Trip to Git Git Waterfall


Bali is blessed by its nature and the authenticity of its landscapes. That is why million of tourists are coming in Indonesia to admire the beauty of this country and discover the richness of the Indonesian culture and the biodiversity around. Among all its islands, Indonesia has some breathtaking spots which motivate the tourists to put Bali in their list for vacations.

Between all the rice fields and the mountains with wonderful sunshine and the beaches with white sandy like the best romantic movies, you can find other places looking like heaven. You can try to put a picture on it: culminating at a height of roughly 35 meters, surrounded by tropical trees and the roar of the waterfall, that is basically how does the Git Git Waterfall look like. Actually, it is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the North of Bali. You will loose your sense by looking at the waterfall. But the waterfall is not the only thing who will take your breath away, but also the stunning surroundings and the beauty of the local environment around will bring you literally to another world and make this journey unforgettable.


In the rain forest is a protected area but this is also where you will often see the wild monkeys on their way to the waterfall. It is impressive to see them swinging from a tree to an other one. Be sure to incorporate it with some of your other activities in the area. Bali has some of the most stunning natural scenes. The authenticity of this local environment makes this place very unique. Sometimes we find ourselves so busy with all the different activities that Bali has to offer such as the temples, outdoor activities or even shopping, that we completely miss to stop and enjoy what the nature has to offer to us.

Git Git Waterfall is located in the countryside of Gitgit, in the Sukasda sub district, and is located in about 10 km from Singaraja Town. At 300 meters above the level of sea, you will see the spectacular Git Git Waterfall which is rushing down. You can take some rest and you enjoy the panoramic views, and there is a well marked path and can be reached by foot that tourists can follow to the spot point.

Bali has plenty things to offer for its visitors to do and to see, but one of the most spectacular places is definitely the Git Git Waterfall. Don’t miss this beauty during your trip on Bali, and do make sure that you bring along your camera so that you can immortalize this moment, and also show your friends and family at home, just what it is you got to see.


You will leave Git Git Waterfall feeling invigorated and brand new. The smell of the lush rain forest and the roar of the water rumbling down will make you speechless. Bali is such an amazing place, so make sure that you take in as much as you can.

8 reasons to visit Nusa Lembongan


If you plan to visit Bali, you should definitely put Nusa Lembongan among the top things to do there! It is a small island off the southeast coast of Bali. It is becoming a popular destination and have among the most enjoyable attractions around. This island is literally a world away from the hassle and hectic pace of South Bali. You will find plenty things to do. So if you are still hesitating, we have listed for you 8 reasons to choose Nusa Lembongan as a destination for your holiday trip.

1.Nusa Lembongan is a real escape


The island is such a quiet place, definitely among the best one to have some rest and relax! It can easily feel like your worlds away, and a perfect time to have a break from the technology and the rush of the regular life, and enjoy the present moment.

2.Breathtaking landscapes


The natural beauty of Nusa Lembongan is stunning. There are less tourists around and we still feel like the natural local environment, which did not change yet.

You would be able to profit of this great place, from the green jungle to the little beaches spread around the island.

3.Such an authentic place


Traveling in Nusa Lembongan would bring you into the real Balinese life. You will have the opportunity to watch closer real people from the Indonesian community. Working around, you can see some people cutting coconuts to people gathering seaweed or others cooking fish.

4.Less touristic than Bali Mainland

Preserved from the mass tourism so far, Nusa Lembongan kept its natural authenticity, which makes this place even more enjoyable for foreigners, looking for an exotic place to discover. It is for sure

5.Close from Bali


If you want to do some other things and not satisfying yourself of doing Nusa Lembongan, you can still have a ride and enjoy Bali as well. It is 30 minutes away from the island by boat, so no worries if you get bored quickly of Nusa Lembongan, you still have way out!

6.A different side of Bali

Bali is stereotyped as being very touristy, and surely a place to party and not exactly the ideal paradise you would imagine. And it is true especially in places like Kuta! But Bali has so many other sides and things to offer. Nusa Lembongan is one of them. You will see something very different from what you can see in Bali. You will especially find piece, quietness, nature and beauty all at the same place!

