Why Australians Won’t Stop Visiting Bali

Why Australians Won’t Stop Visiting Bali

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There are lots of reasons for Australians to come to Bali. One of the biggest among them is Warung Dewa Malen. This place always remains filled with Australian because the food here is delicious and inexpensive. It is certain that they love the food of Warung Dewa Malen because wherever they visit in Bali they like to eat dishes similar to those available at Dewa Malen. The number of beaches is extensive and their beauty is mind boggling. These beaches are the primary source of attraction for Australians. This place has tourist attractions like Bliss Ubud Spa, Bali Bliss residence and Bliss Sanctuary for women. These places are astonishing but they are also associated with some tragic incidents.

Australians are still coming to Bali even after tragic incidents

The first drop of Australian tourists in Bali was observed in 2002 when 88 Australian were killed in a terrorist attack. This drop in tourists was serious but by the end of 2015, the number of Australian tourists started to increases. The second attack of terrorists in Bali didn’t stop Australian to come in Bali. The overall global peace situation is not very welcoming. People can’t stop visiting exceptionally attractive places due to some terrorist attacks otherwise, they will have no choice to visit any place.

It is a strange fact that after every ninth day one Australian dies in Bali but still the major portion of tourists in Bali is comprised of Australians. This year 2.5 million tourists came to Bali from January to September. 600,000 among those 2.5 million were Australians. The high number of deaths of Australians in Bali is also due to a high number of Australian tourists in Bali.


In 2011, three Australians including a woman MS Bischoff, her 14 years old daughter, and 18 years old boy, Jake, died in Bali due to the faulty power line. There are lots of other people from different countries who died in Bali due to inadequate security and facilities but it does not seem to affect the number of tourists in Bali. It is may be due to the uncanny natural beauty of Bali. In 2011 and 2012, 39 Australians died and more than 90 visited counselors in different hospitals. The majority of these deaths and traumatic experiences were due to natural causes and regular accidents like traffic accidents. It is not always the fault of Bali’s administration, therefore, Australians always find their selves in Bali even after some serious tragic incidents in Bali. The incident of MS Bischoff was exception and authorities took serious action on it. Now, Australians feel safe even at the hotel where the incident of Bischoff occurred. Recently two Australian families ate their lunch in a restaurant at Padang Bai. it is a beachfront restaurant and it is only a few meters away from the hotel where Bischoff was staying. it is a clear indication that Australians just can resist Bali and they are willing to come here.

Hustle Free Quick Visit

Bali also offers high-quality bear with very low rates. it is also attracting Australians because everyone knows the popularity of bear in Australia. The journey from Sydney and Brisbane to Bali is almost of six hours. Every day several flights fly from these two cities to Bali. These flights are hustle free and allow people to visit Bali even on every weekend. Tourists just have to pay 25 USD at the airport as holiday visa fee and they can enjoy inexpensive food, drinks, beer, and dining at beach restaurants.

Yes, the facilities for tourists in some areas of Bali are not up to international standard and Bali’s administration is also not best of all but Australians have the special place in Bali in their hearts and they will keep coming in these islands. The standard for facilities for tourists in Bali has approved a lot over the past few years but as a matter of fact, Australians are not concerned much about it. They love food, beaches, resorts, and lakes of Bali and they will visit it no matter what.

Top Tourist Attractions in East Java

Top Tourist Attractions in East Java


East Java is an attractive and ideal for tourists to visit awesome views and volcanoes and national parks. East Java destinations have beautiful places to visit which attracts millions of tourists every year. Surabaya is the capital of East Java having 38.85 million populations according to 2015 estimates. Active Mt. Bromo has dramatic crater sight views with natural beauty. Enjoy your unique travel experience to visit Indonesia and East Java the province of Indonesia. Find deals on tours & activities to enjoy your best times and holidays on top class hotels, resorts, restaurants and in other accommodation arrangements. Find acknowledgement for travelling to Indonesia by your travel agents or get offers from online resources. Guaranteed you will never be disappointed to visit anywhere in East Java.

