Want to Spend Nice Holidays on Bali Islands?

Bali Island Holidays. 


Bali is one of the world’s favorite tourist’s destinations which have awesome views and natural beauty. All the destinations across have wonderful eye catching views which attract millions of tourists every month. Bali is famous due to with sand beaches amazing waves which create a pleasant sound which made this Island in the top of the list of the most popular tropical island in the world. Travel + Leisure magazines held this Island in Top best Islands in the world. Unforgettable turquoise blue sea and with natural wonder beauty everywhere in Bali, attracts tourists to spend their holidays on the beaches of Bali which nobody probably wants to miss. Enjoy Bali visit and make your holidays memorable. The Island of Bali is east from Java approximately 3.2 km.

Mount Agung is named as “Mother Mountain” which is an active volcanic mountain in the region. This range of mountains across Bali has highly productive agriculture industry which creates many opportunities for local people. Bali and surrounded destinations are full of breathtaking views with rich culture and historical background. Only Hindu religion people are in Whole Island. Hundreds of temples are everywhere in Bali some are new and some are very old. Bali also knows as “The Island of Temples“.

Ubud area is well known and famous due to cultural background and spiritual capital of the Island. The land of Bali is much attractive due to ancient temples, colorful rituals, white sand beaches, beautiful underwater world and top-notch mountain villas.

It is an advice to you to book your trip immediately to visit Bali and to see awesome beauty of the Bali. Find most suitable hotels, resorts, Inns according to your budget range and plan your visit to arrive Bali.

Take help from your travel agents and find authentic feedback to know about Bali destinations and suitable hotels arrangements for your enjoyment. Enjoy some of the recreational activities.

Joyful woman on tropical beach snorkelling

Bali Travel Packages and Exclusive Deals

Hundreds of travel agents have various plans for tourist to visit on different destinations across Indonesia. Each hotel, restaurant of any accommodation providing service agent introduces unique planes and special arrangements for tourists to attract them and provide them full arrangements that help them to spend their times memorable and interesting. Some offers 3-day package plans, 4 days package plans, 7 days package plans, 15 days packages plans, 30 days package plans to depend on their affordability and the mechanism of rendering their services for special guests. Find the best travel package and exclusive deals to reach there alone or with your relatives or friends. Get useful acknowledgment before reaching and book advances everything if you can afford. Participate in recreational activities to spend your best time in Bali and enjoy your holidays as best as you can.

Online Reservation and Airline Tickets

Lots of airlines offer discounts in airline tickets for specific destinations and introduces various plans for the favor of tourists to attract them to visit specific destinations. Find yourself a cheap airline to travel for Bali or any other island of Indonesia and enjoy your best time there. Online reservation for tickets, hotels, restaurants, halls boats is possible with various useful resources. Find local and international resources to reach Indonesia and plan for your favorite destinations.


Things to Do in Bali

Don’t forget to make tourists plans in advance to visit Indonesia. Contact with any private transport (with air conditioning) and enjoy your best time on your favorite point of interest. If affordable then a proficient English driver can help you to visit anywhere upon your demand. If you need help for a tour guide then this service is also available almost everywhere in Bali Island. Check hotels and their arrangements for a stay along with other facilities which tourists want during their visit. There are many things which tourists never want to miss during their visit. There each and every type of shopping malls covering all prices ranges.  Choose to massage centers just for relaxations. Enjoy Spas, Bear clubs, Night Clubs, Waterfalls, private clubs, private boats, fishing areas, all types of foods and much more excitements for tourist’s enjoyments. Participate in local events and celebrate with Bali people and see to unique cultural values and traditions.

Transport Facilities in Bali

Choose a cheap and affordable transporting source for traveling and to see your favorite destinations across Bali Island. Each and every type of vehicle has different fares and hours limits to use a specific traveling source. There are motorcycles, taxis, private cars, public transport and some other types of vehicles which tourists can use or may hire with drivers. Different transportation companies offering their rent a car service with driver facility. Hire anyone and enjoy your travel. There are land, air, sea and river transportation traveling sources, choose any suitable option and start your traveling in Bali. Rate list if fixed for tourists, so you have to tell your destinations to your attendant and pay the fare according to the given list.


Most Popular Activities in Bali

Seminyak, Mount Batur, Goa Gajah, Seminyak, Ubud, Sanur, Kerobokan, Garuda, Aguga, Gunung, Legian, Bali Museum, Blanco Renaissance Museum, Mount Bromo, Ijen and hundreds of other destinations awaiting your decision to plan immediately to visit such destinations. The complete guide to visit hundreds of distensions around Bali Island is available for tourist’s interest and for their acknowledgment to plan immediately for tour activities for Bali. Arrange money and hard cash before your visit because there are many points of interests and money spending sources which tourist’s avails to use the unique services to well enjoy their journey.

