The charm of Ubud


Ubud is a small town located in Bali,  and is one of the most popular destination places in Bali. Perhaps, this place looks less Balinese, but this place is still the best place for relaxation. For all of you who have anxiety, you can try to get relax here. Now, let’s begin to know the charm of Ubud.


Even though it feels less Balinese, you can still feel the charm of Ubud through many spots here. Ubud is surrounded by natural countryside views like mountains, ride fields and forest. You can go to the Monkey Forest and see a lot of monkeys with Balinese temple in the background. But be careful, the appearance can be deceptive. If you don’t want to get caught by monkey, be sure to bring nothing that can attract them. Then, you can spend more time in relaxation with this yoga class plus best spa treatment and massages. No wonder, because Ubud is known as home for annual Bali Spirit. You can take cooking class too to get to know about Balinese food and its modern fusion food. Though it is a small town, yet you can get around in Ubud. There are a lot of spot you can visit. The first place is the Ubud Market and make some shopping. Try to haggle over the locals and get affordable prices for your chosen items. Let’s have fun and do some shopping. In order to travel easily around Ubud, I recommend you to ride a motorcycle. Many tourists ride motorcycles to get better experience while exploring the charm of Ubud. You can get around Ubud countryside freely with a motorbike. You can also feel like being in a village with all the Rice terraces in Tegallalang village you would be able to see. However, if your destination is far away from your place, you can take the taxi or even the bus stand.  Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave) and Yeh Pulu are historical sites you can visit. You can see the statues and pool of statues spouting water in Goa Gajah. Meanwhile, you can see rock carvings wall in Yeh Pulu. During the evening, you can see traditional Balinese performances for example, with the famous shadow puppets and Legong dance.


After this long day travelling around in Ubud, you can try to eat in restaurant which offers Balinese and Indonesian food, even occidental food. Don’t worry, it also offers veggie for vegetarian people. If you want save your money, you can go to the local restaurants or even from the warungs (local food stalls) or even street carts. After that, you can take a rest or stay for a long time in hotels and guesthouses. They offer many different tantalize facilities such as free breakfast and Wi-Fi even airport pickup for an additional 250,000 Rp. Interesting! I stay in the Indra Guesthouse which offers small rooms, double bed, bathroom ensuite, hot shower, free breakfast Wi-Fi, and airport pickup service for 250,000 and Anugrah House which offers room with balcony and fan also free breakfast. It is totally worth to take vacation in Bali. Bali offers exceptional budget tours so you better think about your budget right. I took a two days tour in Bali, which were a general Bali sightseeing tour and a full day of sightseeing and water activities with dinner.


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