7.Perfect place to try out a scooter

If you have never tried to do scooter in your life, it may be the time for you to start! It is the best and most convenient way to travel around the island and get to know the hidden spots of this place. You will discover your adventurous side by exploring Nusa Lembongan in this way. Quiet cheap in comparison with the location of a truck, you would also feel the freedom to travel in such a beautiful place. Thus, you would be able to stop off wherever you find nice or interesting (keep in mind that if you don’t ride a scooter at home, you are putting yourself at risk by getting a scooter and you won’t be covered for scooter related incidents with travel insurance).

8.Cheap place for such a beautiful scene


There are a bunch of little beach huts where you can stay at Nusa Lembongan for very affordable prices. They provide a little touch of the Balinese life, that even the 5 star luxury resort cannot provide! So don’t waste your time anymore and book your trip to Nusa Lembongan right now!

Learn the sculpture in Bali


Ubud is the cultural center of Bali, whether it is for gastronomy, religion, museums, and especially handcrafts. Balinese people are real artists in every fields, they have gold in their fingers! You can have a walk and get lost in the streets of Ubud to see the paints in wonderful galleries, jewellery or batik workshops and a lot of  workshops of wood sculpture, whether on statues or furnitures.

If you feel having the soul of a cabinetmaker, take a shot and try to find a training course for Balinese sculptures!

Where to find a sculpture course in Ubud?

You will find at the small town of Mas, close from Ubud, a bunch of workshops where you can practise wood sculpture. You can always get into one of them and ask if it is possible to make a sculpture training course in order to master this art of the Balinese culture! We have been taken by one specific workshop in Mas called the Ngurah Gallery, where we had a course with a real professional of sculpture.

Who is Master Ngurah?

In the workshop of Ngurah, the family is part of the business: ith his brother and his nephew, the handcrafter create such beautiful masterpieces from every sizes and diverses styles. Sir Ngurah speaks a little bit French, as he already exposed its sculptures in Marseille and in Canada. This is not an amateur!

With his team, the handcrafter create with patience and a disconcerting meticulousness orders for hotels and restaurants accross Indonesia, but also for locals (ultimately not so much work for tourists).

How much does a training course of sculpture cost in Bali?


You should consider to take several days at least to learn some basics of their knowledge and know-how of the sculpture art. But you will already see in one day, how talented these people are and how difficult is the work they are doing! Ngurah says that after one month, you will get really strong basics to sculpt. It will cost you only 120 euros for one month of apprenticeship, so you better give a shot if you have a passion for handcrafts!

One day of sculpture costs approximately 4 euros, plus 5 euros for the wood, as you are taking it right after sculpturing it.

The techniques of the Balinese sculpture

Sans titre

The workshops are really simple in Mas. People are working on the floor, on the patio of the house. The tools are rudimentary as well: wood scissors and gouges, have been manufactured by the handcrafters themselves. Here, we are not talking about shoes protections, because the feet are used for blocking the piece. You need to be really flexible to position it and work on it.

Afterwards, the women of the family polish and tease every single piece in order to shine and sublimate them.

When you arrive in the morning at 9 am, the teacher asks you what do you want to create. You will choose right after the pieces you need for your handcrafted object.

You will then have to sculpt the biggest line of your piece, and then

Between noon and 2 pm, you can get something to eat with Ngurah’s nephew who can bring you with its scooter. It is also the opportunity to get some typical Balinese food!

Once you have lunch, you will then keep working on your sculpture until you sculpt what you have decided.


Things you can do in Ubud


Ubud is a small town with a dash touch of Balinese culture. Surrounding by rural conditions, the location of Ubud made this spot as the right place to take a rest. Besides, the locals roam around doing their activity. As it is a small town, sightseeing is not the first thing that you have to do here. However, you can get relax perfectly here. There are many places for yoga, meditation and healing spas in Ubud. Spending some of my time here was definitely a good choice. Many travelers are doing so.


There are a lot of things you can do in Ubud. You can go to The Monkey Forest, the calming forest inhabited by monkey. You have to avoid bringing stuff that can attract the monkeys. As Ubud is considered as the annual Bali spirit home, so taking the yoga class may be a good idea. You can have some time to relax and get your spirit back perfectly. Don’t forget to get spa treatments and massages with cheap price. After getting relaxed in Ubud, try to visit Ubud market and shopping. You can get souvenirs and nice stuff here. Here are some little tips for you when you will be there, be the first consumer and buy as much as you can to get special discount.

