Asian Games 2018: The Largest Sports Event in Asia

Buckle up! The official countdown for Asian Games 2018 has begun. On August 2017, Indonesian President Joko Widodo showed his archery skill by firing an arrow into a target, starting the countdown. After 4 years of hiatus, Asian Games 2018 will return for its 18th times as spectacular Indonesia event from 18 August to 2 September. The event will take place in two cities, Jakarta and Palembang in South Sumatra. All main events will be held in Jakarta, marking its second time as Asian Games host venue since 1962.


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About The Asian Games 2018

The Asian Games 2018 is organized by the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) which headquarters are based in Kuwait. In order to participate, each team shall be appointed by their National Olympic Committee. There are 45 countries eligible to join the Asian Games as members of the OCA.

Historically, the establishment of Asian Games was influenced after the end of World War II. Many Asian countries who finally declared their independence have desires to create a new type of competition. The goal is to express Asian dominance in a non-violent way, through displaying the spirit of unity and level of achievement through a multinational sports event. Later, the Asian Games was started in 1950, with New Delhi announced as the first host city.

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For competition fields, Asian Games 2018 will feature 484 events in 42 sports including martial arts, cycling, swimming, and much more. Although there are reductions in the programme due to the cost concerns, which dropped cricket, belt wrestling, surfing, and sambo, a new type of sport are also introduced. This years’ event will feature E-sport, a form of competition where athletes are competing for each other in video games tournament.

The OCA Director General, Mr. Husain Al Musallam outlines his hope for the upcoming Asian Games. “Once again the Asian Games will bring together the youth of Asia in a celebration of elite sport and friendship, and promote peace, tolerance, and understanding,” The Asian Games 2018 is expected to be the second largest international sports event behind the Olympics.

Jakabaring Aquatic Center

Meanwhile, the Indonesian government is working for major refurbishments to ensure all venues are ready during the event. This includes accelerating the construction of Jakarta Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), building 25 kilometers routes of the Palembang Light Rail Transit from the airport to Jakabaring sports city center, and renovating existed stadiums to its highest standard. This is all perfected to create safe environment and facilities for contending athletes, so they can give their best performance in the future.



With the theme “Energy of Asia”, the philosophy of Asian Games 2018 roars about Asia’s friendly relationship through sport, as well introducing Indonesia in the international society.  The Asian Games’ mascots are inspired by residing endemic animals from Indonesia’s three regions.  Their characters are Ika, a one-horn rhinoceros that symbolizes strength, Atung, a deer from Bawean that represent agility, and Bhin-Bhin, an elegant cendrawasih bird symbolizes strategy. Through these characters, Indonesia tries to showcase their motto relating with “Unity in Diversity” 

Considering the current development progress and updates, the Asian Games 2018 will be a multisports event that drawing lots of attendees. 45 countries, 10.000 participants, and hundreds of venues, there are plenty of activities await to be seen in next year. Book your seats now to watch your favorite team and enjoy a relaxing holiday in the beautiful islands of Indonesia. As Bali travel agency, can help you with arranging all your needs from accommodations, Indonesia tour packages for Sumatra Island until organizing sports events simillar with Asian Games 2018.

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Why Australians Won’t Stop Visiting Bali

Why Australians Won’t Stop Visiting Bali

Students boys and girls sitting together around the table in clasroom and drawing. With them is their young and beautiful teacher. She teaches children and is smiling

There are lots of reasons for Australians to come to Bali. One of the biggest among them is Warung Dewa Malen. This place always remains filled with Australian because the food here is delicious and inexpensive. It is certain that they love the food of Warung Dewa Malen because wherever they visit in Bali they like to eat dishes similar to those available at Dewa Malen. The number of beaches is extensive and their beauty is mind boggling. These beaches are the primary source of attraction for Australians. This place has tourist attractions like Bliss Ubud Spa, Bali Bliss residence and Bliss Sanctuary for women. These places are astonishing but they are also associated with some tragic incidents.

Australians are still coming to Bali even after tragic incidents

The first drop of Australian tourists in Bali was observed in 2002 when 88 Australian were killed in a terrorist attack. This drop in tourists was serious but by the end of 2015, the number of Australian tourists started to increases. The second attack of terrorists in Bali didn’t stop Australian to come in Bali. The overall global peace situation is not very welcoming. People can’t stop visiting exceptionally attractive places due to some terrorist attacks otherwise, they will have no choice to visit any place.

It is a strange fact that after every ninth day one Australian dies in Bali but still the major portion of tourists in Bali is comprised of Australians. This year 2.5 million tourists came to Bali from January to September. 600,000 among those 2.5 million were Australians. The high number of deaths of Australians in Bali is also due to a high number of Australian tourists in Bali.


In 2011, three Australians including a woman MS Bischoff, her 14 years old daughter, and 18 years old boy, Jake, died in Bali due to the faulty power line. There are lots of other people from different countries who died in Bali due to inadequate security and facilities but it does not seem to affect the number of tourists in Bali. It is may be due to the uncanny natural beauty of Bali. In 2011 and 2012, 39 Australians died and more than 90 visited counselors in different hospitals. The majority of these deaths and traumatic experiences were due to natural causes and regular accidents like traffic accidents. It is not always the fault of Bali’s administration, therefore, Australians always find their selves in Bali even after some serious tragic incidents in Bali. The incident of MS Bischoff was exception and authorities took serious action on it. Now, Australians feel safe even at the hotel where the incident of Bischoff occurred. Recently two Australian families ate their lunch in a restaurant at Padang Bai. it is a beachfront restaurant and it is only a few meters away from the hotel where Bischoff was staying. it is a clear indication that Australians just can resist Bali and they are willing to come here.

