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Phinisi Komodo

Komodo Island is famous due to Komodo National Park and a popular diving destination. This island is also famous due to largest living species of lizard. Komodo Island beaches have pink sand and crystal clear options. Tourists, who like swimming, can enjoy swimming with friendly fishing there. Komodo island tour Indonesia offers attractive holiday plans Komodo is an interesting Island of Lesser Sunda and there are almost 4,000 dragons. Komodo Island is a legendary place with rusty-red volcanic hills, forests, and savannah. Whole Island has wonderful nature and surrounding waters of seagrass beds. It is the lonely planet with mangrove shrublands and coral reefs. Book your online tickets and make sure the cheapest airlines offers online. Some offer discounts in special seasons and some offers unique travel packages in off seasons. Find the best holidays plan in Komodo to enjoy all types of events and reserve online bookings. Spectacular Komodo Indonesian island home to over 2000 inhabitants. Komodo National Park covers three islands; Padar, Rinca, and Komodo. The surface area of Komodo Island is 390 square kilometers with 2000 population. The main region of this Island is Islam but there are some others like Christian and Hindu congregations. The pink beach is very famous which attracts millions of tourists to enjoy their holidays in this beautiful place. This is a mixture of white sand and red sand.


Komodo Island and its Dragons

Visit Komodo Dragon Island which has gorgeous look and attributes having awesome views and best to spend holiday’s best time. Tourists who know Komodo visits regularly to see the big dragons there. The world’s largest lizard, the Komodo dragon live view is wonderful. Komodo Island has over 2000 inhabitants. New accommodations arrangements are made by local authorities and the government is also paying attention to improve the condition of Komodo to spend tourist’s best time. Komodo Island and its Dragons have become a brand for this Island and urge people to make their plans to see this unique creature of the world.


The Best Deal Komodo Tours Package

Get useful acknowledgment for a tour package to spend vacations for Komodo Island and beyond. Enjoy here your memorable time with unique culture, the beauty of nature with unforgettable views, world’s largest lizard activities. Some hotels and restaurants introduce special offers and world class arrangements to facilitate their guests so make a trip plan to visit for Komodo and reserve hotels or rooms according to your affordability. One day tour package to Komodo Island or to Rinca Island have attractive plans for business persons or for tourists as well. Book any online package plans and make sure all arrangement’s with full facilities which will be providing you on that tour. Labuan Bajo Honeymoon travel deal is also attractive with 3 days schedule plan. You must make sure; breakfast, candlelight dinner, accommodation based luxury room, private ac transfer, English guide, Camera, Laundry, Tipping, Alcohol, mineral water, full board meals and other types of expenses before joining to any service.


Best Tour Activities in Komodo

Komodo Mbeliling, Komodo Diving Tour, Komodo Wae Rebo Trekking, Komodo Speed Boat Rental Service, Komodo Labuan Bajo Honeymoon, Komodo Diving Liveboard, Akomodo and Sani Nggoang, Komodo Cruise Yacht Charter activities can be performed on Komodo Island. Don’t waste your time and make a comprehensive tour package for several stunning volcanoes, rare birds, and the cave tour activities. We are sure that you will never ever see such type of creatures before. Each and every tour package provides lots of facilities and entertainment activities to enjoy the best times during visits.

Elephan lifting a tourist.

Online Reservations and Booking for Komodo

Book online reservations for Komodo’s popular tours destinations. Komodo tour travel guide package and plans have lots of attractive deals which can facilitate tourists more and more to fully involve their routines with current atmospheres. How to get to Komodo Island is not difficult and impossible. komodo island airport has been upgraded successfully and ready to receive tourists from all over the world. Lizards, Buffalos, Horses, Deer’s, Wild Pigs and hundreds of others vertebrates can be found on this Island. Explore the island of Komodo dragon and Adventure tours in Flores and watch online videos on YouTube before your visit. Komodo dragons are not dangerous but have friendly nature to mix with humans easily. Enjoy Komodo Dive Adventures‎ and take selfies there on different points of interests. If some visited Komodo Island before then it is requested to share your experiences, ideas, observations & feedback with others to plan a scuba diving trip to Komodo Island.


Activities and Excursions in Komodo

Choose the best diving spots online and Excursions to maximum enjoy in Komodo Island. Find there the world famous Komodo Dragon, beautiful Mandarin Fish, Kelimutu Volcano and best swimming experiences with friendly fishes. Choose the best time to visit; March to November. Choose the best live board options from these: WAOW, Manta Mae, MSY Waow, Alila Puranama, MV Samambaia, Mantra, MV Black Manta Diving, MS Ombak Putih, KLM Sea Safari VI, Arenui and check their arrangements and travel deals to spend your holidays with them. Hopefully, you will be excited to find awesome offers and best deals for travel.

