance for Scuba diving is needed and medical assistance service.

  • Reserve your window seat to get a glimpse of the spectacular views!
  • Go scuba diving and snorkeling with local dive centers
  • Adopt Health and Safety measurement services and tips to escape from accidental injuries and from weather effects
  • Discover the wild Flores Island by a transport service
  • Check out the huge Komodo dragons
  • Spend your best time with; incredible diving, big fishes and with wonderful coral on Komodo Island
  • Get a live board for a few days to cruise
  • Visits pink beach to enjoy sunrise and sunset views
  • Find all information about sea life, best time to visit, top dive spots, etc

Bali Travelers Guide

Bali Travelers Guide.


Bali is a land of dreams where dreams come true to view the wonders of nature. Natural beauty is everywhere in this wonderland which has lots of attraction for tourists. Tourists wish to like travel in Bali but in some seasons Bali is not suitable for tourists that specific season is the rainy season which starts from October till March. This rainy season is called Monsoon season which is not the best time for tourism. The dry season is best to stay and to arrange tours from April till October. Find beautiful resorts, hotels, Inns to stay and to enjoy holidays with the best seasons. When to go to Bali is not a big issue if you have now knowledge to visit Bali in the best season which is April to October. Visit Bali to see deeply spiritual and unique culture and an awesome paradise views on the earth. South Bali, Central Bali, West Bali, North Bali East Bali and Southern Islands have many attractive points of interests for tourists for all over the world.

Things not to Miss in Bali Island

The view of Sunset in Uluwatu Temple is the most beautiful and spectacular view. To see a Sunrise trek to the summit of Mount Batur. Riding along Seminyak Beach with Horses is eye-catching from Umalas Stables. The culture of Bali is fascinating and rich with history and beautiful combination of Bali’s natural beauty resources. All the geographical views are awesome and stunning. Lots of fabulous places have eye attractive views which attract millions of tourists every year. Nasi Ayam Kedewatan Restaurant, Mozaic restaurant, Hotel Tugu Bali, Kuta Beach, Ubud and the Monkey Sanctuary, Museum Puri Lukisan are best points of interests which cannot be missed during in Bali Island stay. All the points have great attractions and the most awesome views which leave long term effects in the minds of tourists.


Enjoy Adventures and Tours in Bali with Family and Friends

Visit Bali to see adventures in ancient and natural wonders. Ancient temples, ancient palaces, active volcanoes, wild jungles and natural white sand beaches make Bali is an ideal for every age of people to see personally and to enjoy happiest moments of their lives. Canggu area, Kuta, Legian area, Seminyak, Thumping Bars, Waterbom park are best destinations for travelers to enjoy their own events and to enjoy with others or entirely. Each and every type of fun and entertainment in Bali is awaiting tourists’ response. In these places, lots of safe swimming pools for kids are ready for kids entertainment activities.

Expect Crowds in Bali Island and Choose Your Base Carefully

The crowd is everywhere in Bali because Bali is the land of wonders and beauty and every year millions of people wishes to go to Bali so Bali welcome them to provide excellent living arrangements to enjoy the nature and the other beautiful points of interests. If someone likes crowd and want to enjoy the tour with huge people gathering then Bali and its surrounding destinations are best for him/ her. Choose your base carefully and never miss the awesome beauty of Bali Island.

Enjoy Cultures and Respect Religious Customs

Bali people has a historical background and strong cultural values which attract others to participate with them. Participate with them and enjoy their events and special celebrations. Don’t impose anything which is prohibited in Bali and can hurt to Bali people beliefs and their religious customs. Respect religious customs because tourists have specific limits to not enter fare in religious matters with Bali people. Don’t wear your knickers if you are on street. Your behavior being as tourists should be polite and well mannered. Conduct yourself appropriately when visiting temples and other holy sites across Bali Island. Stainless steel bottle is the best idea to refill again with water or with juice. Avoid plastic bottles during your traveling because of Bali’s heat and humidity calls for constant hydration.

Things to Do in Bali

Travel guide exposes that Bali is the best and the most beautiful Island of Indonesia which have numerous wonders of natural beauty. Tourists have a chance to fully explore the Indonesia and Bali as well to provide a source of travel and to spend happiest moments of your life. The incredible value of wealth only seen in Bali restaurants, hotels, private villas, temples and in other famous points of interests. Bali travel guide is on to help tourists and to prove accurate information about available hotels, restaurants, and other living places. Bali nightlife is also awesome and enjoyable with unforgetful moments which have never seen before.