Hustle Free Quick Visit

Bali also offers high-quality bear with very low rates. it is also attracting Australians because everyone knows the popularity of bear in Australia. The journey from Sydney and Brisbane to Bali is almost of six hours. Every day several flights fly from these two cities to Bali. These flights are hustle free and allow people to visit Bali even on every weekend. Tourists just have to pay 25 USD at the airport as holiday visa fee and they can enjoy inexpensive food, drinks, beer, and dining at beach restaurants.

Yes, the facilities for tourists in some areas of Bali are not up to international standard and Bali’s administration is also not best of all but Australians have the special place in Bali in their hearts and they will keep coming in these islands. The standard for facilities for tourists in Bali has approved a lot over the past few years but as a matter of fact, Australians are not concerned much about it. They love food, beaches, resorts, and lakes of Bali and they will visit it no matter what.

Top 7 Best Extravagat Resorts in Bali, Indonesia

Bali, the paradise on earth.


Not only is Bali home to one of the world’s most beautiful islands , it also hosts a great number of world’s most luxurious hotel brands.


Bali’s beautiful and diverse natural scenery make visitors keep coming back for more every time they say good-bye, some come back for the volcanoes, some come back for the surfs. Bali may be overall laid-back, but when it comes to world class luxury, there is no shortage of that at all.

Most of Bali’s five-star resorts are located in Nusa Dua, Seminyak, and Ubud. Ubud is famous for hosting a health-conscious community and spas, while Nusa Dua and Seminyak are the popular destinations for surfers and ocean lovers.

And here is our list of 7 best extravagat resorts in Bali:



Set on Bali’s isolated southern coast, Anantara Bali Uluwatu Resort and Spa is an excellent asylum of keen configuration and rough regular magnificence that offers a one of a kind approach to encounter the Island of the Divine beings. Falling down the side cliff rich suites, pool estates and duplex penthouses mix development and liberality with precious Indian Sea sees. Relish lethargic days at the precipice edge limitlessness pool, rejuvenating yoga and the spoiling universe of Anantara Spa, where signature ceremonies are propelled by Indonesia’s Flavor Islands. A surfer’s heaven, adjacent Outlandish Shoreline is prestigious for its mind blowing waves, offering the test of a quick long ride along Inconceivable Break and the challenging scene popular Padang-Padang Tube, and also simple departures at the close-by surfing shorelines of Bingin and Lala land.



On the fabulous shorelines of Seminyak, the juxtaposition of conventional Balinese mythology and W Retreat and Spa’s hip configuration results in fortifying vitality and element style. You can surrender to liberality at the W, where peace and serenity are the idealistic reality, all inside walking separati  on to Bali’s hippest boutiques, varied exhibitions, eateries, and clubs. Once the entryway is opened, an unending unprecedented affair is prepared to be unleashed at this Bali five-star lodging. The children’s story starts in 237 retreats, suites, and manors, all planned with W signature chic and creative touches, offering breathtaking perspectives of the sea or greenhouses. A few manors even offer private pools, ideal for a morning cool-off and/or cannonball.



The resort, at the time the second inn opening by the prestigious Bulgari gathering, is situated on top of 150-meter (450 feet) high, stunning bluffs falling down towards the Indian Sea. A perfect private shoreline, appropriate for long strolls along the oceanfront and including a private shoreline club, is come to by means of a slanted lift. The 59 singular estates, unattached and private, all incorporate an outdoors structure, patio and private dive pool, with the ones on the primary line getting a charge out of tremendous sea sees. In all manors, each characteristic component is finished to a sparkle: Indonesian wood floors gleam, common magma dividers are conveniently bricked, and floor-to-roof glass dividers uncover manicured tropical plants.



Covered up among the lavish undulating slopes of Bali’s way of life rich good countries, this most private of resorts sits among flourishing rice fields similarly as the eye can see. Simply outside the craftsmen’s town of Ubud, the previous bequest of Hendra Hadiprana – one of Indonesia’s most regarded workmanship authorities – has been changed into a cozy retreat with twenty individual states, everyone particularly highlighting unique Balinese fine arts from his accumulation. The provincial chic five-hectare property offers a credible scenery to one of Bali’s most emotional exhibitions, the Kecak move – performed at the resort’s own special amphitheater. Those looking for peacefulness and restoration will discover both in plenitude at The Spa, settled at one edge of the apparently interminable paddy fields.



Alila Estates Soori on the southwest bank of Bali may very well be the very meaning of heaven. Situated close to the island’s extremely popular Tanah Parcel Sanctuary, this extravagant beachfront resort drives you to profundities of unwinding you never knew existed. Settled between lavish rice fields and shimmering volcanic dark sands lapped by the Indian Sea, these extravagance estates completely coordinate the shoreline involvement in their energetic blend of spaces. All estates highlight a private pool, and most accompany direct shoreline get to and open-to-the-sky internal yards that make a superb feeling of light and airiness. The splendidly adjusted parity of quietness and imperativeness, that is so Bali, makes a fine showing with regards to with this resort


Hotel Mulia

With a shocking beachfront setting along Nusa Dua’s Narrows in South Bali, the Mulia summons a casual yet cleaned sensibility and surpasses desires for style, solace, and administration. Look over a rundown of five sorts of Estates, running in size from one room to the Mulia Chateau. On the other hand, choose to run with a suite and enjoy a marginally more disentangled however no less rich setting. All Estates accompany private dive pools, and the suites are the biggest accessible on the island. Eating choices at Mulia Manors are amazing. Eight eateries and bars give delightful passage, while the administrations offered at Mulia Spa, Business Center, Wellness Center, and Mulia Kidz Club are just surpassed by the thoughtfulness of the staff.



Mount Agung gives a sensational scenery to Amankila (quiet slope), a detached ocean side resort ignoring the Lombok Strait and oversaw by Aman Resorts, the world’s most selective inn brand. The 34 detached covered rooftop suites. offer uncommon perspectives from their slope areas, and are associated with the resort’s offices by raised walkways. Visitors can unwind around the mark three-layered pool or at the Shoreline Club on Amankila’s shoreline, with its silver sands and turquoise waters. What isolates Amankila from other extravagance Bali inns is that it is arranged in Karangasem, one of Bali’s most conventional rules, offering simple access to untouched rustic farmland, nearby artworks, and the district’s imperial past. Aman Resorts likewise works 3 other tremendous resorts in Bali: Amanusa, Amandari, and Amanwana.

