Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions


Thank you for booking and/or traveling with PT. TUR INDO BALI, authorized to conduct business as “Tour From Bali” (Hereinafter “The Company”).

The purchase of any traveling packages, services or booking (Hereinafter “The Products”)through The Company constitutes a contractual arrangement between you ( Hereinafter “The Traveler”) and The Company, and represents The Traveler’s acceptance of The Company’s Terms & Conditions set out herein. Please ensure that you read carefully and understand these Terms & Conditions prior to booking. You are advised to check The Company’s website or to request the latest version of the Terms & Conditions.


1. The Booking and Purchase of The Products

1.1 The Traveler must be at least 17 years of age to travel with The Company, its partners and affiliation, if The Traveler is under 17 years of age, The Traveler must be accompanied by his or her parents or legal guardians.

1.2 The Traveler is obligated to read the schedule, itinerary, and reservation packages fully and carefully, as well as all other relevant material provided or made available, including but not limited to: Tour Itinerary, Packages, Policies, Terms and Conditions, Our Advice, etc. By booking a product with The Company, the traveler agrees to and have read all the relevant materials and will waive the rights to modify any arrangement once the payment is made.

1.3 All clients are obligated to keep their contact information up to date with The Company.

1.4 Your reservation will be confirmed within 2 business days after the payment is made. Once all arrangements are finalized, an E-Ticket will be issued to The Traveler.

1.5 Should any dispute arise, no financial compensation may be made before the completion of the tour.

1.6 The Company strongly encourages its clients to purchase third party travel and related insurances.

1.7 The Company makes arrangements with tour operators, accommodation, activity and transportation service providers, airlines, cruise lines, coach companies, local tour guides and other independent parties (Hereinafter “Third Party Suppliers”) . The Company cannot accept responsibilities nor liabilities for any incidents occurred during the travel period, including but but limited to the loss or damage of properties, personal belongings, injuries, deaths, delays. By booking with The Company, The Traveler hereby releases The Company and its staff, owners, executives from all claims and causes of action arising from any losses, damages or injuries or death resulting from these risks inherent in travel.

1.8 The Company encourages all clients to purchase Travel Insurance to prevent any damages caused by potential tour cancellation.

1.9 Shall anything occurs beyond tour operators capability; therefore, the tour operator has the right to cancel the trip before departure.

2.0 You agreed for any kinds of financial transaction is made through our company’s bank account (PT Tur Indo Bali) and not to any other account such that claimed to be one our company’s employee. Otherwise our company can’t be held responsible.


2. Cancellation and Refund Policies

2.1 This cancellation and refund policies applies to all products from The Company.

2.2 The payment for accommodation and transportation is non-refundable once the reservation has been made.

2.3 The refundable payment is calculated by days prior to commencement of services, the cancellation must be initiated by a signed Cancellation Request Formthe cancellation date is the day that the cancellation form is submitted.

2.4 Force Majeure. The performance of the Agreement by either party is subject to acts of God, war, government regulations, disaster, fire, strikes, civil disorder, or other similar cause or threat thereof beyond the abilities of the parties,making it inadvisable, illegal, or impossible to perform to the terms the of contract, hold the meeting, or provide the facility.  The Agreement may be terminated or revised for any of the above reasons without liability by written notice from one party to the other.

Cancellation Made prior to the tour dateRefundable Amount
30 days prior to commencement of services100% of the payment made
21 days prior to commencement of services60% of the payment made
14 days prior to commencement of services20% of the payment made
7 days prior to commencement of services0% of the payment made


  • Some tour and activities require a minimum tour size, if the tour size is not met one week prior to the tour date, a refund will be issued to The Traveler, or a suggested alternative tour.
  • The Company does not process any cancellation request other than the submission of the Cancellation Request Formthe form should be sent to CustomerService@tourfrombali.com
  • A non-refundable, non-transferable deposit is required for The Company to reserve space for you in the respects of accommodation and transportation. Hence, no-show’s will not receive any refunds.
  • The Company cannot accept any modifications of the trip and/or tour made by The Traveler after the finalization of the tour and full payment is made.
  • The Company will not make any modification of the trip and/or tour within 7 days prior to commencement of services.
  • All cancellation must be made with The Company, not the Third Party Suppliers
  • All financial costs incurred during payment will be deducted from the refund amount.


3. Pricing and Purchase

3.1 All travelers under the age of 12 enjoys a discount (“Children’s price”).

3.2 Due to the changing nature of the travels and high inflation, the pricing of the packages may fluctuate.

3.3 The Traveler’s booking is not confirmed and payment is not deemed made until The Company receives the full payment.

3.4 The prices of The Products do not include any personal expenses, including but not limited to: The Traveler’s airfare between Indonesia and his or her origin location, insurance, admissions and tours not included in itinerary, service fees for tour guides and/or driver (A minimum of $5.00/day or Rp. 50,000 per person); your tips are the sole income of our tour guides and drivers, we strongly advise that The Traveler tips the tour guides at least the minimum amount suggested.

3.5 The Traveler is obligated to provide preferences of hotels at least one to two months prior to the tour.

3.6 The Traveler is obligated to provide the information of arriving airport for pick-up service and coordinate with The Company to arrangement air port pick up services. In the event of changes in logistics, The Company shall be notified at least one week in advance.

3.7 The Company will make accommodation reservations on your behave based on your preferences, however, in the event of unavailability of your preferred hotels, The Company reserves the rights to reserve the next best and/or most suitable hotel for you.