During the evening, you can see many amazing traditional Balinese performances. Nevertheless Ubud was not a big place, and you can try to get around with a motorbike. You can see and explore many things about the Balinese cultures. Ubud was also a good place to learn how to cook Balinese food and mix modern food, so you can take cooking class too. Having a look at Goa Gajah is a great idea as well; there are statues and pool of statues sprout water. Near to this Goa Gajah, there is Yeh Pulu, rock carving wall. Interesting! Furthermore, Ubud is surrounded by the countryside, so you can see the Rice terraces here.


If you are tired after a long day of sightseeing, you can find some good places to eat! You can eat in some restaurants, warungs, or street cart which offered various kind of delicious food for you. I decided to go the vegetarian restaurant to get healthy food. Ubud is best place to have a walk. Many tourists usually ride motorbike and by bicycle to do some sightseeing rather than riding taxis and bus stand. If you plan to stay longer, you will have the choice for your accomodation, as there are many hotels and guesthouses here. Many of them are providing different facilities. I stayed at Indra Guesthouse and Anugrah House; those are guesthouse with an unique Balinese touch.

So, if anyone asked me is it worth to take a tour in Bali, I will said yes, and mind about your budget too. I can say that Bali is cost-effective in terms of time and financially speaking. I took a two days tour and the first tour is called general Bali sightseeing tour, where we went to many places to visit during the day. But it is not a good deal, yet still worthwhile. The second tour is full day of sightseeing and many water activities, including dinner and night performance on the beach. It was a pretty good deal. With $38 USD plus a good English speaking guide.

The charm of Ubud


Ubud is a small town located in Bali,  and is one of the most popular destination places in Bali. Perhaps, this place looks less Balinese, but this place is still the best place for relaxation. For all of you who have anxiety, you can try to get relax here. Now, let’s begin to know the charm of Ubud.


Even though it feels less Balinese, you can still feel the charm of Ubud through many spots here. Ubud is surrounded by natural countryside views like mountains, ride fields and forest. You can go to the Monkey Forest and see a lot of monkeys with Balinese temple in the background. But be careful, the appearance can be deceptive. If you don’t want to get caught by monkey, be sure to bring nothing that can attract them. Then, you can spend more time in relaxation with this yoga class plus best spa treatment and massages. No wonder, because Ubud is known as home for annual Bali Spirit. You can take cooking class too to get to know about Balinese food and its modern fusion food. Though it is a small town, yet you can get around in Ubud. There are a lot of spot you can visit. The first place is the Ubud Market and make some shopping. Try to haggle over the locals and get affordable prices for your chosen items. Let’s have fun and do some shopping. In order to travel easily around Ubud, I recommend you to ride a motorcycle. Many tourists ride motorcycles to get better experience while exploring the charm of Ubud. You can get around Ubud countryside freely with a motorbike. You can also feel like being in a village with all the Rice terraces in Tegallalang village you would be able to see. However, if your destination is far away from your place, you can take the taxi or even the bus stand.  Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave) and Yeh Pulu are historical sites you can visit. You can see the statues and pool of statues spouting water in Goa Gajah. Meanwhile, you can see rock carvings wall in Yeh Pulu. During the evening, you can see traditional Balinese performances for example, with the famous shadow puppets and Legong dance.


After this long day travelling around in Ubud, you can try to eat in restaurant which offers Balinese and Indonesian food, even occidental food. Don’t worry, it also offers veggie for vegetarian people. If you want save your money, you can go to the local restaurants or even from the warungs (local food stalls) or even street carts. After that, you can take a rest or stay for a long time in hotels and guesthouses. They offer many different tantalize facilities such as free breakfast and Wi-Fi even airport pickup for an additional 250,000 Rp. Interesting! I stay in the Indra Guesthouse which offers small rooms, double bed, bathroom ensuite, hot shower, free breakfast Wi-Fi, and airport pickup service for 250,000 and Anugrah House which offers room with balcony and fan also free breakfast. It is totally worth to take vacation in Bali. Bali offers exceptional budget tours so you better think about your budget right. I took a two days tour in Bali, which were a general Bali sightseeing tour and a full day of sightseeing and water activities with dinner.

10 Romantic things to do in Bali

With its astonishing scene out in the Asian Pacific with some idyllic landscapes and wonderful islands, Bali is the perfect destination for a romantic gateway!
You would find plenty things to do in such a beautiful place in couple, but here are things you can do to share an unforgettable moment with your beloved one!