Famous destinations to visit Bali

Amed, Bedugul, Bukit Peninsula, Kintamani, Mount Agung, Nusa Dua, Nusa Lembongan, Nusa West Bali National Park, Kuta, Ubud, Seminyak, Sanur, Padang Bal, Lovina, Legian, Denpasar are most beautiful and tourists ideal places to visit and to enjoy with all types of arrangements with different package plans. Every part of the Bali Island has miracles and the natural beauty views which attract tourists all the seasons. Tourists from Asia, from the Middle East, from Europe, From the United States and Canada likes to visit Bali to spend their romantic times and the times with their special relations in Bali and surrounding areas. Hoping that you will also have a great interest and we will appreciate you to visit Bali and every Island in Indonesia to see the miracles of God.

Travel Guide to Indonesia

Top Travel Guide to Indonesia

When traveling is, your passion and you love to see the world from a different view then it is important for you to prepare yourself according to that. If you have an urge to witness the nature’s beauty and want to explore what the universe hold it then you should take the first step and go for it as well. It is not necessary that you should have plenty of money to travel the world, In fact by a little money and lots of crazy you can easily travel around the world all you have to do it to manage your each tour before stepping into it.

Previous article traveler guide in Bali

In addition, in your traveling the very first step is not what you take at first in the start but the planning about it. When you are going for the traveling, you have to make sure you should plan it well in the best manner and make sure you are not forgetting anything. In your planning, the best part is to plan about where you are going to have a joyful and eventful journey that will simply bring you refreshing memories and much more to feel blessed as well.

sumatran_orangutan_at_the_toronto_zoo bunaken street_dining_lesehan_in_kebayoran_baru_jakarta yogyakarta gili-islands cda197897b6aa9b248b2ce5f671dffb9


Indonesia the high End Destination for Cheap Price

When it is about choosing a destination then you have to make sure your select a diversified destination with ultimate traveling options o you can easily roam around and could have a complete view of nature’s beauty and attraction as well. Destination selection is important because it depends on how you will travel and what you need to make your traveling possible as well. When you are looking for a diversified destination that provides you the ultimate traveling options then Indonesia is one of the best and refined destination that you have. It comes up with a perfect bouquet of destination and traveling attractions that brings you the opportunity to hit the multiple featured landscapes, mountains, white sand beaches and bay and much more. Out of the ultimate destinations and locations, you are free to choose one of them or all of them in a sequence as per to your traveling nature or budget as well. In fact, if you are planning to enjoy the endless natural beauty of Indonesia at once in a go then planning up a specialized and customized tour to Indonesia will be the best idea that you could have. Here is a proper traveling guide that will take you to all the leading destinations from the base of planning, budgeting, and its execution along with the specifications of saving your cost and adopting all the necessary traveling precautions. To make your next or first tour to Indonesia worth this is one of the refined guides that will let you have the best and selective information and lets you take the right decisions and selections when it is about hitting the best for your eyes.

Planning the Tour – Better use local Agency 

Planning your tour includes some of the basic most important points that you should consider and follow the rest of the things. This is the point where you can simply define everything and then it will lead you towards the next. Make sure you will not leave any point or edge in your planning and look for all the possible options.

  • Destination definition

At the bottom line, you have to define the destination for the travel to get started with it. Defining destination is not a difficult thing, in fact, it is all based on your own interests and preferences, most of the time an ideal destination is the baseline of all your planning but if you do not have one then not to worry. You can simply search for it and get a great one in the result. It is just you have to ensure you will look for the relevant places according to your taste and interest such as if you like history, landscapes, waterfalls, forest, fancy lands then you should look out the states where you can get them in plenty. Indonesia is the best destination if you want to hit the verity of places from natural beauty to the theme and fantasy landscapes as well. After defining the state, you have to get deeper down into the other locations where you want to land up and roam around. Specify a starting point and then track down a route map that will lead you towards the next destinations gradually and you can cover up the whole Indonesia. In this regard, you should look for the Major Attractions in Indonesia and pick up your landing spot that will lead you towards the next one.