Indonesia Expects 2.5 Million Tourists From Taiwan


By the end of 2016, it has been expected that more than 250 thousand tourists will visit Indonesia this estimation has been put forth by Indonesian Economic and Trade Office to Taipei (KDEI). Till 2015 the number of tourists visited Indonesia was 211000. It is expected that till the end of this year this figure will increase because Indonesia tourism companies are working hard for promotions, this was claimed on Monday, November 7, 2016, by AgungSepande the director of KDEI’s Tourism and Transportation. He said this number will increase under the efforts of Wonderful Indonesia brand.

He added that 70 percent of tourists love to visit Bali because of its interesting and attractive places and also because of a number of sites present there for tourists’ interest. KDEI is busy in promoting tourists sites in other areas of Indonesia for Taiwanese tourists. He further added that we are trying to call journalists of Taiwan in order to enhance promotional exercise and such exercises will be exceeded to Lombok and Bali. He told that in coming year the journalists will visit Yogyakarta and Jakarta. He added that mostly tourists of Taiwan want to dive and enjoy the beaches of the country because of the enchanting views which are helpful to such activities. Some time ago in 2016 Asia-Pacific Culture Day was held which was meant to promote culture to the thousands of visitors who arrived Indonesia from more than 20 countries.


On Monday an ambitious plan has been announced to increase the number of Taiwanese tourists in 2016 by Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism. This goal was put forth during an event in the industrial area of Taipei and it aimed to attract 275000 Taiwanese visitors till the end of this year. Already Taiwan is considered to be growing in the case of travelers for South Asian countries and this increased number of Taiwanese tourists up to 1.4 percent to 203000 people last year.

Another bonus has been announced for Taiwan nationals last October and that was providing Visa-free entry for Taiwanese which has increased the number of tourists in his way. Taiwanese love to visit beaches and this helped a lot Indonesia to be ranked in the top attractive destinations for visitors claimed by the ministry’s Director of Asia Pacific Promotion VinsensiusJemadu.


It has been told by Jemadu that ministry has added 10 more destinations in order to boost the market for foreign travelers. Besides Bali, this list of newly added destinations including Wakatobi, Mandalika, Labuan Bajo, Morotai, Tanjung Lesung, Tanjung Kelayang and thousands of islands of Indonesia. Now it is easy for planning their tours based on the entry points in Bali that are Batam and Jakarta.

According to some officials, the reasons for visiting Indonesia lies in shopping, haute cuisine, and spas which attract the Taiwanese visitors and these activities were the main sources of attraction for Taiwanese. The government of Indonesia is planning to introduce more promotional campaigns in highly crowded areas of Taiwan in order to reach directly to more and more local people. Two of these promotions will be held in the coming year.


Jemadu said that Taiwan is very important for Indonesia because the tourism department wants to be more aggressive in their market.

Arief Fadillah the head of Indonesian Economic and Trade Office to Taipei has predicted that a portion of the market in Taiwan in declining and the number of Taiwanese who intend to visit Indonesia is also seen to be decreasing. Indonesian government did organize a tourism industry event that will start in April between 11 and 13 in both the cities Taipei City and Taichung. This will actually be a business meeting that will last for three days during this table top meeting 21 Indonesian firms will meet 150 travel companies of Taiwan. this statement has been revealed by the organizers of the event.


The main reason that the visitors consider to visit Indonesia is its beauty that lies in 17000 islands out of these 6000 are inhabited because of this fact Indonesia is considered to be the world’s largest archipelago country. Another attractive thing about Indonesia is its 580 languages which are being spoken and understood throughout Indonesia.

The most favorite dish among the inhabitants of Indonesia is Rice. This is because Indonesians always prefer dishes made of rice they said that they eat rice after their meals or after they eat pizza rice is a must dish that they use to eat. These are the reasons why Taiwanese prefer to visit Indonesia in a huge number.

Komodo Tour Travel Guide

Phinisi Komodo

Komodo Island is famous due to Komodo National Park and a popular diving destination. This island is also famous due to largest living species of lizard. Komodo Island beaches have pink sand and crystal clear options. Tourists, who like swimming, can enjoy swimming with friendly fishing there. Komodo island tour Indonesia offers attractive holiday plans Komodo is an interesting Island of Lesser Sunda and there are almost 4,000 dragons. Komodo Island is a legendary place with rusty-red volcanic hills, forests, and savannah. Whole Island has wonderful nature and surrounding waters of seagrass beds. It is the lonely planet with mangrove shrublands and coral reefs. Book your online tickets and make sure the cheapest airlines offers online. Some offer discounts in special seasons and some offers unique travel packages in off seasons. Find the best holidays plan in Komodo to enjoy all types of events and reserve online bookings. Spectacular Komodo Indonesian island home to over 2000 inhabitants. Komodo National Park covers three islands; Padar, Rinca, and Komodo. The surface area of Komodo Island is 390 square kilometers with 2000 population. The main region of this Island is Islam but there are some others like Christian and Hindu congregations. The pink beach is very famous which attracts millions of tourists to enjoy their holidays in this beautiful place. This is a mixture of white sand and red sand.


Komodo Island and its Dragons

Visit Komodo Dragon Island which has gorgeous look and attributes having awesome views and best to spend holiday’s best time. Tourists who know Komodo visits regularly to see the big dragons there. The world’s largest lizard, the Komodo dragon live view is wonderful. Komodo Island has over 2000 inhabitants. New accommodations arrangements are made by local authorities and the government is also paying attention to improve the condition of Komodo to spend tourist’s best time. Komodo Island and its Dragons have become a brand for this Island and urge people to make their plans to see this unique creature of the world.