A romantic dinner


For a couple, one of the most mainstream ways to show your affection is to have a romantic dinner. Bali is blessed with breathtaking views and landscapes that would make you feel in a dream, with a wide variety of places to eat for each taste and for all special events: whether it is for an anniversary, a honeymoon or just a simple romantic holiday.




Dinner in Canggu


You can have a picnic dinner in bed with the waterfront and the sunset as an outstanding view. Taking place at the upper-class Hotel Tugu Bali, you would be surrounded by candles all around you on the beach, and serve each other dessert blindfolded to give a special taste to this picnic. It may be a cliché but it is so romantic in such a beautiful scene.




Dinner in Uluwatu


Uluwatu is the trendy spot of Bali, comparable of places like Seminyak and Kuta. We can find one of the nicest views of the islands and infinite number of hotels and unbelievable pools.
Among all those hotels, you would be able to choose to dinner at the oceanfront, surrounded by the bunch of flowers petal, with a table which offers you an astonishing view of the Indian Ocean. You would also have the choice between 3 different menus to impress your beloved one, and make this night unforgettable! It is also time to try Indonesian specialities that are can be sweet, sour or spicy but always delicious.




You could also opt for something more luxurious with the spa in the 5-star hotel at Uluwatu, and take advantage of the sunset and relax in the meantime!
By far the most luxurious possibility, you can dinner in an oceanfront hotel in a bucolic scene. A view overlooking the Indian Ocean and give you’re a breathtaking panorama! Having dinner at this hotel would bring you into a romantic universe, worth of the greatest sentimental movies!




A Cruise day in Catamaran


You didn’t travel through Bali if you haven’t spent the whole day exploring the astonishing sea and islands in Bali. Among the different islands you can find, from the Nusa Penida to the Nusa Lembongan or even the Nusa Ceningan, the landscape would bring you unforgettable souvenirs. Among all these islands and choices you have, you can pick the catamaran with a luxurious cruise for Nusa Lembongan!
If you come to Bali between the 1st of April and the 31st of October, you would be abe to see the shipwrecked at Nusa Penida, and lead you to the sea of Crystal Bay with a spectacular white sands beach.




Hiking at the Mount Batur


If you want to stay away from the crowd and stay with your sweetheart, why don’t you go for a trek and cross the magnificent landscape of the Mount Batur?
The Balineans are used to say you haven’t really visited Bali if you haven’t been on the top of the Mount Batur and seen the active volcano, with its peak lost in the clouds.
You would start your trip from 3:00 in the morning where we will bring you to the hiking road, which will lead you to the clouds! The ultimate reward at the end of your trek will be a terrific sunrise, which will immortalise this moment with you two.




Relax in a spa


After all this time spent in hiking the Mount Batur, you can take a rest with a massage! This would help you to stay sharp after this long effort, and give you a chance to relax. You can choose among several spas like Amala Spa, which is a reference in Seminyak!
You would also be able to have a massage In couple, and appreciate heaven with your sweetheart! You will find some more options for a massage right here




A ride in helicopter


You have to pay close attention if you would like to visit popular sites like Tanah Lot and Uluwatu. The traffic is always awful, and can ruin your honeymoon! Why don’t you book a ride for the two of you in the helicopter? You will have a splendid view on the Kuta coast, the Ubud gorges, or even the volcano crater on the Mount Batur, all of these sites comfortably in your seat!




Create your own local jewellery

Do you like the local handicrafts from Bali? You would be inspired to create your own jewellery to immortalise your trip! From a simple bracelet to pendants, it will be a good souvenir of your trip.


Get some adrenaline!


Some couples just prefer to relax, but sometimes, nothing is better than having some adrenaline and have the heart beating wildly! You could do plenty activities in couple, like rafting or even canoe, and there is nothing better to get closer to your beloved one. You would also be able to profit from the beautiful landscape around!




Attend a class lesson


If you are not afraid to get dirty together, you can book a private cooking lesson. This would bring you the opportunity to explore the subtleties of the Balinean food with your sweetheart. A preference for outside course, where you would appreciate the view of rice fields with your own eyes!




Make a tour at Ubud

If you want to do some exercise, book a bike tour through Bali. The visits are in slope and provide a totally different experience of Bali. You would have different landscapes to watch as well.
Among the breathtaking view overlooking the rice fields, to the mountains around, you may have a chance to visit a local temple or even a cacao plantation!