  • Considering the budget

The next major thing comes to your planning is the budgeting for your traveling, to travel around the world you might not need too much of financing but to travel tension fee you should have enough of money. Therefore, you can live there easily and can spend on the basic things such as you residence, transportation, visits to different public places and much more. In your budgeting, you can put everything into a clear and specified section to ensure that you will have funds for everything separately and can manage the things there easily as well. Other than the expenses, you have to meet during our journey you also have to plan for the expenses you will make on your traveling such as via fee, air tickets and much more. In this regard, you are directed to locate one of the finest and promising traveling agents who can provide you the ultimate services and ensure the minimum budget in your traveling and other expenses as well. This will really help you to have a better vacation and you can plan up for the things in the coming future as well.

  • Look for the best packages

To ensure that you will have the minimum cost on your traveling and can enjoy the best time at your tour in Indonesia then after selecting the destination you should go for the right package. There are a number of traveling and tourism companies that are offering you them multiple packages containing a number of advantages for you.

You need to check all of them according to your interest. If you are looking for a location specified package or need all rounded package you can get all of them easily. This will help you to avoid the problems of setting things up separately. You will have a package in your hand and you can simply get everything done through the package easily. This involves sometimes the other mates and members with you, if you have a group of people then you could get maximum discounts on the packages as well. So, make sure you have your own clan that is all time ready to roam around with you can you can easily get some good packages and offers for traveling to Indonesia. While on the other hand it is suggested to get your traveling done through groups, as it will simply bring up some extra fun and excitement for you.


  • Try some Savings

To make your traveling routine fruitful and long term going it is important for you to find out the ways that could help you are to save some money on your side. In this regard, you need to look for the saving tips in the guide that will let you know that how you can simply save a lot of money while traveling to different cities or locations in Indonesia. On the other hand, you should have an idea that during your traveling you need to pick up the least expensive deals because your ultimate goal is to witness the beauty of your destination and with any mode of transportation or residence, you can easily enjoy the ultimate goal as well.

  • Full fill legal formalities

The next thing comes to your list of things to do while jumping in for a tour is to full fill all the legal formalities sc as your passport and visa work done. This will give you an open license to visit any of the cities or destination in Indonesia and you can stay there freely. Your visa limitations and validity tenure will determine the budget you need to take with you on your trip. If you are going to stay for a little passage of time then you do not have to take too much money and if it is a long tenure tour then you should arrange a proper backup. If you are getting a tourist visa then you do have an option of extension at the right time if you want to extend you stay and visit more places there. Other than the visa sometimes, you need to take some official permission by the state offices or department to visit comes places under specified conditions. You have to make sure that if you have any such destination in your list then you should check it out and apply for a permission order by the relevant department or get more information about it from the relevant embassy officer. This will help you to save your time and avoid any kind of complication in your tour.

  • All Set to Go!

Once you are done with the basic arrangements of your tour then it is the time to go for it at last. In your planning list, you have to make a cross check first before boarding the flight that you are done with everything o not. In the last, you should have all the green signals done and simply go for the best tour waiting for you.



Choosing your Destinations

On your tour to Indonesia when you are, choosing your destination then it is good to keep them in your mind or in front of you. As it will let you know all the options that you have ahead to make a visit and what kind of natural beauty and fascination you can easily explore on the land of ultimate destinations. Indonesia provides you a perfect package of destinations that will never let you get bored in your tour. You will have all connected list of destination if your shoes to make a little bit of research and pay attention to your selection. When you are on a seasonal tour then you do have a limited time to hit everywhere so it is important that you should make the selection carefully. In order to pick up the best destination, you can simply have a look at the refined and detailed list and elaboration of the destinations that could are available to you. This list will let you make the quick selection and you can design you whole tour on your own without taking help from anyone else.

Attractive Destinations 

In Indonesia, you could get a number of destinations and there will be a number of places that are famous as well. However, here are some of the pretty defined and valued destinations that provide you the ultimate pleasure and have their very own attraction in them. It is good for you to decide out all of them and you could have some better information about these places to have a complete advantage of your tour there.

  • Bali

Among all of the Indonesia’s islands and there is no argument in the fact that it is one of the most beautiful and a peaceful destination for all the travelers. You can find out quite a number of people there but on the other and you have more of time and opportunities to hit the best of surfing at Bingin Beach or visit Pura Besakih, Mothier Temple and much more.

