Top 20 Restaurants in Bali

Top 20 Restaurants in Bali


Selection of the best restaurants in Bali with the wealth of world-class dining venues can be a real challenge. They offer varieties of dishes regarding region and sophistication and often have a unique location with breathtaking art and interior views.

Over the years, Bali has evolved with each wave of visitors and truly gastronomic destination for first class restaurants, where the most innovative and talented chefs in the world can be found today.

Here we have gathered the best restaurants in Bali, the best dining spot the island has to offer. If you need a place for a proper dinner to spend a special evening with your spouse or looking to indulge in a breathtaking place with friends and family, we have all the best choices for you to start with.

  1. Locavore restaurant in Bali

(Haute cuisine with local products in Ubud)

Among the best restaurants in Bali, Restaurant Locavore got a massive buzz during the Bali dining scene since its opening in Ubud in early 2013, mainly because of its unique approach, with local ingredients to create exceptional cuisine. It continues to surprise first timer guests and attract loyal customers due to its unique interplay of tastes from creative chefs’ dishes Eelke Plasjmeijer and Ray Adriansyah.

 Locavore Menu list is one of their driving force which highlights fresh fruits and vegetables – from naturally grown vegetables to exotic fresh picks such as Kemangi (lemon basil) and Wild Berries ‘Galunggung’ which are wildly used in drinking signature recipes.

 The passion between the chefs has brought them closer relationships with local manufacturers, which ensures that their menu is free of chemicals seasonal products and meat from ethically fed animals.

Locavore is located in Jalan Dewi Sita – pay attention to the modest restaurant which is built with a white wall just before you get to Bunut Cafe and in front of the West Warung Citta drive. Taxis are recommended, or you can walk if you stay in the center of Ubud.

  1. Cascades Restaurant in the Viceroy Bali


(Panoramic dining with innovative cuisine in Ubud)

New review this restaurant Cascades Viceroy Bali Ubud brings sweet memories. The beautiful view of the Green Valley East Petan is simply unforgettable. And you will find a clean environment in general, with the nearby bar which is directly opposite to the hotel pool and several dining areas that couples can opt for intimate moments with candles. The kitchen is also memorable, known during tasting menu seven courses with premium innovative dishes created by the chief chef Nic Vanderbeek and his culinary team.

There is a comfortable platform thatched roof is just opposite the valley terraces and pools with soothing water features. This configuration is also apparent in the lucky mini stage for Balinese dance performance during dinner highlight of the monthly full moon Cascades restaurant. Menu tasting is available in two options, European and Indonesian, which are varied and tasty.

  1. Cut Catch Cucina

(Nusa Dua)

Sunday lunch at Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort debuted to high expectations after the launch of a single court takes Cucina catches station in early 2014. Cut catch Cucina offers an eclectic dining experience in a luxurious atmosphere, and several retail outlets, in fact, steakhouse, seafood and grills section and Italian Osteria. Catch Cucina is one of the best places to eat on the island, where you can experience a combination of food, all in the same location, a Sunday lunch at Sofitel Bali makes it more enjoyable.

  1. The Sayan House



Sayan House became one of the must-visit restaurants in Ubud, adding to the collection of restaurants with panoramic views that make up the gastronomic scene of the famous mountain of Bali. The restaurant has an excellent location overlooking the lush Ayung River Valley in Sajan ridge and takes you on a journey of contemporary Asian fusion through the course of the settings and options on the menu, prepared by chef Yuki Japanese executive Tagami.

  1. Cuca Restaurant Bali



Despite being a newcomer to the restaurant scene in Jimbaran 2013, Cuca restaurant quickly gained popularity home-made tapas and desserts, presented by husband and wife chef and caterer, Kevin Cherkas and Virginia Entizne. Cuca offers a unique and exceptional experience to share, with very innovative dishes using ingredients that are grown locally and sustainably. The best place is at the long table where you can enjoy distinctive flavor dishes of chef Cherkas, and his culinary brigade saw action in the open kitchen.

  1. Restaurant Kayuputi


(Nusa Dua)

Kayuputi is one of the luxury brands stores in the St. Regis Bali Resort Nusa Dua south. The award-winning restaurant oceanfront kitchen offers specialties of haute cuisine luxury experience with Asian influences quality and beautiful matching wines letter. Interiors are decorated with traditional ornaments’ Wayang shadow puppets and dining area with a private gazebo on the edge of the magnificent blue tiled pool with ocean view. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, account Kayuputi cards and luxurious six-course tasting menu.

  1. Bridges Bali



Bridges Bali overlooks the Campuhan River in Ubud, and is one of the most outstanding restaurants in the area, on several levels overlooking the valley, a dedicated wine bar and interior which are used for painting art gallery setting a regular feature, sculpture and photography exhibitions of art. Located on the west side of the gorge, a five-minute drive from the main center of Ubud and the royal palace, Bridges ubuh Bali serves lunch and casual dinner by candlelit with Asian and Western delicacies’.

  1. Merah Putih



The restaurant was name after the colors of Indonesian flag, Merah Putih breakout of the scene of typical Indonesia restaurants, with an eclectic menu of traditional dishes and modern fusion, takes on Balinese and Indonesian classic. Also, the restaurant has an impressive eco-sustainable design on two levels. Fully glassed from the floor-to-ceiling, windows surrounded with a large atrium, where the tables and chairs are situated under tall indoor palm trees. Mezzanine consists of a living room and three “pods private dining made with teakwood. The bright decorative columns grow in the high ceilings in the form of ribs, adding to the beauty of the cathedral.