East Java Points of Interest

East Java has many beautiful places to visit. You must do activities during your visit and stay at there. East java tour is a best option for tourists who really like natural beauty and awesome views of volcanoes. You can avail best chance to spend your time with many scenic beautiful views from different destinations and there are many places to visit in East Java, like: Madakaripura waterfall, Ijen Crater, Bromo Volcanic Mountain, Semeru, Wisata Telaga Sarangan, Sanggar Agung Tenple, Gereja Katolik Kelahiran, Goa China Beach, Taman Bungkul, Heroes Monument, Papuma Beach, Baluran National Park, Penataran, Ciputra Waterpark, Ranu Kumbolo, Teluk Hijau, G Walk, Pantai Lenggoksono, Bonbin Surabaya, Pantai Klayar, Clungup Beach, Watu Leter Beach, even Theme park, Jatim Park etc. All points of interests have great attractions and awesome natural views which attracts millions of tourists across the world.


Ultimate Attractions in East Java

Make your tour plan to visit Java and select many options to celebrate your holidays with wonders of the world. If you’re online access and interested to visit Java then just see to East Java map, you will be amazed to see the ultimate attractions in East Java. Get some help from World’s leading online travel agency or help from your travel agent to know about Java’s historical sites and best tourist places to visit East Java. List of tourists spots are placed above for your acknowledgment and for your guidance to make an advance plan to visit any of the mentioned destinations across Java. Some of destinations like; Bondowoso Regency, Jember Regency, Kota Batu Indonesia, Surabaya, Malang are best to spend memorable holidays. These ultimate attractions have awesome views and beauty of wonders which attracts many people to spend their happiest times with full of enjoyment. Each and every type of accommodation arrangements are available with different price ranges and anyone can chose to any hotel, restaurant, resort any time after inquiring from online service agents.

Things to DO in East Java

After landing to East Java airport you have many options to choose one of the best accommodation place for your comfort. Nights in East Java are also awaking and many tourists can arrange their night safari tours to enjoy the best time to visit. Enjoy East Java food which have great tastes and famous in everywhere in Java. Don’t wait and think to plan your visits, you just immediately book cheat airline tickets and pay for advance for your accommodations if likes to book in advance otherwise after reaching there, you may obtain every service according to your demand and preference. Each and every type of travel to accommodation and entertainment arrangements are available with 24/7 service.  Enjoy a tropical paradise tour in East Java and stay there as you want. There are many things to do areas in Java which tourists must want to enjoy during their visits.


Java Tourism Travel Agents

If you are prepared yourself to visit East Java then you have to consult with Java tourism travel agents to know about best tour plans, best accommodation arrangements, best points of interests to enjoy your holidays, best travel services in East Java, best communication sources to connect world and stay in live with your contracts, and the best destinations to visit and to spend the memorable holidays. Online trip planners are experts and they what will be best for you and where you should stay. After contracting him/her you have to make sure visa arrangements, your tickets and other advance booking confirmations. Visit to Indonesia’s most popular vacation spots and must see sights what you have sorted for your tour plans.  Java tourism travel agents provide strong basis and the exact scenarios of specific destinations to spend your holidays alone, with family, with friends or with any lovely relations you selected for. Make your official tours, wedding tours, party tours, engagement tours, event tours, VIP tours, government tours, private tours and all types of tours yours you like to enjoy with your best companions.

Book Online Reservations for East Java

Plan your vacation ideas and book online reservations for East Java. Select the top tourist’s attractions in Indonesia and make your tour plans immediately. Here is one-stop travel guide which have lots of travel deals those can be enjoyed anywhere across East Java. It is the amazing piece of landscape beauty which has many sightseeing attractions and best arrangements for tours and deals. Your ultimate attractions list is awaiting your quick response and the actions of your advance decisions planning for best tourists places to visit in East Java. Many hotels, resorts, restaurants, and Inns offer cheap planes in off seasons and best accommodation arrangements for tourists across the world. There are many offers and planes awaiting tourist to visit and to enjoy their unique offers to become their special guests.


Culture and Unique Traditions on East Java

East Java has unique culture and traditions based in history and have attractive nature of beauty for tourists. See the unique culture and traditions of Java people and participate to celebrate your visits more and more. People of East Java have friendly nature and cooperative behaviors. Java people have unique traditions, live styles and the awesome traditions which attract millions of tourist every year.

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Trip to Git Git Waterfall


Bali is blessed by its nature and the authenticity of its landscapes. That is why million of tourists are coming in Indonesia to admire the beauty of this country and discover the richness of the Indonesian culture and the biodiversity around. Among all its islands, Indonesia has some breathtaking spots which motivate the tourists to put Bali in their list for vacations.

