Why Australians Won’t Stop Visiting Bali

Why Australians Won’t Stop Visiting Bali

Students boys and girls sitting together around the table in clasroom and drawing. With them is their young and beautiful teacher. She teaches children and is smiling

There are lots of reasons for Australians to come to Bali. One of the biggest among them is Warung Dewa Malen. This place always remains filled with Australian because the food here is delicious and inexpensive. It is certain that they love the food of Warung Dewa Malen because wherever they visit in Bali they like to eat dishes similar to those available at Dewa Malen. The number of beaches is extensive and their beauty is mind boggling. These beaches are the primary source of attraction for Australians. This place has tourist attractions like Bliss Ubud Spa, Bali Bliss residence and Bliss Sanctuary for women. These places are astonishing but they are also associated with some tragic incidents.

Australians are still coming to Bali even after tragic incidents

The first drop of Australian tourists in Bali was observed in 2002 when 88 Australian were killed in a terrorist attack. This drop in tourists was serious but by the end of 2015, the number of Australian tourists started to increases. The second attack of terrorists in Bali didn’t stop Australian to come in Bali. The overall global peace situation is not very welcoming. People can’t stop visiting exceptionally attractive places due to some terrorist attacks otherwise, they will have no choice to visit any place.

It is a strange fact that after every ninth day one Australian dies in Bali but still the major portion of tourists in Bali is comprised of Australians. This year 2.5 million tourists came to Bali from January to September. 600,000 among those 2.5 million were Australians. The high number of deaths of Australians in Bali is also due to a high number of Australian tourists in Bali.


In 2011, three Australians including a woman MS Bischoff, her 14 years old daughter, and 18 years old boy, Jake, died in Bali due to the faulty power line. There are lots of other people from different countries who died in Bali due to inadequate security and facilities but it does not seem to affect the number of tourists in Bali. It is may be due to the uncanny natural beauty of Bali. In 2011 and 2012, 39 Australians died and more than 90 visited counselors in different hospitals. The majority of these deaths and traumatic experiences were due to natural causes and regular accidents like traffic accidents. It is not always the fault of Bali’s administration, therefore, Australians always find their selves in Bali even after some serious tragic incidents in Bali. The incident of MS Bischoff was exception and authorities took serious action on it. Now, Australians feel safe even at the hotel where the incident of Bischoff occurred. Recently two Australian families ate their lunch in a restaurant at Padang Bai. it is a beachfront restaurant and it is only a few meters away from the hotel where Bischoff was staying. it is a clear indication that Australians just can resist Bali and they are willing to come here.

Hustle Free Quick Visit

Bali also offers high-quality bear with very low rates. it is also attracting Australians because everyone knows the popularity of bear in Australia. The journey from Sydney and Brisbane to Bali is almost of six hours. Every day several flights fly from these two cities to Bali. These flights are hustle free and allow people to visit Bali even on every weekend. Tourists just have to pay 25 USD at the airport as holiday visa fee and they can enjoy inexpensive food, drinks, beer, and dining at beach restaurants.

Yes, the facilities for tourists in some areas of Bali are not up to international standard and Bali’s administration is also not best of all but Australians have the special place in Bali in their hearts and they will keep coming in these islands. The standard for facilities for tourists in Bali has approved a lot over the past few years but as a matter of fact, Australians are not concerned much about it. They love food, beaches, resorts, and lakes of Bali and they will visit it no matter what.

Indonesia Expects 2.5 Million Tourists From Taiwan


By the end of 2016, it has been expected that more than 250 thousand tourists will visit Indonesia this estimation has been put forth by Indonesian Economic and Trade Office to Taipei (KDEI). Till 2015 the number of tourists visited Indonesia was 211000. It is expected that till the end of this year this figure will increase because Indonesia tourism companies are working hard for promotions, this was claimed on Monday, November 7, 2016, by AgungSepande the director of KDEI’s Tourism and Transportation. He said this number will increase under the efforts of Wonderful Indonesia brand.

