5 Best Indonesian Foods that You Should Taste

Travelling abroad means you will experience many things during your holiday. It would be incomplete if you have not tasted the local food when you visit a country. It is the same when you visit Indonesia. It is known that the country has lots of local cuisine meals and it would be a good opportunity for you to taste all of the local food you like. Actually, you can conclude the taste of Indonesian food exactly since you will find it in sweet, sour and spicy. Most of the things you will see are Indonesian foods using lots of spices. Here are several Indonesian foods that you must taste and try:



Soto is a traditional soup from Indonesia that you need to taste during your holidays. Well, Indonesia has many variations of Soto as every area has its own characteristics. For example, when you visit Jakarta, then you can taste Soto Betawi. It consists of angel hair noodle, lettuce, chicken breast, and coconut milk. You can have it with several condiments like tomatoes. In addition, when you visit Central Java, you need to taste Soto Kudus, the taste is very good as you can find it in the broth. Soto is one of the Indonesian cuisines you must try.



You might already be familiar with BBQ. Indonesia has this kind of dish as well. However, you need to taste this Indonesian style of BBQ called satay. This kind of satay is very delicious. There are several kinds of satay that you can taste like beef, chicken and lamb. It is served in the skewers and grilled until it is well done. Then, you should put on some peanut sauce to enhance the taste even more.

Nasi Bakar


Nasi or rice is an ordinary indonesian meal you should try. Here, in Indonesia you must try Nasi Bakar. The rice is wrapped in banana leaves. However, it is filled with mushrooms, anchovies and so on. Then, it will be grilled to make the taste even more delicious.

Ayam Bakar

ayam bakar

There is nothing more delicious than ayam bakar. It is a roasted chicken which is cooked in advance using spices. Here, you will find that the taste of ayam bakar is sweet and delicious. Indonesian people used to have it with sambal or chili sauce. If you can hold it, then it is better to eat the ayam bakar on its own.



Martabak is one of the Indonesian cuisines you can easily find along the street. You can choose to have sweet martabak or salty martabak. Both of them are very tasty and you should try it as well.

Talking about Indonesian food is something that will never end. Those are the 5 best foods we recommend you to try. It is good for you to taste all of them since it makes you want to eat more.

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