The Best Deal Komodo Tours Package

Get useful acknowledgment for a tour package to spend vacations for Komodo Island and beyond. Enjoy here your memorable time with unique culture, the beauty of nature with unforgettable views, world’s largest lizard activities. Some hotels and restaurants introduce special offers and world class arrangements to facilitate their guests so make a trip plan to visit for Komodo and reserve hotels or rooms according to your affordability. One day tour package to Komodo Island or to Rinca Island have attractive plans for business persons or for tourists as well. Book any online package plans and make sure all arrangement’s with full facilities which will be providing you on that tour. Labuan Bajo Honeymoon travel deal is also attractive with 3 days schedule plan. You must make sure; breakfast, candlelight dinner, accommodation based luxury room, private ac transfer, English guide, Camera, Laundry, Tipping, Alcohol, mineral water, full board meals and other types of expenses before joining to any service.


Best Tour Activities in Komodo

Komodo Mbeliling, Komodo Diving Tour, Komodo Wae Rebo Trekking, Komodo Speed Boat Rental Service, Komodo Labuan Bajo Honeymoon, Komodo Diving Liveboard, Akomodo and Sani Nggoang, Komodo Cruise Yacht Charter activities can be performed on Komodo Island. Don’t waste your time and make a comprehensive tour package for several stunning volcanoes, rare birds, and the cave tour activities. We are sure that you will never ever see such type of creatures before. Each and every tour package provides lots of facilities and entertainment activities to enjoy the best times during visits.

Elephan lifting a tourist.

Online Reservations and Booking for Komodo

Book online reservations for Komodo’s popular tours destinations. Komodo tour travel guide package and plans have lots of attractive deals which can facilitate tourists more and more to fully involve their routines with current atmospheres. How to get to Komodo Island is not difficult and impossible. komodo island airport has been upgraded successfully and ready to receive tourists from all over the world. Lizards, Buffalos, Horses, Deer’s, Wild Pigs and hundreds of others vertebrates can be found on this Island. Explore the island of Komodo dragon and Adventure tours in Flores and watch online videos on YouTube before your visit. Komodo dragons are not dangerous but have friendly nature to mix with humans easily. Enjoy Komodo Dive Adventures‎ and take selfies there on different points of interests. If some visited Komodo Island before then it is requested to share your experiences, ideas, observations & feedback with others to plan a scuba diving trip to Komodo Island.


Activities and Excursions in Komodo

Choose the best diving spots online and Excursions to maximum enjoy in Komodo Island. Find there the world famous Komodo Dragon, beautiful Mandarin Fish, Kelimutu Volcano and best swimming experiences with friendly fishes. Choose the best time to visit; March to November. Choose the best live board options from these: WAOW, Manta Mae, MSY Waow, Alila Puranama, MV Samambaia, Mantra, MV Black Manta Diving, MS Ombak Putih, KLM Sea Safari VI, Arenui and check their arrangements and travel deals to spend your holidays with them. Hopefully, you will be excited to find awesome offers and best deals for travel.

Coastal landscape of island Komodo National Park, UNESCO World H

Komodo Dive Adventures‎ and Other Things to Do in Komodo Island and Surroundings

Are you interested in visiting Komodo Island, and then should arrange health and safety measures before your arrivals. If you are coming to Komodo Island then travel insurance for Scuba diving is needed and medical assistance service.

  • Reserve your window seat to get a glimpse of the spectacular views!
  • Go scuba diving and snorkeling with local dive centers
  • Adopt Health and Safety measurement services and tips to escape from accidental injuries and from weather effects
  • Discover the wild Flores Island by a transport service
  • Check out the huge Komodo dragons
  • Spend your best time with; incredible diving, big fishes and with wonderful coral on Komodo Island
  • Get a live board for a few days to cruise
  • Visits pink beach to enjoy sunrise and sunset views
  • Find all information about sea life, best time to visit, top dive spots, etc

Gili Island Tour Travel Guide

Gili Island is an attractive place which is very famous due to its awesome natural beauty and best destination for tourism activity. The Gili Islands are a group of three little islands: 1. Gili Air, 2. Gili Meno, 3. Gili Trawangan. The sandy beaches fringed with palm trees. The small island Gili Meno is a land of turtles which is also known as turtles point.

Gili Tarawangan Beach view s

Make your immediate plans to visit GILI and book online air tickets and chose to any type of accommodation for your stay and sleep. Hotels, apartments, Villas, Hostels, Resorts, B&Bs or any type of accommodations by finding the affordable place. There is a 2 night package plan for Gili Island. Weather and road conditions greatly effects to schedule a tour. The cost of transportation will be included in this package plans which have 3 days tour. A service of tour guide and hotel stays is included for our tourist’s convenience. Shared transport service will be provided in compete package plan, if someone likes separate then he/she may hire their private transportation service anytime.

Day 1: Schedule – 

Early in the morning at 6:00 AM, we will pick up you from airport or from your accommodation. We will move to Best Western Kuta Beach, here we will take you for Gili Island.  With a fast boat we will drive you to the post at 7:30AM boarding time. Noon is the target time to reach at Gili Island. Tourists can enjoy to Gili Island beauty with beautiful view of landscape. Gili Island Tour Travel Guide is available for detailed information as well as for complete tour acknowledgment.

Day 2: Schedule –

2nd day is an important day to enjoy snorkeling, push bikes, water sport, horse riding and awesome natural beauty with scenic views. Tourists can enjoy these activities before departure.

Day3: Schedule –

We will pick up you for Trawangan harbor with a fast boat and enjoy there till 10:30 AM.

Enjoy 24/7 service support with the best price guarantee. Take some help from Gili Island travel guide and make a complete package plan with all possible arrangements. If someone never visited Gili Island then he/she avail this opportunity to visit Gili Island to enjoy its landmarks and the beautiful eye views which attracts millions of tourist around the world. Make a comprehensive budget plan and start your advance searching to find out the best travel and accommodation arrangements to enjoy your tour.