He added that 70 percent of tourists love to visit Bali because of its interesting and attractive places and also because of a number of sites present there for tourists’ interest. KDEI is busy in promoting tourists sites in other areas of Indonesia for Taiwanese tourists. He further added that we are trying to call journalists of Taiwan in order to enhance promotional exercise and such exercises will be exceeded to Lombok and Bali. He told that in coming year the journalists will visit Yogyakarta and Jakarta. He added that mostly tourists of Taiwan want to dive and enjoy the beaches of the country because of the enchanting views which are helpful to such activities. Some time ago in 2016 Asia-Pacific Culture Day was held which was meant to promote culture to the thousands of visitors who arrived Indonesia from more than 20 countries.


On Monday an ambitious plan has been announced to increase the number of Taiwanese tourists in 2016 by Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism. This goal was put forth during an event in the industrial area of Taipei and it aimed to attract 275000 Taiwanese visitors till the end of this year. Already Taiwan is considered to be growing in the case of travelers for South Asian countries and this increased number of Taiwanese tourists up to 1.4 percent to 203000 people last year.

Another bonus has been announced for Taiwan nationals last October and that was providing Visa-free entry for Taiwanese which has increased the number of tourists in his way. Taiwanese love to visit beaches and this helped a lot Indonesia to be ranked in the top attractive destinations for visitors claimed by the ministry’s Director of Asia Pacific Promotion VinsensiusJemadu.


It has been told by Jemadu that ministry has added 10 more destinations in order to boost the market for foreign travelers. Besides Bali, this list of newly added destinations including Wakatobi, Mandalika, Labuan Bajo, Morotai, Tanjung Lesung, Tanjung Kelayang and thousands of islands of Indonesia. Now it is easy for planning their tours based on the entry points in Bali that are Batam and Jakarta.

According to some officials, the reasons for visiting Indonesia lies in shopping, haute cuisine, and spas which attract the Taiwanese visitors and these activities were the main sources of attraction for Taiwanese. The government of Indonesia is planning to introduce more promotional campaigns in highly crowded areas of Taiwan in order to reach directly to more and more local people. Two of these promotions will be held in the coming year.


Jemadu said that Taiwan is very important for Indonesia because the tourism department wants to be more aggressive in their market.

Arief Fadillah the head of Indonesian Economic and Trade Office to Taipei has predicted that a portion of the market in Taiwan in declining and the number of Taiwanese who intend to visit Indonesia is also seen to be decreasing. Indonesian government did organize a tourism industry event that will start in April between 11 and 13 in both the cities Taipei City and Taichung. This will actually be a business meeting that will last for three days during this table top meeting 21 Indonesian firms will meet 150 travel companies of Taiwan. this statement has been revealed by the organizers of the event.


The main reason that the visitors consider to visit Indonesia is its beauty that lies in 17000 islands out of these 6000 are inhabited because of this fact Indonesia is considered to be the world’s largest archipelago country. Another attractive thing about Indonesia is its 580 languages which are being spoken and understood throughout Indonesia.

The most favorite dish among the inhabitants of Indonesia is Rice. This is because Indonesians always prefer dishes made of rice they said that they eat rice after their meals or after they eat pizza rice is a must dish that they use to eat. These are the reasons why Taiwanese prefer to visit Indonesia in a huge number.

Gili Island Tour Travel Guide

Gili Island is an attractive place which is very famous due to its awesome natural beauty and best destination for tourism activity. The Gili Islands are a group of three little islands: 1. Gili Air, 2. Gili Meno, 3. Gili Trawangan. The sandy beaches fringed with palm trees. The small island Gili Meno is a land of turtles which is also known as turtles point.

Gili Tarawangan Beach view s

Make your immediate plans to visit GILI and book online air tickets and chose to any type of accommodation for your stay and sleep. Hotels, apartments, Villas, Hostels, Resorts, B&Bs or any type of accommodations by finding the affordable place. There is a 2 night package plan for Gili Island. Weather and road conditions greatly effects to schedule a tour. The cost of transportation will be included in this package plans which have 3 days tour. A service of tour guide and hotel stays is included for our tourist’s convenience. Shared transport service will be provided in compete package plan, if someone likes separate then he/she may hire their private transportation service anytime.