Traveling  Advice :

  1. The temperature in Bromo Mountain often dips under 10 degree Celsius and even below zero during the evening and early morning, if your package includes a visit to the mountain, please ensure you have proper clothing for the weather.
  2. We strongly encourage any traveler to book the tours at least one month in advance, or 2 months in advance during the high season. 
  3. We recommend all clients to purchase travel and related insurances prior to the trip. 


4. Privacy and Security

4.1 The Company must collect personal information from The Travelers in order to conduct booking activities, deliver the Products and other relevant  services. The Company safeguards all client information and protect the privacy of all clients. The Company collects, uses and discloses only that information reasonably required to provide the services and/or products purchased by The Traveler. By submitting any personal information to The Company, The Traveler agrees to The Company’s  privacy policies.

4.2 Financial information provided by The Traveler is kept and transported in discrete and encrypted. The Company will only access the information when necessary.

4.3 The Company complies with all laws, regulations and take precaution to safeguard your personal and financial information. Please ensure you carefully read and understand our terms and condition prior to booking with us to avoid any future confusion or dispute.




Procedure of Inquiry, Booking, Finalization, Payment, After Arrival, Post Stay.

    1. Inquiry by email addressed to customerservice@tourfrombali.com and cc to one of the sales and admin representative.
    2. Inquiry should consist of below necessary information : (Screenshots or Client system outputs, forwarded emails, information via messaging programs will not be counted as official and won’t be processed. Only in case of emergency we shall accept these channels of communication. However, client must follow up with an email afterwards in order to receive official confirmation from us. In case of failure to do so, our side will not be counted as responsible party.)
      • Market/Nationality (each hotels or supplier has different rate for each nationality)
      • Number of pax, number of needed rooms. (Which includes; adult and child count (extra bed required or not (adult & child), birth date of children (if possible), etc…)
      • Clear stay period. (check in/out date)
      • Details or highlight of itinerary including or exclude accommodation type or class
      • Tour guide type (Mandarin, English or other language)
      • Flight details if any (at this stage not so important but upon booking or finalization is a must if transfer service is requested.)
    3. Our operation will calculate according to your given details in the inquiry and will offer based on per person rate or total cost as NET price (no commission). Client shall decide the profit and set up own selling price and offer to the client or TA. Our invoice amount will be as same as our offered price during the inquiry period. Please note that we won’t be blocking or holding any space at our vendors/suppliers until we reach the BOOKING stage.
    a.) Once the offered price is accepted and the booking is ready to be sent, it should be sent continuing the original email correspondence from the Inquiry stage. No alteration should be made in the email body or email subject. If needed, only the email subject can be edited by adding the new subject text next to the original email subject text without deleting the original one.
    b.) Booking form or email must include all the information as same as the inquiry email plus below details:

    1. Name list (with child details)
    2. Rooming list
    3. Full name of hotel
    4. Stay period
    5. Flight details

    c.) We will process your booking and return with a confirmation once the hotel and other suppliers confirm to us.
    d.) Pro-forma invoice will be attached in our reply including the information of deposit and balance payment deadline.
    d.) Client shall follow the given deadlines and once the payment is done, the proof of payment must be sent to us by email.
    e.) Before deadline, booking can be amended (change, postponed and cancel).
    f.) The deposit deadline means the final day for amendments as well. Amendments shall be informed before the deposit payment is processed.

    1. Any revision should be received by email before the deadline.
    2. The revision must be highlighted and pointed out for attention and action to be taken. It is highly recommended and required to do so by sending the below.
      1. Original itinerary/services booked.
      2. New plan.
    3. Confirmation of the amendment/revision will be sent including a new pro-forma invoice in case any change of cost.
    1. Once the booking becomes definite, Client shall send the final confirmation with the related itinerary with all details to us by email. At the same time we expect to receive the signboard detail too. If the signboard information not sent to us, mean signboard shall be created automatically by us with the arriving guest name on the board.
    2. We will reconfirm the booking with the final itinerary including tour guide information and other necessary details.
    3. Balance payment will be expected to arrive in to our bank account one day prior the guest check in date.
    1. 5 days before guest arrival, we will do a technical meeting with our tour guide regarding the itinerary and other services according to the final confirmation received from Client.
    2. Any missing details related to the booking must be completed on 5 days before noon by Client.
    3. In case of failure to provide missing details, Client person must advise us what to do and we shall follow the advice accordingly.
    1. Our tour guide will be the main contact for the guests for anything related with the itinerary.
    2. On spot change requests (i.e. to follow different itinerary, add new points of visit, upgrade meals and so on…) from the guests will be possible with a written and signed statement provided by the guests to our guide. In case any additional cost occurs, guests will be asked to bear the cost as own account.
    3. In case the guests will claim that the services were actually confirmed to them by their local agent we will advise them to contact them and the local agent shall contact Client. Only if Client confirms the changes and confirms to cover the occurred cost, then we shall proceed. We shall accept messaging app messages as temporary confirmation. The original confirmation from Client must be sent by email following maximum 1 hour from the time the messaging app message confirmation sent to us. Or else, the rest of the committed service until departure will be reduced to match the original cost of the itinerary.

Full payment before arrival with payment scheme as below:

  • Deposit payment one week after booking date OR before deadline from supplier
  • Balance payment latest by 1 day before arrival OR before customers check out.



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