Between all the rice fields and the mountains with wonderful sunshine and the beaches with white sandy like the best romantic movies, you can find other places looking like heaven. You can try to put a picture on it: culminating at a height of roughly 35 meters, surrounded by tropical trees and the roar of the waterfall, that is basically how does the Git Git Waterfall look like. Actually, it is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the North of Bali. You will loose your sense by looking at the waterfall. But the waterfall is not the only thing who will take your breath away, but also the stunning surroundings and the beauty of the local environment around will bring you literally to another world and make this journey unforgettable.


In the rain forest is a protected area but this is also where you will often see the wild monkeys on their way to the waterfall. It is impressive to see them swinging from a tree to an other one. Be sure to incorporate it with some of your other activities in the area. Bali has some of the most stunning natural scenes. The authenticity of this local environment makes this place very unique. Sometimes we find ourselves so busy with all the different activities that Bali has to offer such as the temples, outdoor activities or even shopping, that we completely miss to stop and enjoy what the nature has to offer to us.

Git Git Waterfall is located in the countryside of Gitgit, in the Sukasda sub district, and is located in about 10 km from Singaraja Town. At 300 meters above the level of sea, you will see the spectacular Git Git Waterfall which is rushing down. You can take some rest and you enjoy the panoramic views, and there is a well marked path and can be reached by foot that tourists can follow to the spot point.

Bali has plenty things to offer for its visitors to do and to see, but one of the most spectacular places is definitely the Git Git Waterfall. Don’t miss this beauty during your trip on Bali, and do make sure that you bring along your camera so that you can immortalize this moment, and also show your friends and family at home, just what it is you got to see.


You will leave Git Git Waterfall feeling invigorated and brand new. The smell of the lush rain forest and the roar of the water rumbling down will make you speechless. Bali is such an amazing place, so make sure that you take in as much as you can.

5 Free Things to Do in Bali

Bali offers thousands of attractions for tourists. This is something that makes you feel so good to spend your holiday. If you are going backpacking, then you need to be aware of your budget. Do not worry since you can still enjoy Bali’s attractions without spending too much money by planning your trip the smart way. There are lots of the things you can enjoy for free while spending your holidays in Bali. Feel the natural atmosphere, culture and adventure during your stay. Here are several free things to do in Bali that you can enjoy:

Walk on the beach


The best thing you can enjoy in Bali for free are the beaches. It is known that Bali has a lot of beaches. You can just take a long walk along the beach.Enjoy the sunset or beautiful sunrise early in the monring. as well This is very relaxing and good for your general well-being. For all of that, you do not need to spend too much money as you can do it for free. Just enjoy the beach!

Hike up the mountain


Those who like to go on adventure can go to hike up the mountain. Hiking Bali’s mountains will enable you to enjoy the nature while doing some sport.  The best thing that you can get by hiking the mountain is that you will have such a great surprise when you arrive at the top. You may just stumble upon hidden temples while hiking the mountain. You will enjoy it so much that you won’t feel like going down. This is an incredible experience which just needs your motivation, good shoes and no money.

Participate in a festival


Bali is known for its numerous festivals and culture customs. There are a lot of events held when you are in Bali. All of the events are made on purpose. It would be good for you to spend some of your holiday getting closer to the Balinese culture by joining some kind of festival. Commonly, the festival allows the foreigners to be a volunteer. It might just be a great experience to have when travelling on a budget and looking for free cultural events.

Go to the sea turtle conservation


Bali government is very concerned by sea turtles conservation. You can get involve in the conservation of this species by going to the sea turtle conservation center and learning how to take care of them. In addition, you can also join in to give off some baby turtles back to nature. You can take them to the sea and allow them to have a good life.

There are lots of things that you can do in Bali. Traveling on a budget is not impossible in Bali. The activities available to you might be different, but you can still enjoy a very nice trip by doing only free things and living unique experiences.

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Indonesia Travel tour from Bali

Do you want to discover Indonesia and its secrets? Here are a few Island to give you some ideas about where to go!

Always choosing the best activities, the best hotels, for the best prices, for you to always enjoy more your stay! Feel free to customize your trip on our website!

From Bali to all Indonesia… Let’s go!