Best Things to Do in Gili

Get instant confirmation to book online air tickets and advance hotel booking to visit for Gili. Exploring Indonesia and thousands of its Islands are best ideas to express the beauty of God gifted nature and to enjoy the best moments of tourists lives. Gili is an Island which has many breath taking views which impresses the visitors to spend their best times of their lives. They can enjoy engagements, weddings, official and no official programs, birthday celebrations and more memorable events. We are boosting hare but actually when you will be visit there, you will be happy and will realize that the view what we are trying to explore is really awesome and beautiful. Bali, Lombok and Gili Islands are really enjoyed able to take your photos or selfies there. Enjoy your trips and take some help from your travel agents to know about most interesting places and the eye attractive views where you and your families can spent best times of their lives. This island are not best for vehicles, travelers can visit by foot, bicycle or bike. These magical islands urge people to spend more and more time to enjoy their tours. There are many shopping malls, bear clubs and Spa services available for tourist’s assistance to enjoy their best tour times. Always respect the people of Gili and their traditions or cultural values. Don’t try to enter fare in any matter which not allow for tourists. Be responsible everywhere and show your cooperative behavior during your visit and stay.

Accommodation Arrangements

Accommodations is not an issue anywhere in Gili but in special season tourists should be alert before their arrivals and apply in advance for their accommodation arrangements because there is huge rush that can be seen in everywhere in Islands. Millions of people visit Islands and thousands of other places to celebrate their memories with awesome views. Many travel companies introduces tour plans and have different price schedules to best celebrate their lives. Many hotels, restaurants, Inns, apartments, villas, B&Bs, resorts across Gili Island offer unique tour plans and affordable package plans to provide maximum entertainments to tourists. Generally they offers; 2 nights stay, 3 nights stay, 5 nights stay, 7 days stay, 15 nights stay, 30 nights stay and as much as tourist want.


Best Hotels in Gili Islands

La Cocoteraie Ecolodge, Melbao Homestay, Scallywags Resort, Resota Twins, Senang Villa, Taman Senang, Atoll Haven Vilas, Keleydo Villas, Santan Gili Cottages and many more accommodation services are awaiting tourists response and offering high class facilties to live and to enjoy the beautiful natural views. These faboulous hotels are comfortable and have lovely places for awesome stay in Gili.

Things to Remember Before Arrival in Gili

  • Make sure your online visa and airline tickets
  • Make sure about hotel reservations and other types of arrangements that you need to enjoy during your stay
  • Get advance acknowledgment about visiting places
  • Arrange some cash or hard money if you likes to enjoy entertainments there
  • Know about source of transportation of book your private transportation source in advance
  • Alert from weather updates and road conditions
  • Confirm your bed size and number of people at the time of booking
  • Please wear life jackets when engaging in any water activities
  • Away from prohibited activities
  • Please mindful of local laws and other regulations
  • Make sure travel schedules and timing of food & meal
  • Avoid from smocking and using of plastic bottles
  • Get acknowledgement about Gili and its best locations to visit and to enjoy with your families and friends
  • Keep in mind that no one company or travel agency would be responsible for any personal belongings of the tourists


Bali Travel Tips and Tricks: Things to Know Before you Go

Bali Travel Tips and Tricks | Things to Know Before you Go. 


Are you arriving in Bali for the first time? You have to know some facts before your arrival in Bali. Bali is a land of surprising natural views with lots of wonders. First, you have to make sure the suitable season in Bali to enjoy your visit otherwise it will be useless because there is rainy season in Bali which starts from November to March and this season call monsoon season. Rainy season is not the best season for tourists to enjoy the natural beauty of Bali and the other destinations across Bali Island. Bali is the Island of Indonesia which has lots of opportunities and natural resources for tourists to see its beauty by personal visits. This Island is pretty safe and secure for travelers for all across the world and there is no any type of restrictions for specific tourists to visit Bali. Hundreds of points of interests have much attraction by natural ways and the season from April to November is an ideal season in which tourists can enjoy the Bali and other destinations hundreds of times best as compared to other seasons.

What would be there for you after your arrival? This is an important question which can confuse to lots of tourists but if tourists use authentic and reliable resources to find the facts and figure about Bali and other destinations and make sure their advance booking then they will be more secure and safe regarding their accommodation arrangements. Get some acknowledgment and advance guidelines before visiting Bali and sort out some plans where you want to visit in Bali and in other destinations.

7 Tips Travellers must know before to Travel to Indonesia

Follow useful tips and tricks before visiting Indonesia because the acknowledgment of these tips can prepare your mind to meet the circumstances and uncertain situations successfully. Below here the 7 Tips travelers must know before to travel to Indonesia.


  1. Visa, Passport, and Other Documents

Make sure visa type, entry stamp and validity of Visa before your arrival to Indonesia. Note down carefully the days of arrival and the days of departure. Arrange original documents and save a copy of all documents in hard format or in soft format. Save all documents in multiple places because in accidental case or loss of documents case due to any situation, the backup of the original documents can help you to again trace the documents and to report authorities at the time of emergency. 6 Months validity of password is required before your arrival in Bali. A page of the passport must be empty for the visa stamp.


  1. Save your Time and Money

Make sure about available airline tickets and sort-out best airline fares. Check availability dates departure and make a proper schedule. Book cheapest airline ticket and save your money efficiently on behalf of your own decision planning. Arrange currency Bali is the beauty and fascination place which attracts millions of tourists every month. So, arrange money to enjoy the unpredictable views with full interest. This dynamic and vibrant Island has lots of wonders and nature eye-catching views which tourists must want to enjoy saving their memories un-forgetful. Understanding from Bali culture and the understanding of the unique history of Bali Island can help you to save your money and energy efficiently. Make sure where you want to visit and what type of travel source you will use to reach there. Do some analysis and save your money by choose an affordable traveling source. This decision can help you to save your time and energy to find traveling resources and help you to enjoy with full interest. Arrange some cash for shopping and to spend on various entertainment resources to enjoy your trip well.


