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Journey : 1 days
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We advise you to book the trip no closer than 1 months before your arrival. The price above apply only if we get enough number of customers on the given date.


Water jet pack

The engine provides propulsion to fly the water jet.
Available for non-professional.

Package Add-On

** DollarQuantityTotal(Rp)Total($)
Lunch per serveRp100,000 $6
Insurance (per person)Rp250,000 $14.73
Total Cost :
Taxes and Service Fee (10%) :
Total Price :


Pick-Up Location

Day 1: Your hotel



Rp 1,060,000 Rp 1,000,0000



You will be mentored by professional and experience mentor. For this, activity you will be given a choice to take a photo package.

You will need to Bring :
1. Change of Clothes
2. Cash for meals/drinks
3. Flash Drive / Memory Card / Micro Sd for Photos Storage

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