  • Gili Islands

Gili is a paradise island that brings you the amazing and attractive options to enjoy the beauty of the beach and other things all around. You can simply enjoy the natural and attractive views of the beach through the bike, horse or cart travel. Along with that, you will get the amazing and attractive scuba diving and snorkel facilities along with the beach nightlife that brings some other attractions for you.

  • Jakarta

The capital city of Indonesia Jakarta is a bustling city with the maximum population of 10 million that brings an amazing life to yourself and makes your visit there extremely stunning and amazing as well. Here you can get the amazing café, restaurants, public spots, historical architectural attractions, and an amazing nightlife experience as well. When you are Jakarta, you are supposed to have the best time there that will not get you to get out of the fun zone. In fact, you will get amazing activities for the day and could end up your day with the sparkling club lights and loud music with amazing drinks and much more.

  • Komodo Dragons

If you love to document the wildlife and want to witness the world’s largest Izard in the wild then here at Komodo National Park, you could have that chance o see the Komodo dragon. Here you can experience to watch them thoroughly and can find out how things are best for you in this regard. It is your chance to live some amazing time with such creatures, document them in your pictures and videos easily, and have all the amusement there as well.


  • Borobudur

Borobudur is one of the amazing sites that you can witness it is Buddhists temple that will leave you speechless. It belongs to 9th century older than Cambodia Angkor What also hold the world Heritage status with UNESCO. As you go up on the temple you will get to discover more about the Buddhist teaching and it will be you some of the breathtaking views of your life that will be a perfect memory for you in the coming life.


  • Hindi Prambanan

Indonesia is attractive for everyone because here you get a number of views and attractions as well. Here you have to witness the Hindi Prambanan that was built in 10th century. The temple is taller than Borobudur at almost 150 feet that is amazingly architecturally impressive and lets you to have a view at the remote kind of architecture over here.

Magnificent towers of Prambanan temple, Yogjakarta, Indonesia

Magnificent towers of Prambanan temple, Yogjakarta, Indonesia

  • Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park

Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park is one of the famous attractions in Indonesia that attract a number f tourists here you definitely do not want to miss to get the glimpse of smoldering Bromo volcano surrounded by the lunar landscape of Sea of San. Here you will get the amazing and breathtaking view of the sunrise that will simply bring the amazing memory of your life. see also amazing animals in Indonesia in this article.


  • Soothe yourself at spa

When you are in Indonesia, you get some of the extremely amazing and soothing spas and treatment centers over there that will let you treat your body and soul together. After having the amazing traveling you one dot relax so you can take a fresh and new start on the next day with a new destination. Here you can find out the best and attractive spa that will bring all the pleasure and relaxation to you in a package.

  • Explore Yogyakarta

The city is also known as Yogya in short name, it is famous for the amazing and perfect blend of history, old customers, and modernization of living standards. Here you can get the traces of artistic and intellectual roots with the state of the art restaurants, clubs, shopping centers surrounded by the history and modern heights as well. To witness the perfect blend of past and present to determine the future this is the best city and a much visit in your list.

Borobudur Temple Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia.

Borobudur Temple Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia.

  • Other major attractions:

Apart from the above mentioned and explained destinations you have a wide range of options to have some amazing time there in Indonesia and explore more of the natural beauty along with history and nightlife as well. Along with visits and exploration, you can simply relish your taste buds and have some shopping that will make you happy and refresh yourself as well.

  • Denpasar
  • Sumatra
  • Kalibaru
  • Bogor Botanical gardens
  • Much more


Budget the Tour

To budget your tour you need to simplify the directions that will cost you budget:

  • Accommodation

For a shared room per night the hotel room can cost around 135,000 IDR and if you are going for a master room for two in private then it will be 335,000 IDR. The prices could be different at outside the city.

  • Food

The next major consumption of your budget will be at you food, if you are going with a cheap street food then it will cost you around 6,700 IDR to 13,500 IDR for a meal and if you are going to hit on a restaurant then it will range from 26,800 IDR to 40,500 IDR as well. Western food there will be more expensive and cost you much more so it is preferred to have the local meal there.

  • Transportation

The last major consumption of your budget will be on transportation to visit so many places around. If you are going to have an eight-hour bus booked for you traveling then it will cost around 67.000 IDR, the overnight bus will starts at 128,000 IDR and to travel between islands ferries will cost around 6,500 DR and more.