  1. Arrange Travel and Transport Sources

Keep in mind that there is Left-hand traffic on Bali so arranges creative driving if you are not well with such skill. There are many types of transport resources which can be chosen depending on your interest and affordability. Scooter, Bicycle, Motor Bike, Car, Taxi, UBER, Grab taxi and public transport are best options for traveling. The rules for each transport are different for tourists. A car with driver option is also available for per day with 8-10 hours cost. It is traveler’s responsibility to make sure their traveling sources and hire them to visit from one place to another place and can save money by advance booking.


  1. Prepaid SIM Cards

Buy a SIM Card from any mobile shop and communicate to connect with others. Check updates and select a suitable service to save your time and money. Some hotels, restaurants offer their free Wi-Fi facility to their visitors but that remains limited up to a limit area. Internet Communication resources / Wi-Fi helps you to find new updates regarding your work and to know everything about your tour. You may find out best destinations geographically and may decide your plan visits on a routine basis.


  1. Weather and Climate Changes

know about weather updates and environmental changes what you accept after your arrival there. You should take shower instead of taking bath to not waste water. Be polite in public places and never short on others. Avoid using plastic bottles; plastic bags when traveling or when shopping. A tropical warm weather and humid climate can welcome you there. Choose dry season to visit Bali because this is the best and peak time for travelers to visit anywhere in Bali. Bali Mountains are volcanic mountains having 3,000 meters peaks height. The temperature in height will be cooler, rainfall and might be dry.


  1. Vaccination & Diseases

The main tourist areas of Bali are developed and match with international standards. If you want to visit remote areas of Bali then be careful and arrange some Vaccinations to save your health and fitness. Vaccination is required for Malaria, Dengue, and Hepatitis A etc are necessary to enjoy your trips in Bali and hundreds of other destinations across Bali.


  1. Save Environment and Adopt Soft Manners

Bali is a legendary land which has each and every type of fun and entertainment for tourists from all over the world. The culture of Bali is much attractive with a rich history. Never drink in public places and never through shopping bags or wastage here and there. Keep the environment clean and be responsible for calling anyone for help you.

Want to Spend Nice Holidays on Bali Islands?

Bali Island Holidays. 


Bali is one of the world’s favorite tourist’s destinations which have awesome views and natural beauty. All the destinations across have wonderful eye catching views which attract millions of tourists every month. Bali is famous due to with sand beaches amazing waves which create a pleasant sound which made this Island in the top of the list of the most popular tropical island in the world. Travel + Leisure magazines held this Island in Top best Islands in the world. Unforgettable turquoise blue sea and with natural wonder beauty everywhere in Bali, attracts tourists to spend their holidays on the beaches of Bali which nobody probably wants to miss. Enjoy Bali visit and make your holidays memorable. The Island of Bali is east from Java approximately 3.2 km.

Mount Agung is named as “Mother Mountain” which is an active volcanic mountain in the region. This range of mountains across Bali has highly productive agriculture industry which creates many opportunities for local people. Bali and surrounded destinations are full of breathtaking views with rich culture and historical background. Only Hindu religion people are in Whole Island. Hundreds of temples are everywhere in Bali some are new and some are very old. Bali also knows as “The Island of Temples“.

Ubud area is well known and famous due to cultural background and spiritual capital of the Island. The land of Bali is much attractive due to ancient temples, colorful rituals, white sand beaches, beautiful underwater world and top-notch mountain villas.

It is an advice to you to book your trip immediately to visit Bali and to see awesome beauty of the Bali. Find most suitable hotels, resorts, Inns according to your budget range and plan your visit to arrive Bali.

Take help from your travel agents and find authentic feedback to know about Bali destinations and suitable hotels arrangements for your enjoyment. Enjoy some of the recreational activities.

Joyful woman on tropical beach snorkelling

Bali Travel Packages and Exclusive Deals

Hundreds of travel agents have various plans for tourist to visit on different destinations across Indonesia. Each hotel, restaurant of any accommodation providing service agent introduces unique planes and special arrangements for tourists to attract them and provide them full arrangements that help them to spend their times memorable and interesting. Some offers 3-day package plans, 4 days package plans, 7 days package plans, 15 days packages plans, 30 days package plans to depend on their affordability and the mechanism of rendering their services for special guests. Find the best travel package and exclusive deals to reach there alone or with your relatives or friends. Get useful acknowledgment before reaching and book advances everything if you can afford. Participate in recreational activities to spend your best time in Bali and enjoy your holidays as best as you can.

Online Reservation and Airline Tickets

Lots of airlines offer discounts in airline tickets for specific destinations and introduces various plans for the favor of tourists to attract them to visit specific destinations. Find yourself a cheap airline to travel for Bali or any other island of Indonesia and enjoy your best time there. Online reservation for tickets, hotels, restaurants, halls boats is possible with various useful resources. Find local and international resources to reach Indonesia and plan for your favorite destinations.


Things to Do in Bali

Don’t forget to make tourists plans in advance to visit Indonesia. Contact with any private transport (with air conditioning) and enjoy your best time on your favorite point of interest. If affordable then a proficient English driver can help you to visit anywhere upon your demand. If you need help for a tour guide then this service is also available almost everywhere in Bali Island. Check hotels and their arrangements for a stay along with other facilities which tourists want during their visit. There are many things which tourists never want to miss during their visit. There each and every type of shopping malls covering all prices ranges.  Choose to massage centers just for relaxations. Enjoy Spas, Bear clubs, Night Clubs, Waterfalls, private clubs, private boats, fishing areas, all types of foods and much more excitements for tourist’s enjoyments. Participate in local events and celebrate with Bali people and see to unique cultural values and traditions.