Visit ancient temples and see their historical background and their religious activities if likes. If you are the first time coming to Bali then you have to choose the best location to stay in Bali and get useful acknowledgment about most popular Bali beachfront resorts, hotels, inns and restaurant details. Decide your visits in the dry season because in Bali, rainy season which starts from November till March is not suitable for tourists. Choose to April and onward months till October for excellent tourism activities.

TourFromBali: A Bali Tour Travel Agency

TourFromBali: A Bali Tour Travel Agency


Thousands of travel agents are providing their assistance for tourists to help travel arrangements and to come acknowledgment about Bali and its surrounded destinations with best package plans. Bali tour travel agency is also active to help interested tourists to provide latest information about Bali Island and hundreds of other destinations around Bali Island. Travelers know what is best for you and what type of accommodation can be best for you. Discuss with detail to your travel agents and get useful acknowledgment regarding your Bali tour and plan immediately to come as soon as possible to see the reality of your dream land. Book cheap tour to visit Bali and save your money for best enjoyment and other types of entertainments. Bali is rich in cultural and historical values with breath taking views. There are hundreds of temples everywhere in Bali due the majority of Hindu religion in Bali Island. Visit Bali mountains Volcanic nature, the productive agricultural industry and Paddy fields in south of the mountains. Also found lots of colorful rituals and ancient temples on Bali Island.

Why Visit Bali and Other Destinations

Bali is the most beautiful and most famous holiday destination in the world. White sand beauty on Bali’s beaches and the beautiful sound of waves made the Bali Island the most popular tropical destination in the region. World famous Travel + Leisure magazine, ranked to Bali Island in the top of the world’s famous and the most attractive beaches in Top 10 ranks. The natural beauty resources and the awesome turquoise blue sea attract millions of tourists every year to spend their holidays on to enjoy the beauty of Bali beaches.


Tours and Package Plans for Bali

Book your travel and tour plans to visit Bali and enjoy the most beautiful areas of the world. 4 People package plan is available only with 1600$ for 7 days accommodation arrangements with Bus/ coach transport facility. Select your departure and Tour End date with required rooms selection and book immediately before your arrival. Enjoy the popular tourist’s spots and other mystical places. Airport Pickup facility is available for interested tourists. Arrangement of private AC-Transport service with English speaking driver. Take help for a Guide to help you to know about different destinations importance and to guide you about its importance. Your travel schedule greatly depends upon your tastes and your affordability of great offers by the hotels, spas, restaurants, resorts and other types of accommodation arrangements. Some offers 3 days tour, 4 days tours, 7 days tours, 15 days tours, 1 month tour or more depending on the affordability and the permission of holidays of the tourists.

Bali Adventure and Holiday Activities

Book your travel and tour from a reliable travel company and design a well travel plan to enjoy adventures across Bali. Enjoy Bali Tours and Vocations with the help of affordable accommodation and transportation arrangements. Customizable tours and cheap vacation package plans always have great relaxations with the help of excellent recommendations for lodgings and other facilities. Get map directions and information about famous points of interests from Tour companies and operators.  Book any resort / hotel / Spa from trusted travel agents to enjoy professional, private, personal and other type of tours with full activities. Enjoy comprehensive range of adventure activities in Bali to make your adventures unforgettable.


Activities of Tourists in Bali

Bali is a tropical paradise for adventure tourists having hundreds of awesome natural beauty destinations to spend best times of your life. Enjoy your activities and holidays with Bali vacation packages. Full day package, half day package and unlimited package plans heave great attractions with lots of entertainments for tourists which can be found from local tour operators in Bali. Customized tours and holidays packages have great relaxations and discount offers for interested tourist which can be booked anytime from anywhere. Get useful acknowledgment from Bali travel agent specialists. There many clubs, shopping’s malls, Spas, massage centers, hotels, restaurants, gulf clubs, night clubs, Inns, resorts, wonder parks, waterfalls and much more variety for tourists to enjoy their holidays with best arrangements. Always respect cultural and religious values of the people of Bali and never enter fare your own beliefs in the religious matters. Don’t impose anything on others. Find excellent arrangements in villas, restaurants, hotels, accommodations, adventures, Spas, Marine sports, parks, clubs, massage centers and everywhere in Bali.