Coastal landscape of island Komodo National Park, UNESCO World H

Komodo Dive Adventures‎ and Other Things to Do in Komodo Island and Surroundings

Are you interested in visiting Komodo Island, and then should arrange health and safety measures before your arrivals. If you are coming to Komodo Island then travel insurance for Scuba diving is needed and medical assistance service.

  • Reserve your window seat to get a glimpse of the spectacular views!
  • Go scuba diving and snorkeling with local dive centers
  • Adopt Health and Safety measurement services and tips to escape from accidental injuries and from weather effects
  • Discover the wild Flores Island by a transport service
  • Check out the huge Komodo dragons
  • Spend your best time with; incredible diving, big fishes and with wonderful coral on Komodo Island
  • Get a live board for a few days to cruise
  • Visits pink beach to enjoy sunrise and sunset views
  • Find all information about sea life, best time to visit, top dive spots, etc

Indonesia: the new Eldorado for perfect holidays

Indonesia has already attracted lots of tourists


Indonesia is seeing increasing growth in the number of foreign tourists, with arrivals growing by 7.19% last year to 9.44 million.

Between January and April of this year, foreign tourists have made 3.05 million visits to Indonesia. But we have not spent the peak period yet so an increase can still be expected in later quarters.

These tourists represent a great target and bring money to the country helping it to develop its GDP. Each foreign tourist spent an average of $1,200 per visit.


11 - image3


When people usually travel?


The peak travel period is usually during the dry season between June and October because the weather is perfect, it does not rain a lot, and the sun is always present. However, lots of people escape the cold winter in their country to enjoy the cool weather of Indonesia in December.


11 - image5


Where do the go?


The most popular destination in Indonesia is Bali. It is renowned especially for its surfing area in Uluwatu, in the south of the island but not only. In Bali we can admire some rice paddies near Ubud, chill out on white sands beaches or even dive in the north. Everything is pleasant, and the landscapes are diverse from lush vegetation to typical temples or paradisiac beaches.


11 - image4


How long are they staying?


A tourist stays in Indonesia about 7,6 days. It is average as tourists from Europe spend up to 12 days to make profitable the time spent on the plane and the high price while Asian visitors spend around five days.


11 - image2


The industry is expected to grow again


The Ministry of Tourism aims to increase tourism’s contribution to the country’s GDP from 9% in 2014 to 15% by 2019. For that, it has a budget of 1.3 trillion rupiahs this year equivalent to $98.4 million. It has more than quadrupled the budget from 2014, which stood at 300 billion rupiah. Then, the ministry wants to increase the average time of staying up to 10 days this year. It is a big challenge, but it is possible as the country is attracting more and more travellers.

To do so, it’s launching a promotion of several new locations and attractions beyond the popular resort island of Bali. It is also hoping to draw more locals to domestic travel.


11 - image6


Chinese tourists represent a large target


There is a particular emphasis on Chinese tourists because they represent a colossal target with 1.3 billion potential visitors.


11 - image8


How to communicate?


The ministry launched some ads on China Central Television (CCTV) to focus on Chinese travellers. After it decided to promote Indonesia through international media, including prominent travel and natural science magazines as well as television advertisements overseas.


11- image9


Which places to emphasise?


The ministry is promoting cities such as Yogyakarta in Central Java, Medan in North Sumatra and Makassar in South Sulawesi. These cities display a combination of culture and nature that the ministry believes will appeal to travellers.

The goal is to motivate people to go to other destinations than Bali because obviously, Bali is nice but Indonesia is huge, has many islands and offer a vast range of landscapes and attractions.


11 - image1


Implement a better transportation


However, to increase the travels to others islands, the country has to improve its transportation infrastructures. Nowadays, there are some trains or buses connecting the main islands but it takes some time and can be complicated to organise before arriving.

Direct flights will begin later this year to Komodo Island helping ease access for visitors who currently spend half a day in transit to reach the destination. Thus, travellers will be able to see the emblematic dragons quickly.


11-image 12


Appeal more domestic travellers


There are now 251 million trips made by domestic travellers. They move in their country to travel mainly but some go for a business purpose.

The minister also wants to develop the domestic trips because there is a significant potential.

More domestic travellers stay within Indonesia rather than travel overseas due to the weakening of the rupiah, which makes foreign travel more expensive.




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