Transport Facilities in Bali

Choose a cheap and affordable transporting source for traveling and to see your favorite destinations across Bali Island. Each and every type of vehicle has different fares and hours limits to use a specific traveling source. There are motorcycles, taxis, private cars, public transport and some other types of vehicles which tourists can use or may hire with drivers. Different transportation companies offering their rent a car service with driver facility. Hire anyone and enjoy your travel. There are land, air, sea and river transportation traveling sources, choose any suitable option and start your traveling in Bali. Rate list if fixed for tourists, so you have to tell your destinations to your attendant and pay the fare according to the given list.


Most Popular Activities in Bali

Seminyak, Mount Batur, Goa Gajah, Seminyak, Ubud, Sanur, Kerobokan, Garuda, Aguga, Gunung, Legian, Bali Museum, Blanco Renaissance Museum, Mount Bromo, Ijen and hundreds of other destinations awaiting your decision to plan immediately to visit such destinations. The complete guide to visit hundreds of distensions around Bali Island is available for tourist’s interest and for their acknowledgment to plan immediately for tour activities for Bali. Arrange money and hard cash before your visit because there are many points of interests and money spending sources which tourist’s avails to use the unique services to well enjoy their journey.

Visit ancient temples and see their historical background and their religious activities if likes. If you are the first time coming to Bali then you have to choose the best location to stay in Bali and get useful acknowledgment about most popular Bali beachfront resorts, hotels, inns and restaurant details. Decide your visits in the dry season because in Bali, rainy season which starts from November till March is not suitable for tourists. Choose to April and onward months till October for excellent tourism activities.

Top Exhibition in Jakarta

Top Exhibition in Jakarta.


Jakarta is the most populous massive capital of the republic of Indonesia. It is located on the northwest coast of Java Island. It is one of the famous tourists and exhibitions spots where world’s famous exhibitions held. This city has a unique culture and mix of lots of traditions. It has a mix combination of Malay, European, Asian, Arabic, Chinese, Indian, Javanese which greatly influence its historical background values, its unique architecture, its language and its cuisine as well. There are many 3-star and five-star hotels which providing world class accommodation facilities for visitors and guests. Jakarta has many restaurants, hotels, Inns, resorts and another type of arrangements which warm welcome and urge business tycoons to held different types of programs, exhibitions, conferences and another type of official meetings for business communities and for investors as well.

Tourists have great attractions in Jakarta due to many reasons which attract millions of tourists every year to participate in different types of events and to plan various events. Jakarta tourism industry is making progress day by day and attracting numerous of people every year to attend all types of functions and to celebrate almost every type of occasions. Jakarta points of interests have great awesome views which cannot be ignored during a tour and tourists must want to visit to see the beautiful architectures and historical background of Jakarta.

Participate in Exhibitions of Jakarta

Find here the detail of top exhibition in Jakarta and plan your visit immediately. This is the city of wonders and the home of 9 million people where each and every moment become memorable due to great attraction and great arrangements of entertaining activities trough out Jakarta. This city has sprawling metropolis along with many entertaining and accommodation opportunities. There are lots of things to do in Jakarta which cannot be ignored during the stay of travelers in Jakarta city. Explore the riches of contemporary Indonesian art and the combination of mix culture.

World top class brand held different types of industrial and nonindustrial exhibitions in Jakarta for their brand promotions and to explore different ideas for the world.


Points of Interests in Jakarta

National Monument of Indonesia, Ancol Dreamland, Istiqlal Mosque, National Museum of Indonesia, Museum Bank and hundreds of other famous spots for tourists as well as for investors creates opportunities to call the people for conferences participation under safe and secure environment. Nightlife is also charming and attractive for tourists. Jakarta travel guide has excellent and informative guidelines for interested communities to search their taste relevant destination to visit and to enjoy their unique experiences which they never participate before. Where to go in Jakarta is not an issue for travelers who wish to visit Jakarta for certain reasons.

Find here exclusive detail for top exhibitions in Jakarta along with full arrangements details. 2016 and 2017 have lots of exhibitions programs in Jakarta especially 2017 which have countless exhibitions everywhere in Jakarta city.

Scheduled Conferences in 2016 and 2017 in Jakarta

Detail of conferences are; INAGRITECH, COMMUNIC INDONESIA, BROADCAST INDONESIA, INDOPLAS, INDOPRINT, FI ASIA – INDONESIA, FI ASIA – INDONESIA, FI FOOD INGREDIENT ASIA, KITCHEN & BATHROOM INDONESIA, MINING & ENGINEERING (M&E) INDONESIA, PIE – PREGNANCY & INFANT EXPO, INDO HEALTH EXPO, MANUFACTURING INDONESIA, MACHINE TOOL INDONESIA, PAPEREX INDONESIA, INABIKE, CON-MINE, IIBT, INDO DYECHEM, FOOD & MOTEL INDONESIA, I8NDO INTERTEX, INDO FIREX, IIME, INATRONICS, JAKARTA FAIR, INDO LIVESTOCK, INDO WATER, INTRONICS, INDO SECURITY, INDONESIA FASHION & CRAFT and much more exhibitions are going to held in various regions in Jakarta. Some held once in a year and some held twice in a year. Indonesia exhibition management is active in this sense and successfully arranges each and everything according to the required mechanism of exhibitions. Shoes, leathers, textile, non-textile, electronics, dental, laboratory, material assemblies, fashion, garments, machinery, accessories, International civilian security, Livestock and Recycle technology event, printing, dairy, solar, mechanical, technical, professional each and every type of exhibitions held in Jakarta which attracts millions of people across world to participate in such exhibitions and make different strategies to meet the upcoming challenges and the fears of uncertain threats.

Audience in the lecture hall.