  • Activities

Them major attraction in Indonesia are not expensive you can easily roam around at these places. To get entrance at Bromo – Tengger – Semeru National Park and Bunaken is almost around 87,500 IDR. You can find out more about the entrance fee and other activities cost through the other manuals and guides as well.

Phinisi Komodo

Phinisi Komodo

Travel Tips to Indonesia tourfromBali.com 

Saving Tips

The travel guide to Indonesia is a complete package for you that let you make your traveling easy and in the budget as well. Here are some of the saving tips for your tours that will simply help you to get the traveling options with the minimum expenditures and lets you save more explore more easily. Apparently, you will find out such tips a little common that will make your trip a little low profile but will definitely give you an ultimate pleasurable experience of exploration.

indonesia-909495_960_720 4f

  • Bargain to the hardest!

Bargaining is considered as a tool of saving no matter where you are in all over the world if you are good at bargaining that means you can get the best deals in town. Sometimes the person with more bargain demands is considered irritating to the business units but it is simple tactics to get the things in your favor. Especially when you are traveling abroad, it is suggested that to be a hard bargainer who likes to keep the things at a low profile. In the sort of case, you could be possibly overcharged by the local business runners in your reference of being a foreigner. As you are not familiar with the local, business tactics or the pricing, so they might try to take advantage of it. So, it is better to get a survey in the market before taking on the things you are willing to purchase and secondly use to bargain for everything that you arguing to have there whether it is your food, residence, gifts or anything else. In some cases, you cannot just use the bargaining tool then use your research tool and pick up the lowest cost packages so you can save more money.


  • Keep the luxury at low profile!

Copy that if you prime purpose to travel Indonesia is to find out more about the rich culture and amazing nature then this should not matters to you that you are living in luxury or not. Because, if you will look for more luxury you will have to spend more and that could make your tour a little harder on you. Although in Indonesia, you will find out a number of tourists attraction deals and packages easily but you should go with the low profile luxury in order to make sure you could explore more. When you are on an exploration traveling campaign then you have to make sure you will simply hit the best of exploration and in that, regard luxury doesn’t matter really. Like Chinese, your major focus should be on the things you are going to do and witness not the luxury you can enjoy. If you really do not have many problems with your budget then you could have wide-open options to have the luxury of booking and visiting the resorts, dine in at five-star restaurants, and shop at the brand stores. However, keep in mind that this is something you can do anywhere lease all around the world to the real thing is the local and most low profile market here in Indonesia and other states that do have their own attraction and specialties you should explore them as well. Business is business

  1. Resort in Indonesia 
  2. Alila Estate


  • Prefer the Street food!

When you are in Indonesia and even you can afford to have a five-star restaurant food, even then it is recommended you to have the street food most of the time. It will not only let you save a lot of your money but gives you the real taste of Indonesian cuisine and lets you explore more thing in food and culinary as well. On the street restaurants, you will have the opportunity to get the best food and have more food as compared to any of the restaurant in the elite streets. Here you can fetch the real taste of Indonesian cuisine because it will be prepared by the local residents who are familiar only with the local food and recipes and they do not add on your regional touch to it so you could have the real cuisines and can simply enjoy the best food around. Therefore, to save your money and relish you taste buds it is good to have the best cuisine in town.



  • Traveling with group is better!

When it comes to cost saving traveling then it is recommended to you to pick up the group packages, if you have made our mind that you want to hit Indonesia for a specified spot or destination then look up for the group tours to that place. In such manner you are traveling, residence and roaming cost will be divided into the group and you can get advantage on a number of things such as fares, food sharing, room sharing and much more. Or else if you want to have a long going tour in Indonesia then try to get bond with such people as early as possible who have same interests just like you. You can also find out your mates during your tour as well in this regard do not try to avoid people in fact get gel up with the maximum tourists this will let you know about the more places an you can have some better company with you to carry your tour to the next level. In Indonesia, you can easily find out a number of tourists and if you are really looking for a partner then even it is not a difficult thing to catch up with.

  • Pick up the offers and packages for custom traveling!