Online Tour Booking, Event Booking & Adventure Booking

With unique culture and traditional background Bali become tourists’ favorite destination to enjoy holidays on beaches, temples and hundreds of other point of interests. Each and every type of tour arrangements can be found anytime in any season. Consult with your event organizer and found excellent feedback to arrange specific facilities on special occasions. Book business tours, family tours, Honeymoon tours, private tours, group tours, entertainment tours, vip tours and any type of tours you likes to enjoy in Bali or in across destinations around Bali Island. Entire tourist’s destinations have many sightseeing views and awesome adventure interests to plan tours with comfortable and enjoyable ways. You can already book your tour to Bali with TourFromBali here!


Points of Interest in Bali

Sobek, Bali national Golf club, Komodo, Pink Beach, Labuan Flores, Pader Island Rinca Island, Kuta, range of Cuisine, Bali & Yogyakarta, lombok & Bali, Indonesian Odyssey, Classic Indonesia Beaches, Borobudur, Volcanoes, The Gili islands, Bali delight, Kalimantan, Baliem Valley Explore and magnificent Indonesia to enjoy much more destinations which have best arrangements for tourists. There are hundreds of diving spots, swimming points, waterfalls, beauty salons, inspiring entertainment and food points available to make exciting trips of tourists. Enjoy mystics and mesmeric local culture.

Tips and Tricks to visit Bali and other Destinations

  • Get full acknowledgment about complete package plan price with full arrangements
  • Don’t break the laws and regulations of Bali Island.
  • Always concentrate on your health and fitness during your visit
  • Personal safety will be your preference anywhere during your travel or visit
  • Use formal language and friendly style during your communications
  • Negotiate on prices with well manners
  • Take care your luggage and your important documents during your stay
  • Know about weather conditions to before making any plan to go out side
  • Deeply analyze to your hotel room, or emergency exit door in case of emergency conditions
  • Choose affordable and cheap transportation vehicles to visit anywhere in Island and to see the different destinations across Bali

Such a perfect vacation


You would think that becoming a travel blogger is living a dream life. But in fact it is not! I felt overwhelmed by all the work I had to do. That is why on my home, I decided to have a rest and and go to Bali for some vacations.

Last minute vacation

I didn’t really schedule this trip and it was more a last minute vacation. I Just wanted to enjoy the trip without thinking about work and stressful matters. I had my PADI open water certification earlier, and I wanted to improve my diving skills. Amed was my first diving spot. It was an amazing place and I feel like there is no places where you can dive better than there. I have also been to Pemuteran, which was an amazing spot as beautiful as Amed. Besides, I was so lucky to find this place. It is quite hidden so far and very a peaceful place. After some diving sessions in these spots, I have been chilling out at the Griya Villa and Spas in Amed. I had to have some rest a little bit after all these efforts. Cleaning up my body and make myself a brand new man. I had so many issues to relax after my trip in Mongolia, and this was a really good thing for me. Considering my savings and the money I kept for this occasion, I chose to stay in Griya Villa. I spent the whole day diving, but I did not feel tired to swim in my own pool afterwards. Because this was my own pool, so it didn’t really matter if I swim with my underwear on.

Discovering the Balinese life


The goal of this trip was to take care of myself. And after consideration, spending my time at Griya was the best decision I have ever taken since a long time. Griya is an amazing place. There are so many things I enjoyed there. For instance, the art and the atmosphere make me felt it is Balinese. Besides, everyone has been really welcoming and friendly to me. I didn’t regret my choice. And you know what? Bali was the first place where I have been in Southeast Asia. I never imagined this trip in Bali to be like this. So when I felt it for real and saw all these things by my eyes, I was speechless. Many people are telling that Bali is a bunch of stereotypes and I wanted to make things and challenge the received wisdom. Bali is known for being a very beautiful place and has scenes like heaven. It is ideal for backpackers with a small budget. I have also been advised to avoid the South Kuta and its close area, in order to escape from the crowd and not ruining my trip in Bali. Furthermore, the success of the tourism in these areas is ruining the local scenes and those have lost their charm. This is not the kind of places I wanted to see. I am more into calm and peaceful places like Amed and Pemuterain. I have done my utmost to not act like a super tourist. Nonetheless, my curiosity was too strong! So I asked to local people what were the good spots to visit.

The best thing if you want to discover the real local life in Bali is to live in homestay. This was a good way for me to get to know about Bali and it is a different experience from staying at the hotel. And from my perspective, staying in a homestay was the best experience ever. I could get to know about Bali’s culture and lived closely with the family. My plan right after being in a homestay was to spend two days to relax. However, my activities with this family did not really enable me to stick to my plan. Afterwards, I like this plan. By staying together, I could know about all the different thinfs that I wanted to know about Bali. The success of this trip appealed to me and helped me to enjoy the Balinese culture. I got to know in detail this Wayan’s family and have a closer attention to the Balinese culture. As an exchange for this experience, I brought them my Starbuck coffee. But this was definitely the perfect vacation for me.


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