So Book your honeymoon

If you are on a honeymoon or making a trip in couple, Bali is like heaven with its uncountable hotels and villas, famous for the romantic scenes they offer. Several packages have been created to the destination for Bali, to adapt to the couple’s needs, who want to spend a memorable time there.




Indonesia: the new Eldorado for perfect holidays

Indonesia has already attracted lots of tourists


Indonesia is seeing increasing growth in the number of foreign tourists, with arrivals growing by 7.19% last year to 9.44 million.

Between January and April of this year, foreign tourists have made 3.05 million visits to Indonesia. But we have not spent the peak period yet so an increase can still be expected in later quarters.

These tourists represent a great target and bring money to the country helping it to develop its GDP. Each foreign tourist spent an average of $1,200 per visit.


11 - image3


When people usually travel?


The peak travel period is usually during the dry season between June and October because the weather is perfect, it does not rain a lot, and the sun is always present. However, lots of people escape the cold winter in their country to enjoy the cool weather of Indonesia in December.


11 - image5


Where do the go?


The most popular destination in Indonesia is Bali. It is renowned especially for its surfing area in Uluwatu, in the south of the island but not only. In Bali we can admire some rice paddies near Ubud, chill out on white sands beaches or even dive in the north. Everything is pleasant, and the landscapes are diverse from lush vegetation to typical temples or paradisiac beaches.


11 - image4


How long are they staying?


A tourist stays in Indonesia about 7,6 days. It is average as tourists from Europe spend up to 12 days to make profitable the time spent on the plane and the high price while Asian visitors spend around five days.


11 - image2


The industry is expected to grow again


The Ministry of Tourism aims to increase tourism’s contribution to the country’s GDP from 9% in 2014 to 15% by 2019. For that, it has a budget of 1.3 trillion rupiahs this year equivalent to $98.4 million. It has more than quadrupled the budget from 2014, which stood at 300 billion rupiah. Then, the ministry wants to increase the average time of staying up to 10 days this year. It is a big challenge, but it is possible as the country is attracting more and more travellers.

To do so, it’s launching a promotion of several new locations and attractions beyond the popular resort island of Bali. It is also hoping to draw more locals to domestic travel.


11 - image6


Chinese tourists represent a large target


There is a particular emphasis on Chinese tourists because they represent a colossal target with 1.3 billion potential visitors.


11 - image8


How to communicate?


The ministry launched some ads on China Central Television (CCTV) to focus on Chinese travellers. After it decided to promote Indonesia through international media, including prominent travel and natural science magazines as well as television advertisements overseas.


11- image9


Which places to emphasise?


The ministry is promoting cities such as Yogyakarta in Central Java, Medan in North Sumatra and Makassar in South Sulawesi. These cities display a combination of culture and nature that the ministry believes will appeal to travellers.

The goal is to motivate people to go to other destinations than Bali because obviously, Bali is nice but Indonesia is huge, has many islands and offer a vast range of landscapes and attractions.


11 - image1


Implement a better transportation


However, to increase the travels to others islands, the country has to improve its transportation infrastructures. Nowadays, there are some trains or buses connecting the main islands but it takes some time and can be complicated to organise before arriving.

Direct flights will begin later this year to Komodo Island helping ease access for visitors who currently spend half a day in transit to reach the destination. Thus, travellers will be able to see the emblematic dragons quickly.


11-image 12


Appeal more domestic travellers


There are now 251 million trips made by domestic travellers. They move in their country to travel mainly but some go for a business purpose.

The minister also wants to develop the domestic trips because there is a significant potential.

More domestic travellers stay within Indonesia rather than travel overseas due to the weakening of the rupiah, which makes foreign travel more expensive.




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Must out of ordinary things to do in Bali

Yoga in Ubud


Ubud is known as the spiritual city of the island, away from the touristic area, the crowded Kuta and the wild beaches. It is located in the centre of the island and so is the best place to practice yoga. Yoga is a physical and mental discipline which originated in ancient India. It is part of the Hinduism and Buddhism religions so you should try it in Indonesia if you want to live a typical experience.


Capture d’écran 2016-07-27 à 17.00.13


Indulge in healthy food in Ubud


Still in Ubud, you can find healthy food restaurants such as vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, raw, organic, microbiotic and so on. It is trendy nowadays and is good to savour under the hot weather of the island as it is fresh and easy to digest.

