Indonesia Expects 2.5 Million Tourists From Taiwan


By the end of 2016, it has been expected that more than 250 thousand tourists will visit Indonesia this estimation has been put forth by Indonesian Economic and Trade Office to Taipei (KDEI). Till 2015 the number of tourists visited Indonesia was 211000. It is expected that till the end of this year this figure will increase because Indonesia tourism companies are working hard for promotions, this was claimed on Monday, November 7, 2016, by AgungSepande the director of KDEI’s Tourism and Transportation. He said this number will increase under the efforts of Wonderful Indonesia brand.

He added that 70 percent of tourists love to visit Bali because of its interesting and attractive places and also because of a number of sites present there for tourists’ interest. KDEI is busy in promoting tourists sites in other areas of Indonesia for Taiwanese tourists. He further added that we are trying to call journalists of Taiwan in order to enhance promotional exercise and such exercises will be exceeded to Lombok and Bali. He told that in coming year the journalists will visit Yogyakarta and Jakarta. He added that mostly tourists of Taiwan want to dive and enjoy the beaches of the country because of the enchanting views which are helpful to such activities. Some time ago in 2016 Asia-Pacific Culture Day was held which was meant to promote culture to the thousands of visitors who arrived Indonesia from more than 20 countries.


On Monday an ambitious plan has been announced to increase the number of Taiwanese tourists in 2016 by Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism. This goal was put forth during an event in the industrial area of Taipei and it aimed to attract 275000 Taiwanese visitors till the end of this year. Already Taiwan is considered to be growing in the case of travelers for South Asian countries and this increased number of Taiwanese tourists up to 1.4 percent to 203000 people last year.

Another bonus has been announced for Taiwan nationals last October and that was providing Visa-free entry for Taiwanese which has increased the number of tourists in his way. Taiwanese love to visit beaches and this helped a lot Indonesia to be ranked in the top attractive destinations for visitors claimed by the ministry’s Director of Asia Pacific Promotion VinsensiusJemadu.


It has been told by Jemadu that ministry has added 10 more destinations in order to boost the market for foreign travelers. Besides Bali, this list of newly added destinations including Wakatobi, Mandalika, Labuan Bajo, Morotai, Tanjung Lesung, Tanjung Kelayang and thousands of islands of Indonesia. Now it is easy for planning their tours based on the entry points in Bali that are Batam and Jakarta.

According to some officials, the reasons for visiting Indonesia lies in shopping, haute cuisine, and spas which attract the Taiwanese visitors and these activities were the main sources of attraction for Taiwanese. The government of Indonesia is planning to introduce more promotional campaigns in highly crowded areas of Taiwan in order to reach directly to more and more local people. Two of these promotions will be held in the coming year.


Jemadu said that Taiwan is very important for Indonesia because the tourism department wants to be more aggressive in their market.

Arief Fadillah the head of Indonesian Economic and Trade Office to Taipei has predicted that a portion of the market in Taiwan in declining and the number of Taiwanese who intend to visit Indonesia is also seen to be decreasing. Indonesian government did organize a tourism industry event that will start in April between 11 and 13 in both the cities Taipei City and Taichung. This will actually be a business meeting that will last for three days during this table top meeting 21 Indonesian firms will meet 150 travel companies of Taiwan. this statement has been revealed by the organizers of the event.


The main reason that the visitors consider to visit Indonesia is its beauty that lies in 17000 islands out of these 6000 are inhabited because of this fact Indonesia is considered to be the world’s largest archipelago country. Another attractive thing about Indonesia is its 580 languages which are being spoken and understood throughout Indonesia.

The most favorite dish among the inhabitants of Indonesia is Rice. This is because Indonesians always prefer dishes made of rice they said that they eat rice after their meals or after they eat pizza rice is a must dish that they use to eat. These are the reasons why Taiwanese prefer to visit Indonesia in a huge number.


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