Asian Games 2018: The Largest Sports Event in Asia

Buckle up! The official countdown for Asian Games 2018 has begun. On August 2017, Indonesian President Joko Widodo showed his archery skill by firing an arrow into a target, starting the countdown. After 4 years of hiatus, Asian Games 2018 will return for its 18th times as spectacular Indonesia event from 18 August to 2 September. The event will take place in two cities, Jakarta and Palembang in South Sumatra. All main events will be held in Jakarta, marking its second time as Asian Games host venue since 1962.


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About The Asian Games 2018

The Asian Games 2018 is organized by the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) which headquarters are based in Kuwait. In order to participate, each team shall be appointed by their National Olympic Committee. There are 45 countries eligible to join the Asian Games as members of the OCA.

Historically, the establishment of Asian Games was influenced after the end of World War II. Many Asian countries who finally declared their independence have desires to create a new type of competition. The goal is to express Asian dominance in a non-violent way, through displaying the spirit of unity and level of achievement through a multinational sports event. Later, the Asian Games was started in 1950, with New Delhi announced as the first host city.

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For competition fields, Asian Games 2018 will feature 484 events in 42 sports including martial arts, cycling, swimming, and much more. Although there are reductions in the programme due to the cost concerns, which dropped cricket, belt wrestling, surfing, and sambo, a new type of sport are also introduced. This years’ event will feature E-sport, a form of competition where athletes are competing for each other in video games tournament.

The OCA Director General, Mr. Husain Al Musallam outlines his hope for the upcoming Asian Games. “Once again the Asian Games will bring together the youth of Asia in a celebration of elite sport and friendship, and promote peace, tolerance, and understanding,” The Asian Games 2018 is expected to be the second largest international sports event behind the Olympics.

Jakabaring Aquatic Center

Meanwhile, the Indonesian government is working for major refurbishments to ensure all venues are ready during the event. This includes accelerating the construction of Jakarta Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), building 25 kilometers routes of the Palembang Light Rail Transit from the airport to Jakabaring sports city center, and renovating existed stadiums to its highest standard. This is all perfected to create safe environment and facilities for contending athletes, so they can give their best performance in the future.



With the theme “Energy of Asia”, the philosophy of Asian Games 2018 roars about Asia’s friendly relationship through sport, as well introducing Indonesia in the international society.  The Asian Games’ mascots are inspired by residing endemic animals from Indonesia’s three regions.  Their characters are Ika, a one-horn rhinoceros that symbolizes strength, Atung, a deer from Bawean that represent agility, and Bhin-Bhin, an elegant cendrawasih bird symbolizes strategy. Through these characters, Indonesia tries to showcase their motto relating with “Unity in Diversity” 

Considering the current development progress and updates, the Asian Games 2018 will be a multisports event that drawing lots of attendees. 45 countries, 10.000 participants, and hundreds of venues, there are plenty of activities await to be seen in next year. Book your seats now to watch your favorite team and enjoy a relaxing holiday in the beautiful islands of Indonesia. As Bali travel agency, can help you with arranging all your needs from accommodations, Indonesia tour packages for Sumatra Island until organizing sports events simillar with Asian Games 2018.

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Must out of ordinary things to do in Bali

Yoga in Ubud


Ubud is known as the spiritual city of the island, away from the touristic area, the crowded Kuta and the wild beaches. It is located in the centre of the island and so is the best place to practice yoga. Yoga is a physical and mental discipline which originated in ancient India. It is part of the Hinduism and Buddhism religions so you should try it in Indonesia if you want to live a typical experience.


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Indulge in healthy food in Ubud


Still in Ubud, you can find healthy food restaurants such as vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, raw, organic, microbiotic and so on. It is trendy nowadays and is good to savour under the hot weather of the island as it is fresh and easy to digest.

We can advise you to go to Seeds of Life if you are looking for raw food, Warung 9 for a super cheap vegetarian buffet. Or you can try AA Juicery & Cafe offering yummy breakfast bowls with a beautiful view on rice paddies, Dayu’s Warung, a gluten-free concept, Kafe Ubud proposing great burgers with vegan options, and Clear Cafe for microbiotic and raw choices. If you just want to drink something or need wake up after a hard party night, you can go to Seniman for the best coffee in Bali.


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Get close to the monkeys


Don’t miss out on an encounter with these cute animals and visit the Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud. You can also see plenty of monkeys around the Uluwatu Temple, in the south of Bali.

But be careful because these furry creatures can get very mean. They grab everything they can and stole your stuff without any fear. It could be your food but also your new Ipad with which you are taking pictures. So keep a safe distance to them!


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Assist to a traditional Balinese dance show


The Balinese people love to dance, and it is part of their culture. If you are lucky, you will be able to see a ritual show with dancers in spectacular costumes. One of the most popular performances is the Kecak Dance Show in Uluwatu where you could admire scenic views of the ocean at the same time. The performance is happening every night at 6 PM.

What does it like? The male dancers are seated in a circle and do sounds just with their mouths, while the female dancers do incredible movements, using all parts of their bodies even their eyes.


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Escape to nearby islands


If you’re dreaming of picture perfect white sandy beaches and azure waters, you’d better leave the main island of Bali and hop on a boat to nearby islands. Favourite getaways are Nusa Lembongan or Nusa Penida, just to the east of Bali, where you can find paradisiac beaches perfect to chill, tan and enjoy the sun without the discomfort of the crowded south of Bali. You can also go to the Gili Islands, you can reach them quickly and easily by speedboat within two hours. There you can relax or dive but also partying especially in Gili Trawangan.


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