Day 1: Schedule – 

Early in the morning at 6:00 AM, we will pick up you from airport or from your accommodation. We will move to Best Western Kuta Beach, here we will take you for Gili Island.  With a fast boat we will drive you to the post at 7:30AM boarding time. Noon is the target time to reach at Gili Island. Tourists can enjoy to Gili Island beauty with beautiful view of landscape. Gili Island Tour Travel Guide is available for detailed information as well as for complete tour acknowledgment.

Day 2: Schedule –

2nd day is an important day to enjoy snorkeling, push bikes, water sport, horse riding and awesome natural beauty with scenic views. Tourists can enjoy these activities before departure.

Day3: Schedule –

We will pick up you for Trawangan harbor with a fast boat and enjoy there till 10:30 AM.

Enjoy 24/7 service support with the best price guarantee. Take some help from Gili Island travel guide and make a complete package plan with all possible arrangements. If someone never visited Gili Island then he/she avail this opportunity to visit Gili Island to enjoy its landmarks and the beautiful eye views which attracts millions of tourist around the world. Make a comprehensive budget plan and start your advance searching to find out the best travel and accommodation arrangements to enjoy your tour.


Best Things to Do in Gili

Get instant confirmation to book online air tickets and advance hotel booking to visit for Gili. Exploring Indonesia and thousands of its Islands are best ideas to express the beauty of God gifted nature and to enjoy the best moments of tourists lives. Gili is an Island which has many breath taking views which impresses the visitors to spend their best times of their lives. They can enjoy engagements, weddings, official and no official programs, birthday celebrations and more memorable events. We are boosting hare but actually when you will be visit there, you will be happy and will realize that the view what we are trying to explore is really awesome and beautiful. Bali, Lombok and Gili Islands are really enjoyed able to take your photos or selfies there. Enjoy your trips and take some help from your travel agents to know about most interesting places and the eye attractive views where you and your families can spent best times of their lives. This island are not best for vehicles, travelers can visit by foot, bicycle or bike. These magical islands urge people to spend more and more time to enjoy their tours. There are many shopping malls, bear clubs and Spa services available for tourist’s assistance to enjoy their best tour times. Always respect the people of Gili and their traditions or cultural values. Don’t try to enter fare in any matter which not allow for tourists. Be responsible everywhere and show your cooperative behavior during your visit and stay.

Accommodation Arrangements

Accommodations is not an issue anywhere in Gili but in special season tourists should be alert before their arrivals and apply in advance for their accommodation arrangements because there is huge rush that can be seen in everywhere in Islands. Millions of people visit Islands and thousands of other places to celebrate their memories with awesome views. Many travel companies introduces tour plans and have different price schedules to best celebrate their lives. Many hotels, restaurants, Inns, apartments, villas, B&Bs, resorts across Gili Island offer unique tour plans and affordable package plans to provide maximum entertainments to tourists. Generally they offers; 2 nights stay, 3 nights stay, 5 nights stay, 7 days stay, 15 nights stay, 30 nights stay and as much as tourist want.


Best Hotels in Gili Islands

La Cocoteraie Ecolodge, Melbao Homestay, Scallywags Resort, Resota Twins, Senang Villa, Taman Senang, Atoll Haven Vilas, Keleydo Villas, Santan Gili Cottages and many more accommodation services are awaiting tourists response and offering high class facilties to live and to enjoy the beautiful natural views. These faboulous hotels are comfortable and have lovely places for awesome stay in Gili.

Things to Remember Before Arrival in Gili

  • Make sure your online visa and airline tickets
  • Make sure about hotel reservations and other types of arrangements that you need to enjoy during your stay
  • Get advance acknowledgment about visiting places
  • Arrange some cash or hard money if you likes to enjoy entertainments there
  • Know about source of transportation of book your private transportation source in advance
  • Alert from weather updates and road conditions
  • Confirm your bed size and number of people at the time of booking
  • Please wear life jackets when engaging in any water activities
  • Away from prohibited activities
  • Please mindful of local laws and other regulations
  • Make sure travel schedules and timing of food & meal
  • Avoid from smocking and using of plastic bottles
  • Get acknowledgement about Gili and its best locations to visit and to enjoy with your families and friends
  • Keep in mind that no one company or travel agency would be responsible for any personal belongings of the tourists