Let’s begin your trip with the wonderful well-known Island of Bali! From North to South, a lot of activities and sites are waiting for you! Discover the local markets, appreciate the traditional temples and gardens, attend to famous Balinese dances, and complete your stay with diving among fish, boat trips to see the dolphins, and a day at the beach where the white sand is there to perfect your ideal stay.

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Gili Island


From Bali, we will drive you to the port to take a modern fast boat (7:30 AM) where you will arrive before noon to enjoy the view of our beautiful island landscape. Snorkeling, horse riding, diving, push bikes, water sport are to do!

Here is some hotel to spend your nights: Pondok Lita / Tir Na Nog / Manta Dive Gili Trawangan / Karma Kayak / The Beach House…


Lombok Island


Lombok is your next stop!
The journey starts at the Bali airport first thing in the morning, where a flight will take you Lombok, our tour guide will meet you at the airport and spend the rest of the day with you as well as providing ground transportation.

Here are to discover traditional villages such as Sukarara Village, where you will be able to see the traditional hand-woven fabric. Banyu Mulek Village is known for its Indonesian potteries, while Rambitan Village will surprise you with houses made out of bamboo and clay, and finished with a thatch roof.

>>>  7 Tips Before Travelling to Indonesia

Komodo Island

You will be charmed by Labuan Bajo (West Flores). Upon your arrival, you will directly transfer on a traditional boat to Rinca Island (Lunch Box provided). Arrived at Rinca Island start your trekking through the typical dry forest to see Komodo Dragons, “The Biggest Prehistoric Lizard in the World” in its natural habitat, thanks to a local ranger that will lead your path. Kalong Island will be your next stop for swimming and snorkeling.


Java – Jakarta and surroundings


Discover Jakarta by first going to the famous shopping centers. Then, appreciate going to a white crater near Bandung City to see the beautiful views it can offer you. Continue to Situ Cileunca Lake where you could do some lake activities such as Rafting. Before evening, you will go to a natural hot spring water spa resort at Center. The Safari Park is also accessible through Bandung city to visit around the town.


Java – East


East Java province that is known for its mangoes. Our tour guide will take you to your local hotel for an early night to ensure you get enough rest for the sunrise trip the next morning when heading to volcanic Bromo Mountain. Getting down from it, appreciate the desert surrounding it. We can offer you to take horses to reach to Bromo Mountain! The morning will be spent visiting the famous Ijen Crater, as well as the hidden gems of the Java Island – Red Island and Green Bay. Java lunch will close in beauty your trip.

Those are examples of destinations and activities, but there is a lot more to discover in Indonesia! A special request? You can contact us and we will propose you the best price possible for you to fulfill your dream!

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3 Things That Surprise Tourists in Bali

We definitely think about the things that shouldn’t happen in Bali: unnecessary drinking, voyagers uncovering an excessive amount of tissue on the shoreline and outright lack of awareness of the island’s way of life. Be that as it may, that is not the genuine Bali. Past Kuta there is bounty that will astonish, and please, the first-run through guest to the Island of the Gods.

The first occasion when I went by Bali my then-beau was pursued down the road by around 30 sellers after we went for our first stroll outside our inn.

The hot weather


Disregard your pants, or that substantial coat; Bali is hot year-round with a normal temperature of 32 degrees. Pack cotton fabrics, kaftans and open-toe shoes. You will live in your swimmers. May to July is viewed as the best time to visit Bali.

It shouldn’t generally come as a shock given Australia has a percentage of the best shorelines on the planet, yet the first occasion when you take a dunk in Bali it can be disillusioning.

Bali’s customs and celebrations


The genuine Bali, with its customs, celebrations and old society, is all over the place you look from little offerings sitting outside shops to a great many sanctuaries that live all around from lodgings and resorts to by the roadside. All over the place you look, you will see service, custom and holy offerings. The Balinese complete their religious commitments with pride and everybody partakes from the most youthful kid, through to grandparents, all dressed faultlessly for the sanctuary.

Pack the right gear …


Talking about Temple, on the off chance that you plan to visit one you are required to wear a sarong and a scarf. You can contract them on the off chance that you neglected to pack one, or purchase them moderately inexpensively. Both men and ladies need to cover their legs beneath the knee with a sarong, while the scarf ought to be worn around the waist.

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