Walks In Ubud: Embrace the Natural Surrondings of Bali

What is the most expected thing to see when you are visiting Ubud? The greenery rolling rice terraces field and plants everywhere. The best way to enjoy them is by doing some great walks in Ubud which show you the original natural side of Bali. Many have done a few walks directly from Ubud Centre. The paths are some better than others but there are also several paved walking tracks others overgrown dirt path. Surely you consider what is right for you but here are some of the favorites walk paths in Ubud by the top listed tourists’ choices.

Campuhan Ridge Walk

campuhan wak

Many people love this walk ride and it’s one of the most favorites walks in Ubud. Go earlier in the morning to not only escape the heat but also to see kids going to school to start their day. At the moment you will also catch a couple of locals who walk every morning for their daily routine and have a chat each other all the way long. You can choose another time to walk in the late afternoon but you would want to be back before it gets dark. The walk is surely a green walk, but with a rice terrace view instead. The Campuhan Ridge Walk is similar to the scenic paving jungle. The paved track is well maintained and quite popular among locals. It allows you to see spectacular greenery of trees and hills.

Sari Organik

source: rawfoodbali

source: rawfoodbali

This is also one popular walk to do. It is called that way because the first time people did this walk they ended up at Sari Organik. It is definitely a nice walk and easy to do too. You will get to see rice fields, local arts and crafts, and oh….a battalion of ducks parade! You will also have a number of good and healthy food options with rice terrace views such as Sari Organik and Pomegranate. How to get there? First go to the Ubud Traditional Market, and then follow Jl. Raya Ubud towards the bridge. Don’t forget to walk on the right side and just before you reach the road covered in hanging vines and trees keep your eyes watching for signs to Sari Organik. Then you just need to look out for the signs.

Jl. Kajeng Walk


This is probably the most liked walk path in Ubud ever! It has a slightly more authentic feel. You need to walk through shops until it opens up because there are villas and restaurants along the walk. This path appears to be less popular than some of other walks in Ubud but of course authentic means less popular, isn’t it? You will witness pretty scenic rice fields, iconic temples along the way, animals, farmers, and locals going about their daily lives. It provides a good balance between silence and a nice track.

Subak Juwuk Manis Walk

Source: Tripadvisor

Source: Tripadvisor

Walking is perfect and very suited if you want to feel like you are bush bashing when you are actually on an overgrown trail. Looking back through the overgrown path, walking over narrow planks and feeling like fewer people in a very quiet track. It is only about 500 meters away from the rice field and is located in a good area.

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