Top Travel Attractions in Central Java

Top Travel Attractions in Central Java


The geography of Central Java is an ideal for tourism. Central Java is a province of Indonesia which is famous due to top travel attractions and hundreds points of interests. There are many things to do in Java to enjoy the best time of travel adventures. Tourists always seek new points of interests and unique places where they never visited before. Central Java is one of the best tourist’s places around the world which have lots of excitements with hundreds of destinations where different types of events and celebrations can be arranged to enjoy tours. Schedule your excursions & activities and enjoy unique experiences with great excitements. The whole part of Central Java is full of beautiful wonders and most impressive attributes of the nature.  Tourists who like to visit strange and awesome destinations and want to enjoy with their families or friends have best chances to plans their tour adventures to personally visit the hundreds of points of interests across Central Java.

Points of Interests in Central Java

Visit Central Java and find there awesome natural views and hundreds of java island points of interest to enjoy your travel adventures. Borobudur, Mount Bromo, Prambanan, Tangkuban Perahu, National Monument Indonesia, Central Java beaches and lots of other points of interest have great opportunities to enjoy the best times of travel adventures. Book online reservations and get advance acknowledgment about hotels restaurants, resorts and other types of accommodation arrangements. Some companies’ offers day wise package plans for tourists and make their schedules to enjoy their best travel adventures. They made differing plans of actions with day to day activities and pride advance schedule to tourists to prepare them to enjoy each and every moment of their tour adventures. Arrival from Java airport to accommodation place and then to visit anywhere else has many excitements which greatly influence tourists to perform more to become the part of that event or celebrations.


Top Destinations in Central Java

Jakarta, Bandung, Yogakarta, Malang, Surabaya are top destinations of Central Java to visit. These are the best tourist places to visit in Central Java. Find comprehensive detail of each point of interest on the website and select your favorite destination to visit across Central Java. Tourism in Indonesia is getting popularity due to world class arrangements and every level of facility for tourists accommodations and as well as for their transportations. Semarang Old Twon, Batu Raden, Punthuk Setumbu, Candi Mendut Temple are also famous and ideas destinations spots for travelers. There are many things to do points of interest for travelers and for regular tourists who really enjoy and visits again and again to enjoy on hundreds of famous destinations across the Island. Each and every part of the Central Java have awesome views and unique adventurous activities which tourists defiantly want to enjoy during their tour experience. Why don’t you book your trip to Central Java with Tour From Bali?

Online Reservations and Advance Booking

Let’s plan you trip immediately and advance book to your travel airline tickets. Find the best package plans and affordable tour activities. Each and every type of adventure activities can be booked online before reaching there. Many hotels and restaurants offer discount offers and attractive stay at night deals for tourists to best spend their times with your guests. Online reservations and advance booking are available for interested tourists who really excited and have plans to celebrate their special events on specific places. Enjoy daily trip Itinerary and collaborate with your friends and family. Get updates from open source travel guide featuring up-to-date information of data wise schedules with food & meal arrangements. On time reservations and advance booking of hotels, transportation and other entertainment helps to make sure planed schedule to best enjoy your time and holidays. Get day-by day- itinerary and plan advance trip information along with complete guidelines. Take selfies there and enjoy the nature with wonders of the world which have unique breath taking sight views.


Enjoy Best Adventure Activities

Dieng Plateau, Gereja Blenduk, Mount Sikunir, Semawis Market, Sam Po Kong Temple, Lawang Sewu Building, Central Java Grand Mosque, Museum Batik Danar Hadi, Prambanan Temples, Kampoeng Batik Laweyan are best adventurous places with unique architectures and historical background. All these places are ideal and best for outdoor tourism activities. Enjoy nature and parks views at the same time and praise the beauty of God. For shopping lovers, there are different shopping malls everywhere in central Java having almost every range of products. Visit museums and Theme parks and find their unique lifestyles of pas peoples along with their equipment’s and their styles of living in specific environments. Enjoy your best adventurous activities with your family or friends to make your travels unique and memorable.