We can advise you to go to Seeds of Life if you are looking for raw food, Warung 9 for a super cheap vegetarian buffet. Or you can try AA Juicery & Cafe offering yummy breakfast bowls with a beautiful view on rice paddies, Dayu’s Warung, a gluten-free concept, Kafe Ubud proposing great burgers with vegan options, and Clear Cafe for microbiotic and raw choices. If you just want to drink something or need wake up after a hard party night, you can go to Seniman for the best coffee in Bali.


Capture d’écran 2016-07-27 à 14.50.54


Get close to the monkeys


Don’t miss out on an encounter with these cute animals and visit the Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud. You can also see plenty of monkeys around the Uluwatu Temple, in the south of Bali.

But be careful because these furry creatures can get very mean. They grab everything they can and stole your stuff without any fear. It could be your food but also your new Ipad with which you are taking pictures. So keep a safe distance to them!


Capture d’écran 2016-07-27 à 15.02.33


Assist to a traditional Balinese dance show


The Balinese people love to dance, and it is part of their culture. If you are lucky, you will be able to see a ritual show with dancers in spectacular costumes. One of the most popular performances is the Kecak Dance Show in Uluwatu where you could admire scenic views of the ocean at the same time. The performance is happening every night at 6 PM.

What does it like? The male dancers are seated in a circle and do sounds just with their mouths, while the female dancers do incredible movements, using all parts of their bodies even their eyes.


Capture d’écran 2016-07-27 à 16.24.03


Escape to nearby islands


If you’re dreaming of picture perfect white sandy beaches and azure waters, you’d better leave the main island of Bali and hop on a boat to nearby islands. Favourite getaways are Nusa Lembongan or Nusa Penida, just to the east of Bali, where you can find paradisiac beaches perfect to chill, tan and enjoy the sun without the discomfort of the crowded south of Bali. You can also go to the Gili Islands, you can reach them quickly and easily by speedboat within two hours. There you can relax or dive but also partying especially in Gili Trawangan.


Capture d’écran 2016-07-27 à 15.13.51


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Travel Guide to Ubud

It is uncontested that Ubud is definitely one of the most favourite places in Bali. If we could sum up Ubud in only three words, it will absolutely be culture, yoga and healthy food. Wait, of course there is so much more! It is kind of touristy, but the culture and charm are still hanging there if you take the time to impress yourself. This might be one the reasons why many don’t usually taking a day trip to Ubud instead of in the morning and evening when the real charm is found and you can really go exploring. Get in touch a quick overview of some of favourite things in Ubud and much more exciting news below.

Sightseeing and Doing


One of the absolute likely things to do in Ubud is the Campuhan Ridge Walk. Easily accessible from the village, it allows you to have a memorable experience during the early morning or even evening walking while enjoying breath-taking views. Ubud is also a hub for Yoga. Do you want to try Yoga or already love it? Then Ubud is the best place to try it. Taste the purity of Yoga by taking some small-group classes at Bodyworks, Yoga Barn or Radiantly Alive. They have an important amount of members who will help you a lot. Another nice place to visit is Tegenungan Waterfall which is located about 30 minutes by car from Ubud. It is very well worth the trip. A mesmerizing waterfall view where you can also do some swimming.

Locals Culinary Tasting


It is mandatory and there are a lot of things you have to taste in Bali; the one and only : Babi Guling (suckling pig) Ibu Oka. Eating that is almost like a rite of passage in Ubud. Babi Guling is known as a traditional Balinese dish and a must try for lunch. The restaurant has three establishments and if you go to the main one (Jalan Suweta), make sure you go upstairs to taste a bit more of a traditional environment. The restaurants have lost a bit of their rustic charm and modernised over years, but you can still breathe the remained traditional atmosphere.

Do you prefer having sustainably sourced local ingredients? Then go to Locavore. It doesn’t look like any other restaurants in Bali and has its own uniqueness. You should book in advance because the restaurant is quite popular. Last but not the least; please do have a super yummy and authentic taste of the delicious coconut ice cream at Tukies. Once you will have tried this, you won’t be able to resist it.

Hotels Accommodation

Phinisi Felicia (5)

Wait until you get there because you won’t believe what you find in Ubud and Bali in general when it comes to accommodation. Two of my most favourite hotels are Alila Ubud and Padma Resort Ubud. Both are located a little out of the centre of Ubud, but do not worry since they provide complimentary shuttles for the guests coming in. Those are great choices to enjoy the wonderful natural landscape surrounding Ubud. You can get a full relax ambiance and still be able to explore the village.

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