  1. Sarong Restaurant



Sarong Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Bali, which offers a romantic dinner with a menu that shows the passion of the owner-chef Meyrick for Asian cuisine, especially its innovative take on the delicious foods street of Bali and was soon popular in the whole of Asia. Since its launch in 2008, it remains one of the highlights along the “street” Jalan Petitenget eating places.

  1. Soleil


(Nusa Dua)

Soleil Mulia Bali is one of the newest five-star restaurants in Bali to join a wide variety of choices for luxury dining along the coast of Nusa Dua, particularly in the south secluded beach Sawangan. This elegant design restaurant, which is dominated by shades of gold, white and beige, is a restaurant in the city, and has gained popularity for their weekend dinners and lunches on Sundays extravagant Mediterranean cuisine and bread -asiática,

  1. Angelita Patisserie


Ladurée own Bali, Angelita Patisserie can be said to be one of our favorites restaurant just discovered in Seminyak. It is every bit of Parisian, in the softest pastel hues and candy-coloured chinaware. An impressive demonstration of Coca-Cola in the house and sweet creations, Angelita’s tea-cum-patisserie has lounge that serves elegant French pastries.

Think of any eclairs in assorted flavours like Oreo and passionfruit, chocolate tarts and raspberry mousse cakes, and a very delectable banana and Nutella tart with a chocolate biscuit base. Fine and exquisite, everything here is so reasonably priced between RP30,000 to RP50,000.

  1. Restaurant Cuca


Cuca Restaurant in Jimbaran is one of the most popular new restaurants in Bali at this time, and after eating there, I can understand why?. Cocktail with an amazing taste, bold and refreshing tapas using locally derived ingredients and a very relaxed atmosphere, Cuca’s worth a try if you are staying in the Jimbaran area. Even if you are not, I highly recommend making a stop here. My favorite dishes are baked with gazpacho and crispy chicken is done in Karaage octopus Japanese style.

  1. Edogin


Edogin is one of the Japanese restaurants in Bali; few Japanese restaurant surpasses Edogin in Mulia Bali. Friday and Saturday night, this elegant Japanese restaurant offers buffet teppanyanki. Sashimi, sushi, tempura, udon, oysters, desserts, and of course – a heavenly selection of shrimp, scallops, chicken, vegetables and meat, each minutes wings prepared by the chefs so that you can enjoy a hot Teppanyaki meal.

  1. Eight Degrees South


Sitting along the coast of Nusa Dua, Bali Conrad has some rooms and suites with different preferences. Immerse yourself in the giant pool that is surrounded by lush palm trees, or sunbathes on the sandy beach – in front of the building – which is spread over more than 350 meters.

Our favorite restaurant on the property must be eight degrees south – dining room with open exhaust air beach that serves a contemporary menu. Chef Tauriko has a culinary talented team and each dish they prepare give stimulated taste and aesthetics.

It also offers a private romantic dinner in the evening, where you and your partner will get the VIP pavilion, and prepare dinner with several exquisite dishes especially for you in a room lit by candles.

  1. Fire


The fire at the W Retreat & Spa Bali is a fantastic restaurant. This is the place to go for a special occasion or to impress your date. Not only is it a nice breakfast buffet, which also serves very good barbeque charcoal steaks for lunch and dinner.

  1. Gardin Bistro


Independent greenhouse located in the quieter part of Jalan Petitenget, Gardin Bistro is an amazing restaurant that took our breath away. The path through the garden has the mysterious door and a large wood with an elegant space that is heated by the sun. Gardin is romantic and very attractive, so is their menu. It is little bit expensive side, but we are sure that your date will be impressed by their dessert. The main courses were sadly nothing much to excite about, but their desserts left us lingering for more.

  1. Ku De Ta


Probably most renown beach club / famous Restaurant, Ku De Ta is a see and be seen place in Bali. You will not have to be motivated before checking the out. Chances are you already have it on your list of places you have to go in Bali. It is located at No. 9 Jalan Kayu Aya, Seminyak, Bali.

  1. MAMA San


After Meyrick Mayor – who is also behind the famous sarong restaurant in Petitenget – MAMA San Axel is a restaurant that serves Asian-inspired dishes. MAMA San is one of the most excited restaurants in Bali, and it is rightly so. MAMA San reinterpreted and serve polished and modern Asian street cuisine in an upmarket atmosphere.

  1. Menega Café


For the best seafood in Jimbaran Bay, go to Menega Café. Indonesians and tourists go for the seafood feast while watching the sunset. But there is always a long wait, and the whole area tends to be a lot of smoke and bad smells during dinner. What I recommend instead is to go during the day when there are fewer people. If you want to watch the sunset at Jimbaran Bay, go to the Four Seasons or Sundara Smoqee Sky Bar at Le Meridien.

It is located at Jalan Four Seasons Hotel, Beach Muaya Jimbaran, Bali.

  1. Merah Putih


Merah Putih, chic restaurant serving traditional Indonesian cuisine for purists, while also dedicating another column in the menu to provide opportunities for Indonesian food with a modern interpretation.

They did a fantastic job to expand the boundaries of Indonesian cuisine. Judging by the crowd during dinner, Merah Putih is already very popular, although it is only around for a few months. It has the potential to become one of the best restaurants in Bali.

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