Tour Trip & Tricks to visit Central Java for Foreign Tourists

  • Make sure your visa and airline tickets authentications
  • Advance booking or airline tickets and accommodations
  • Arrange cash and convert your currency
  • Reserve your rooms
  • Get acknowledgment about top destinations within Central Java
  • Check Schedule of your trip and food availability
  • Make sure best transportation sources and the availability of best convenient source near to your residence area
  • Don’t make a noise on public places and in huge gatherings
  • Don’t thorough your wastage
  • Don’t use plastic bottles
  • People of Central Java always makes ready to help tourists when they feel in trouble and need their help & support so don’t play with them and ask only what you actually want
  • Don’t try to break the rules of which are imposed by the public and have limits for tourists
  • Respect the Java People and don’t provide them stress due to any negative aspects from your side
  • Clean the public places and all tourists destinations
  • Ask from others to guide you if you are not familiar from a certain environment and have ambition to participate in specific event, celebration, adventurous activities
  • Don’t bring too much luggage with you while your adventure
  • Adopt polite behavior and soft manners
  • Bargain on items respectfully
  • Don’t impose your ideas and your thoughts on others
  • Don’t make a noise on public places

Such a perfect vacation


You would think that becoming a travel blogger is living a dream life. But in fact it is not! I felt overwhelmed by all the work I had to do. That is why on my home, I decided to have a rest and and go to Bali for some vacations.

Last minute vacation

I didn’t really schedule this trip and it was more a last minute vacation. I Just wanted to enjoy the trip without thinking about work and stressful matters. I had my PADI open water certification earlier, and I wanted to improve my diving skills. Amed was my first diving spot. It was an amazing place and I feel like there is no places where you can dive better than there. I have also been to Pemuteran, which was an amazing spot as beautiful as Amed. Besides, I was so lucky to find this place. It is quite hidden so far and very a peaceful place. After some diving sessions in these spots, I have been chilling out at the Griya Villa and Spas in Amed. I had to have some rest a little bit after all these efforts. Cleaning up my body and make myself a brand new man. I had so many issues to relax after my trip in Mongolia, and this was a really good thing for me. Considering my savings and the money I kept for this occasion, I chose to stay in Griya Villa. I spent the whole day diving, but I did not feel tired to swim in my own pool afterwards. Because this was my own pool, so it didn’t really matter if I swim with my underwear on.

Discovering the Balinese life


The goal of this trip was to take care of myself. And after consideration, spending my time at Griya was the best decision I have ever taken since a long time. Griya is an amazing place. There are so many things I enjoyed there. For instance, the art and the atmosphere make me felt it is Balinese. Besides, everyone has been really welcoming and friendly to me. I didn’t regret my choice. And you know what? Bali was the first place where I have been in Southeast Asia. I never imagined this trip in Bali to be like this. So when I felt it for real and saw all these things by my eyes, I was speechless. Many people are telling that Bali is a bunch of stereotypes and I wanted to make things and challenge the received wisdom. Bali is known for being a very beautiful place and has scenes like heaven. It is ideal for backpackers with a small budget. I have also been advised to avoid the South Kuta and its close area, in order to escape from the crowd and not ruining my trip in Bali. Furthermore, the success of the tourism in these areas is ruining the local scenes and those have lost their charm. This is not the kind of places I wanted to see. I am more into calm and peaceful places like Amed and Pemuterain. I have done my utmost to not act like a super tourist. Nonetheless, my curiosity was too strong! So I asked to local people what were the good spots to visit.

The best thing if you want to discover the real local life in Bali is to live in homestay. This was a good way for me to get to know about Bali and it is a different experience from staying at the hotel. And from my perspective, staying in a homestay was the best experience ever. I could get to know about Bali’s culture and lived closely with the family. My plan right after being in a homestay was to spend two days to relax. However, my activities with this family did not really enable me to stick to my plan. Afterwards, I like this plan. By staying together, I could know about all the different thinfs that I wanted to know about Bali. The success of this trip appealed to me and helped me to enjoy the Balinese culture. I got to know in detail this Wayan’s family and have a closer attention to the Balinese culture. As an exchange for this experience, I brought them my Starbuck coffee. But this was definitely the perfect vacation for me.


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