If you have defined that, you are going for a custom traveling and have some of the shortlisted destinations in Indonesia that you want to visit during your visit there then it is better to pick up offers and packages by the traveling companies. In this regard, you will get a complete covered package that will include all your traveling and say cost and it will be managed by the traveling agency themselves. All you need to do is to take care of your food and shopping, it will let you reduce the cost on your side, and you could save some money as well. Make sure you will pick up the best discount packages and go for the group traveling that will help you to ensure that you could have best partners with you and can enjoy each moment as well. Most of the traveling companies prefer to have group traveling packages and they will allow you to get your group or will attach you with the other people subscribing to their package and will process the procedures ahead. It will be a real saving on your side and fun ahead.

What should be in your backpack?

While traveling aboard it is commonly suggested that you should have a backpack with you as compared to a random luggage bag. There are a number of advantages of a backpack especially when you are going for some rough tours or trips such as the hiking and other adventure trips. In Indonesia, you are provided with a number of options to have adventure exploration and you can simply enjoy it as well. However, you have to keep the fact in your consideration that you should have the backpack with you because you are not willing to pay extra bucks to the hotel for the security of your luggage only.

  • If it is not a luxury trip and you have put your shoes on to make sure you are going to have some thought exploration then you should have a backpack loaded with all your necessary stuff and no extra luggage at all.
  • Make sure you will have only the necessary clothing that you consider will be enough for you to have on the number of days you will be out there.
  • Do not carry anything extra and go for the instant shopping at the market laces if you are willing to have some adventure trips.
  • Have your all visa and passport papers with you for your identification and security on time.
  • When going for the hiking or adventure tour make sure you will read the manuals that are provided to you and have all the safety gadgets for you that are necessary.
  • If you are willing to capture the great and beautiful memories at this place then make sure, you will have your own camera with backup drive and batteries so you will have all the day secured with you.
  • All the things you are carrying with you depends on the nature of traveling you prefer, if it is lighter mode trip then you do not have to be worried because you are going to have a stay at hotel and will put your things there only. However, if you are on some adventure trip then keep the things confined and prepare yourself mentally for some real action because in Indonesia, you can enjoy each and everything just based on your own wish.

Major tourism Guidelines in Indonesia

  • Take care of your legal papers!

Your legal papers such as passport, visa papers, and any of the permission order that you have acquired to visit some of the customized places should be safe with you during your journey here. In case if you lost them then make sure you will report the lost or theft report at the police station and will have copy of the complaint on instant basis you can avoid any kind of problem ahead simply. If you will not report the matter then you might have to face the crucial outcomes in the result and could be deported in some cases. Make sure you will also contact your embassy for n passport and get the other things done as soon s possible in case of any unfortunate incident. Use agency is always better. 

  • Health directions

During our stay in Indonesia and your journey, our need to make sure that you will take good care of your health. In terms of saving money, you will prefer to have street food but make sure it will be a quality street food with al hygiene. Some of the major and possible health problems that you might have to face are:

  • Malaria
  • Rabies
  • Japanese Encephalitis
  • Yellow fever
  • Typhoid
  • Hepatitis A and B etc

It is important for you to get vaccinated for the mentioned disease so you will not have to face any go them while on the other hand you can follow some of the following precautions to avoid any kind of further health problems:

  • Eat and Drink safely
  • Avoid contact with animal
  • Prevent bug bites
  • Try to reduce your exposure to germs
  • Use antiseptics
  • Avoid sharing fluids and other personal stuff with others
  • Avoid non-sterilized medial or cosmetic equipments

Follow the state directions! (better to use a local travel agency ) 

For the tourists, there is a specific guideline manual issue by the tourism department in every state so it is recommended that you should go through that manual in order to make sure you will have complete knowledge about all the happenings and can enjoy your tour as well. In such manuals, the state defined all the regulations and limitations for the tourists that are important and compulsory to follow them and in the case of the breach of any law or rule, they have to pay the heavy fine. Therefore, for you own good it is recommended that you should consult such manuals as you reach there or plan to be there in Indonesia and will be at a safer edge from the legal point of view.

Stay in touch with your embassy

When you are in Indonesia for tourism you have to make sure, you will contact your embassy here and let them know about your presence here in the state as a tourist. This will be in your favor that in case of any problem you will get shelter by them and when you are in their records then they will be responsible for you security and shelter there. Although the law and order situation here is pretty much defined and you will not have any kind of problem in roaming around but there are some cretin conditions that grow up all of the sudden and sometimes call a major problem so it is good to have some of the basic precautions as well.





If you need assistance do not hesitate to contact us Zoopin or Email. We are here to help you to discover our wonderfull Island. 




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