Main Objectives of Conferences in Jakarta

Conferences create perfect and instant opportunities to brand new products or existing ideas with new innovations to remind people to buy or to use something for a specific purpose. New trends and technology development opportunities help business personalities and investors to find space adjustments in a competitive environment and to start their investment on specific segments which have great demand and opportunities in specific markets. Conferences provide effective ways and promotional ideas to concentrate on special issues and find opportunities in potential markets. Brand promotions & brand awareness acknowledgment helps to take right initiatives to move forward to earn money. Trade shows and conferences provide great acknowledgment and awareness about specific items with efficient manners to target markets.

How to Participate in Conferences in Jakarta

See the event calendar of Jakarta to view the upcoming expo or exhibitions and book your airline online tickets to participate in conferences. If you like to participate in conferences and have the interest to book your reservation online then you must visit Jakarta to attend this occasion. Check the list of the top exhibition in Jakarta and make sure online authentic pass or visa. Jakarta government is trying to plan each and everything which provides maximum comfort to tourists and help them to enjoy the specific conferences, events, celebrations with interests.

To participate in a single conference or in multiple conferences is very easy for general tourists or special tourists just like for businessmen or for any other participant. Just get the authentic detail of conferences from professional and government websites and book your entries online by providing required information. Enjoy your tour plans to visit hundreds of other historical and architectural buildings having different types of entrainments. Follow the required process of a conference which needed for participation and submit online available forms. We are hoping that your time will be spent good and useful during your visit to Indonesia.

Bali Travelers Guide

Bali Travelers Guide.


Bali is a land of dreams where dreams come true to view the wonders of nature. Natural beauty is everywhere in this wonderland which has lots of attraction for tourists. Tourists wish to like travel in Bali but in some seasons Bali is not suitable for tourists that specific season is the rainy season which starts from October till March. This rainy season is called Monsoon season which is not the best time for tourism. The dry season is best to stay and to arrange tours from April till October. Find beautiful resorts, hotels, Inns to stay and to enjoy holidays with the best seasons. When to go to Bali is not a big issue if you have now knowledge to visit Bali in the best season which is April to October. Visit Bali to see deeply spiritual and unique culture and an awesome paradise views on the earth. South Bali, Central Bali, West Bali, North Bali East Bali and Southern Islands have many attractive points of interests for tourists for all over the world.

Things not to Miss in Bali Island

The view of Sunset in Uluwatu Temple is the most beautiful and spectacular view. To see a Sunrise trek to the summit of Mount Batur. Riding along Seminyak Beach with Horses is eye-catching from Umalas Stables. The culture of Bali is fascinating and rich with history and beautiful combination of Bali’s natural beauty resources. All the geographical views are awesome and stunning. Lots of fabulous places have eye attractive views which attract millions of tourists every year. Nasi Ayam Kedewatan Restaurant, Mozaic restaurant, Hotel Tugu Bali, Kuta Beach, Ubud and the Monkey Sanctuary, Museum Puri Lukisan are best points of interests which cannot be missed during in Bali Island stay. All the points have great attractions and the most awesome views which leave long term effects in the minds of tourists.


Enjoy Adventures and Tours in Bali with Family and Friends

Visit Bali to see adventures in ancient and natural wonders. Ancient temples, ancient palaces, active volcanoes, wild jungles and natural white sand beaches make Bali is an ideal for every age of people to see personally and to enjoy happiest moments of their lives. Canggu area, Kuta, Legian area, Seminyak, Thumping Bars, Waterbom park are best destinations for travelers to enjoy their own events and to enjoy with others or entirely. Each and every type of fun and entertainment in Bali is awaiting tourists’ response. In these places, lots of safe swimming pools for kids are ready for kids entertainment activities.

Expect Crowds in Bali Island and Choose Your Base Carefully

The crowd is everywhere in Bali because Bali is the land of wonders and beauty and every year millions of people wishes to go to Bali so Bali welcome them to provide excellent living arrangements to enjoy the nature and the other beautiful points of interests. If someone likes crowd and want to enjoy the tour with huge people gathering then Bali and its surrounding destinations are best for him/ her. Choose your base carefully and never miss the awesome beauty of Bali Island.

Enjoy Cultures and Respect Religious Customs

Bali people has a historical background and strong cultural values which attract others to participate with them. Participate with them and enjoy their events and special celebrations. Don’t impose anything which is prohibited in Bali and can hurt to Bali people beliefs and their religious customs. Respect religious customs because tourists have specific limits to not enter fare in religious matters with Bali people. Don’t wear your knickers if you are on street. Your behavior being as tourists should be polite and well mannered. Conduct yourself appropriately when visiting temples and other holy sites across Bali Island. Stainless steel bottle is the best idea to refill again with water or with juice. Avoid plastic bottles during your traveling because of Bali’s heat and humidity calls for constant hydration.

Things to Do in Bali

Travel guide exposes that Bali is the best and the most beautiful Island of Indonesia which have numerous wonders of natural beauty. Tourists have a chance to fully explore the Indonesia and Bali as well to provide a source of travel and to spend happiest moments of your life. The incredible value of wealth only seen in Bali restaurants, hotels, private villas, temples and in other famous points of interests. Bali travel guide is on to help tourists and to prove accurate information about available hotels, restaurants, and other living places. Bali nightlife is also awesome and enjoyable with unforgetful moments which have never seen before.

Famous destinations to visit Bali

Amed, Bedugul, Bukit Peninsula, Kintamani, Mount Agung, Nusa Dua, Nusa Lembongan, Nusa West Bali National Park, Kuta, Ubud, Seminyak, Sanur, Padang Bal, Lovina, Legian, Denpasar are most beautiful and tourists ideal places to visit and to enjoy with all types of arrangements with different package plans. Every part of the Bali Island has miracles and the natural beauty views which attract tourists all the seasons. Tourists from Asia, from the Middle East, from Europe, From the United States and Canada likes to visit Bali to spend their romantic times and the times with their special relations in Bali and surrounding areas. Hoping that you will also have a great interest and we will appreciate you to visit Bali and every Island in Indonesia to see the miracles of God.


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